Extension of season also extends financial risk for Jaguars

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The good news for the Jaguars is that they’ve made it to the playoffs for the first time since 2007. The bad news is that making it to the playoffs extends a significant financial risk that the team has carried for 16 games, and counting.

Quarterback Blake Bortles is under contract for 2018, at a salary of more than $19 million. The contract currently is guaranteed for injury; as of the first day of the 2018 league year, it becomes fully guaranteed.

This means, as a practical matter, that if Bortles has any injury that keeps him from passing a physical before the start of the next league year, he will be entitled to the full $19 million, because the Jaguars won’t be able to cut him until he’s healthy.

So at this point it’s not just a serious injury that would tie Bortles to the Jaguars for 2018. It simply needs to be a two-month injury that isn’t healed by the first day of the league year, and he’s on the payroll for $19 million for one more year.

It’s a small price to pay for making it to the playoffs, but it’s a very real factor that could keep the Jaguars from moving on from Bortles after the season if, based on his full performance in 2017 (and/or a bad showing on the first weekend of 2018), they decide they can’t justify paying him $19 million for 2018.

15 responses to “Extension of season also extends financial risk for Jaguars

  1. This is a QB league, like it or not.

    Anytime someone states XX player needs to be cut, my next thought is always “And replace him with who?”

    Bortles is no Brady, Brees, Rodgers. But he’s not Ryan Mallett, Tim Tebow or Chris Simms either.

  2. I think the Jaguars are more concerned with the looming playoff game.

    I mean they get to the playoffs for the first time in a decade with a legit shot at a championship, I highly doubt they are going to worry about 19 million dollars NEXT year, they might go 3-13 next year who cares!

    “Life passes most people by while they are making grand plans for it.” – George Jung

  3. Bortles IS better than he has been given credit for. Take into account the turnover in the Jaguars (inept) coaching staff over his career. If the Jaguars let him walk, they will regret it at some point.

    I WOULD take Bortles over Cousins as my QB, any day … Let their careers play out, and call me a fool when it’s over. You wont.

  4. As a close friend of the organization it is way too soon to move on from Blake. He is a leader and a professional in Shad’s building and proved (alla Kirk Cousins) he can play when the stakes are higher than normal

  5. Well, last year you folks down at PFT wrote almost the same story about Tyrod Taylor and then the Bills proceeded to lose the next game…so lets hope this has the same effect on the Jags

  6. Have you watched him play?
    Bortles is a bad QB. He can get yards against prevent defenses, or on screen passes and dumpoffs when the receiver breaks tackles and gains many yards.
    But how often do you see Bortles make a good accurate throw beyond 5 yards?

    The Jags will let him walk, unless he agrees to a lower salary contract with incentives.

  7. Bortles has a ton of talent. He can make every throw, and he’s a good leader. He certainly took a big leap forward this season, and like any QB, is getting better with experience. Next year he should even be better. The Jags are happy to be in the winners circle.

  8. Dan Muston says:
    January 5, 2018 at 6:17 pm
    I WOULD take Bortles over Cousins as my QB, any day … Let their careers play out, and call me a fool when it’s over. You wont.
    No need to wait, you’re a fool if you think Bortles is better than Cousins.
    Bortles sub 60% comp, terrible TD:Int ratio (90:64), career 80 rating.

    Cousinsx 65% com, 99:55 TD to Int (not great but better), career 93 rating.

    If you don’t want to look at numbers watch them play. Cousins makes plays and wins games. He can turn the ball over at times but his upside is so much better. Bortles is a game manager at best, if they get behind he’s not bringing them back.

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