Bills fans donate $50,000 to Tyler Boyd’s youth football league

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Bills fans have generously donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Andy Dalton‘s foundation after the Bengals quarterback threw the game-winning touchdown pass that knocked the Ravens out of the playoffs and put the Bills in. Now Bills fans are adding support to a charity close to the receiver who caught the touchdown pass.

Bengals receiver Tyler Boyd wrote on Twitter that he would like to raise money to support the Western Pennsylvania Youth Athletic Association, where he played his youth football.

“You guys are donating to a youth football organization that I grew up playing in and would mean so much to me if I can help improve structure new equipment, travel arrangements etc. Not only the football organization where I grew up but many more,” Boyd wrote.

Boyd initially said he hoped to raise $20,000, but when grateful Bills fans blew past that, he changed the goal to $50,000. It’s now gone past that, too, with $52,242 raised as of early Friday morning.

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  1. Any money given to charity is good money.

    THAT SAID… everyone on here knows I hate the fact that Bengals owner mike brown is a cheapskate… but… this is one time where I think charity money should be given to a billionaire sports franchise owner mike brown.

    Soft, slow, non-dependable tyler boyd was completely absent in 2017 (until the very last play).

    Non-dependable tyler boyd made $837,179 in 2017.

    22 receptions – 227 yards – 2 td – 2 fumbles

    1.37 catches per game avg.
    14 yards per game avg.

    ANYWAY… good for Buffalo fans!!!

  2. Buffalo Bills fans had waited a long time for their team to get back to the playoffs and it finally happened this year!! It’s crazy how the Ravens managed to blow that game on their home turf but it happened!!

  3. Times have changed. Back in the mid 70s (1977?), the Oilers beat the Bengals to put the Steelers in to the playoffs. The Steelers players sent the Oilers players briefcases as a way to say “Thanks.”

    I don’t think the fans sent any thank yous. Of course, that was long before the days of social media.

  4. So cool. Here in Jacksonville, we are feeling the loyalty of Bills Mafia too. These guys are spending the inflated prices to get to the game on Sunday and it seems like there is going to be a ridiculous contingent of red, white and blue. Here’s to a memorable game for all!

  5. I hope the bills go all the way this yea… and die in the big game like they always do. Saints 55 Bills 3

  6. Bills fans and anybody else who wants to help out with a donation, both The Western Pennsylvania Youth Athletic Association (Tyler Boyd’s favorite charity) and The Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation (Andy Dalton’s favorite charity) are easy to find online. A common donation to both is $17. Before this season it had been 17 years since the Bills last made the playoffs. The generosity of the American people is amazing. A few years ago Boston College’s Pete Frates’ Ice Bucket Challenge raised a lot money for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) research. This past year JJ. Watt raised over $37 million for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and now Buffalo Bills fans are donating money to two out of town charities simply to celebrate their return to NFL playoffs after a 17 year absence. America is not perfect and America still has problems to fix but the American people are a generous clan when someone needs help.

  7. Nice to see some decent fans of the NFL still around. Unlike those Patriots who are just the worst kind of people….and calling them people is a compliment for what they really are.

  8. Objective football fan:

    Per the Bills Facebook page:
    Our friends at Duff’s Famous Wings are hitting the road to Cincinnati tonight with:
    1440 wings
    90 lbs of celery
    30 lbs of carrots
    6 gallons of blue cheese
    9 gallons of Duff’s wing sauce
    And a TON of thank you’s from Buffalo!

    See you soon, Cincinnati Bengals!

  9. HAHAHHAHAHAHA, Bills also followed through with their promise to send the wings. 1,440 chicken wings were sent to Cincy a couple of days ago.

  10. Wonder if Buffalo has sent those Wings to Cincy yet??? LOL??
    Last night they sent
    1440 wings
    90lbs celery
    30lbs carrots
    6 gallons of blue cheese
    9 gallons of Duff’s wing sauce

  11. objectivefootballfan says:
    January 5, 2018 at 7:10 am

    Wonder if Buffalo has sent those Wings to Cincy yet??? LOL??

    Actually Buffalo sent over 1000 wings with a crew from Duffs the other day to be enjoyed by staff as well as Boys and Girls.

    Sent on Thursday:
    1440 wings
    90 lbs of celery
    30 lbs of carrots
    6 gallons of blue cheese
    9 gallons of Duff’s wing sauce

  12. I’m officially adopting the Bills as my team this weekend. If Tyrod plays checkdown Charlie and throws 4 yards short on 3rd downs….I will be screaming at the TV.

  13. Daughter went to college in Buffalo. I therefore spent a lot of time there. Awesome folks, huge and dedicated sports fans. Love their Bills and Sabres. If not at the expense of Patriots or Bruins I would love to see Buffalo finally get that Championship. BTW great city to visit. Nice downtown and plenty to do.

  14. as a bengals fan, i am pulling for the bills in appreciation of their fans donations to andy and tyler boyd’s charity works. that is unheard of in today’s society.

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