Jarvis Landry fined $48,620 after Week 17 ejection


Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry‘s final game of the 2017 season came to an early and costly end.

Landry was ejected after a fight with the Bills that sparked after Landry scored on a one-yard touchdown catch. PFT has confirmed that Landry has been fined $48,620 for unsportsmanlike conduct as a result of the incident.

Dolphins coach Adam Gase said this week that Landry’s behavior was “as embarrassing” as he’s seen in a long time. Landry is headed for free agency this offseason and Gase said the ejection will be one of the data points they consider when discussing a new deal with the wideout.

Running back Kenyan Drake was also ejected after throwing a Bills helmet across the field after yanking it off an opponent during the struggle. Drake was fined $12,154 for that.

Defensive end Cameron Wake wasn’t involved in the fracas, but he also picked up a fine this week. He was hit for $9,115 for a facemask penalty earlier in the game.

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  1. They’ll have to reduce that penalty. The CBA prohibits fines in excess of 25% of a players weekly salary. Jarvis is still playing on his rookie contract, so that $48K fine will go down.

  2. why was bobby mccain only fined 9k for an elbow to gronk’s head after the whistle and being ejected?


    i mean, what on earth is the crtieria here?

  3. latinlover11 says:
    January 5, 2018 at 4:25 pm
    They’ll have to reduce that penalty. The CBA prohibits fines in excess of 25% of a players weekly salary. Jarvis is still playing on his rookie contract, so that $48K fine will go down.

    Thats fine. Gase’s comment about his maturity being a data point was far more telling and thats where this is going to cost him far more than the fine. He will still get a really good contract because he is amazing, but whatever they do to address the maturity issues will cost him more than 48k in the long run.

  4. Stephen Ross the owner of the Miami Dolphins does not like having his organization embarrassed. Richie Incognito was an Offensive Guard with the Dolphins. However even though Miami had a dire need at that position. When Richie Incognito became an embarrassment to the team he was released. I would expect Ross to get involved and not want Jarvis Landry signed, especially for the kind of money Jarvis thinks he’s worth!

  5. Not a Patriots fan here, BUT the NFL should be fined in general. This crap started in week 14 when the Dolphins played the pats. That was one of the dirtiest games I’ve ever seen, the majority was Dolphin players. This was allowed, nothing was done, all that did was make most of these kids to think that kind of play is acceptable.

    Until the NFL finally sets a standard and then sticks to it in ALL cases, crap like this will continue. The NFL is spinning out of control and Goodell has done nothing to stop it. I no longer care to watch the NFL, not because of the kneeling and I served 10 years in the military, I figure that’s their right to do it and my right not to like, but it doesn’t affect me from watching. I no longer like the NFL, because I feel like the Refs determine the game just as much as the players do now. There has always been questionable calls in this game, but they have made the rules so convoluted now that it’s easier for the Refs to twist things anyway they want to.

  6. I think Landry is trying to get out of Miami, and I think the coach is all for it. Look for Landry to be wearing a different uniform next year. The Raiders could use him. The Colts could too. Maybe trade T.Y. Hilton.

  7. I can’t see Jarvis being happy in that New England cold, snowy weather… He looks more like a shorts and t-shirt golfing year round type guy.

  8. Landry is going nowhere. That ejection was stupid, but the Dolphin fans and players hate the Bills. It’s nothing getting into a fight, been happening for years.
    Richie Incognito is lucky he has a job today, another “lose canon”. A favourite Dolphin who hated the Bills, Bryan Cox, how many fines did he get🙃🙃

  9. greenwhodat26 says:
    January 5, 2018 at 8:19 pm
    Brees and Payton would keep him in line. Come back home, Jarvis!

    You mean that fine upstanding Bountygate team? LOL!

  10. Landry is a good receiver but not an elite one. His statistics of receptions is misleading due to the quantity of targets. Moreover what is not positive for Landry is that he did not move the chains often enough to get time of possession for the Dolphins. Jarvis is not Wes Welker. Welker was able to pick up a first down on 3rd and 10 even if he needed another 3 yards after the catch. Welker when he was a Dolphin created separation and Jarvis Landry can’t do that which is why he’s not elite. Acceleration is what determines the creation of separation which Landry rarely creates. He has good moves and runs a good route but the separation is what a Bill Belichick uses for evaluation. Look at his receivers over the years; They have been smaller and not the prototype size receivers. Julian Edelman is an example of this. Moreover Troy Brown in past years and currently Danny Amendola, Brandin Cooks, Phillip Dorsett; All are not prototype sized receivers. They all have something that Jarvis Landry does not have; Acceleration speed which creates the separation needed. The prototype receiver according to Bill Belichick is different. However the smaller size allows them acceleration to create separation. Paying Jarvis Landry elite WR money would be detrimental to the team rebuilding and Jarvis is not elite!

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