Calais Campbell makes All-Pro impact at two positions

Getty Images

Jaguars defensive lineman Calais Campbell made quite an impact during his first year in Jacksonville. He made enough of an impact to get All-Pro recognition at two positions.

Campbell is a first-team All-Pro as an edge rusher, where he was the leading vote-getter with 34. He’s also a second-team All-Pro as an interior defensive lineman, with 10 votes.

Despite efforts by the Associated Press to clarify and streamline the process, glitches like this still happen, especially because Campbell plays both outside and inside. Per a source with knowledge of Campbell’s playing time, he played on the outside roughly 60 percent of the time.

The only other defensive lineman who received votes both as edge rusher and interior lineman was Everson Griffen. The Vikings defensive end received 17 votes on the outside, one on the inside.

Broncos linebacker Von Miller received one vote as an edge rusher, and 14 as a linebacker. Cardinals linebacker Chandler Jones received 41 votes as a linebacker, and one as an edge rusher.