Dave Gettleman: Eli Apple has a clean slate with me

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Giants cornerback Eli Apple had a rough second season on the field and off of it, culminating in a Week 17 suspension for conduct detrimental to the team that came just after safety Landon Collins called his teammate a “cancer.”

Given the repeated friction with the team over the course of the season, there has been speculation about the Giants moving on from their 2016 first-round pick this offseason. Apple met with new General Manager Dave Gettleman this week, however, and Gettleman said that Apple will get a fresh start with the new regime.

“It went fine. We talked,” Gettleman said, via Steve Serby of the New York Post. “He was very attentive. He was focused. He couldn’t be at Monday’s team meeting, so I went through the points that I made to the team with him. … Time will tell. I told him he’s got a clean slate for me. Let’s move forward, let’s see what happens.”

There would be a bigger salary cap hit associated with releasing Apple than there would be if the Giants traded him, but it seems neither will be happening anytime soon unless Apple forces the team’s hand one way or the other.

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  1. Gettleman is smart. He’s going to build Apple’s trade value before he does anything. He’s going to give him a clean slate in exchange for his phone.

  2. LOL good luck Giants .. Best part about the article, Eli Couldnt even show up for the teams final meeting lol Gettleman already off to a great start aHAHAHAHAH

  3. “… I told him he’s got a clean slate for me. Let’s move forward, let’s see what happens.”

    Translation: “I have to somehow increase his trade value so we at least get something better than a 6th round draft pick for him.”

  4. The Giants made Landon Collins publicly apologize for calling Apple a cancer, but it turns out he was 100% correct. Gettleman should apologize to Collins.

  5. Gettleman: “I’m going to be a kick-ass guy”. This just shows that nothing is going to change with the vagiants. They hired the wrong guy to be GM, should have hired Louis Riddick. Bunglers always bungle.

  6. If the coaching staff is new and the GM is new and they could somehow ignore the issues of this past year then the only guys left are the players. Ask them whether he should stay or go. If a considerable number thinks he should go then it would be hard to keep him and expect the team to be cohesive. If the vast majority say keep him then the GM should let him know he is on his last chance. No attitude, no tardiness, no off-field issues, etc.

  7. nyneal says:
    January 5, 2018 at 11:27 am
    Eli apple has a clean slate with Gettleman, until he screws up again, that is.

    Well Einstein, that’s typically how something like that works.

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