Bills send Bengals chicken wings for assist in ending playoff drought

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As a gesture of appreciation, fans of the Buffalo Bills have been donating en masse to the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation to thank the Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback for his contributions in ending the Bills’ 17-year playoff drought.

The Bills are now showing their appreciation as well to the Bengals for their victory over the Baltimore Ravens last week that earned Buffalo the No. 6 seed in the AFC and their first playoff appearance since 1999. The team sending nearly 1,500 wings and more from Duff’s Famous Wings in Buffalo to Bengals headquarters in Cincinnati as thanks for their assistance last weekend.

Dalton’s 49-yard touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd with 44 seconds remaining gave the Bengals a 31-27 victory over Baltimore that knocked the Ravens out of the playoffs and gave Buffalo the elusive playoff berth they desired.

The Bills had owned the longest streak in the NFL between playoff appearances before sneaking in the back door with Cincinnati’s win last week.

14 responses to “Bills send Bengals chicken wings for assist in ending playoff drought

  1. I saw a graphic that it was much worse than that; that they’ve had the longest non-playoff streak of all teams in the 4 major sports (except the new Las Vegas Knights team, which is on its way this year).

  2. Maybe I’m biased, but I’m rooting for Buffalo in the playoffs (despite the sheer odds against them).

    Regardless, this is the most oddly classy act I can remember in recent history.

    Rooting for you, Bills!

  3. BTW, how many teams have had qb’s play in four Super Bowls? I am reasonably certain that Kelly and Tarkenton are the only ones with 0 for 4, and both were fabulously good.

  4. @stew, I think Elway played in five. I believe he started 0-3, and then won two in a row before retiring. Montana is 4-0. I think Bradshaw is 4-0 too (he definitely won four). Aikman is 3-0. Peyton Manning is 2-2, but with two different teams (1-1 each with the Broncos and Colts). Roethlisberger is 2-1. Brady is 5-2. Vinny Testaverde is 0-0.

  5. Stew48, As good as Tarkenton was, Joe Kapp played quarterback for the Vikings in SB IV, not Tarkenton.

  6. Brady, Bradshaw, Montana, Elway, Staubach, and Peyton Manning – they along with Kelly all played in 4 or more SB’s. Tarkington only played in 3

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