John Harbaugh: Drafting a quarterback something we’ll talk about

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The Ravens have selected two quarterbacks in the draft since picking Joe Flacco in the first round in 2008 and No. 3 could be on the horizon.

During his season-ending press conference on Thursday, coach John Harbaugh said that drafting a quarterback is “something that we will talking about” because they’d like to have a young backup behind their veteran starter. Harbaugh stressed the backup part of things, saying that it would not be a comment on Flacco’s status.

“I do not think that jeopardizes Joe at all,” Harbaugh said, via the Baltimore Sun. “He is our guy, and I am excited about our chances next year having a great season, and Joe is too. If we draft a quarterback, if it turns out to be the thing we do, it is only going to make our team stronger.”

While the Ravens may not be looking for a replacement right now, the prospect has likely crossed their mind. Flacco’s dealt with back and knee injuries with his 33rd birthday approaching and his contract is getting close to a point where the Ravens could realize cap relief by moving in a different direction.

That doesn’t mean things will play out this way, but three straight years out of the playoffs should probably mean nothing’s off the table as the Ravens try to find a winning mix for the future.