Kirk Cousins: “Foolish” to say I don’t want to be in Washington

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Kirk Cousins is heading into the offseason without a contract for the third straight year, something that could have been avoided if former Redskins General Manager Scot McCloughan had gotten his way in 2015.

Cousins fielded questions from Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier of 106.7 The Fan in Northern Virginia on Friday and the quarterback said that McCloughan approached him and his agent Mike McCartney about signing a long-term deal with four games left in the 2015 season.

The deal was left unsigned after McCartney advised Cousins to “put the risk on yourself.” The team wound up winning their final four games and the NFC East, which led to the first of two franchise tags for Cousins in the offseason.

The team could use the tag a third time, something Cousins said he hasn’t thought about yet although he did say he’d look for other offers if the Redskins use the transition tag. That doesn’t mean he wants to leave Washington, however.

“That has been the question, right?” Cousins said, via the Washington Post. “That’s what we talked about last summer in July. The short answer is yes. I just feel that it’s been a very positive six years. Obviously, we don’t have Super Bowl rings to show for it, we don’t have playoff wins, but it’s a privilege to play here. I’ve felt that for all six seasons. I’d be foolish to say I don’t want to be here. It is truly a dream come true and a privilege to be here. Now obviously, it’s not that simple or that easy, and we have time to figure all that out, and work through all the circumstances that have to take place to feel really good about that, but I do feel the short answer is yes and let’s work through it.”

Cousins said he doesn’t expect to negotiate a long-term deal before the deadline for the Redskins to use the franchise tag, saying he sees “us waiting and being patient” before going that route. The right offer could change that, but there’s still much up in the air about Cousins’ future.

25 responses to “Kirk Cousins: “Foolish” to say I don’t want to be in Washington

  1. Use the transition tag to determine his market value. If it makes sense, match it. If not, bring back RGme, use the money saved in free agency and plan on selecting a QB with the first pick of the draft the following year.

  2. Go to Cleveland Kirk, you’ll be the highest paid player in the game and the bar is set so low, all you have to do is get a wild-card berth and you’ll get the key to the city and a bronze statue outside the Factory of Sadness.

  3. I’d rather see Colt McCoy go 7-9 to 8-8 in consecutive seasons than to see anymore of this guy. Go to Denver or the Browns for some first rounders.


  4. WFT will actually have to pay more than another team, especially if an offer comes from a near-contender (Denver, Jacksonville).

    This is Screw-Up 101 in how to botch the handling of a franchise QB. Not surprising it’s the WFT who’s teaching the course.

  5. When will people see thru Kirk Cousins. He is trying to get every nickel (unlike Derek Carr) from the team that actually trained him!!!! And from a team who gave him over $40 million dollars while training him. And he has given them three mediocre season getting a worse win/loss record with every pay raise!!! Even now he is plotting on how to use the STUPID skins and make them falsely raise HIS SALARY while he still will not sign a long term deal. PURE STUPIDITY. When you are dealing with a Barracuda you have to play the game differently.

    It’s really really simple if you have any pride about yourself. 1. Call Cousins in and tell him today that in no way are you going to tag him, transition or exclusive or ANY tag. You are interested in a long-term deal or nothing in 2018 going forward. Both parties have had enough time.
    2. Tell him you will allow him to get other offers and bring them back to you and you will try and get a deal done if it works for the cap.
    3. My guess is he will not get any team to offer him more than the transition tag-realistically (No team wins the Super Bowl when they pay that much to any single player.
    4. The skins will definitely end this nightmare this year with either a long term deal or a 3rd round pick (which will serve them better actually)
    5. The skins could end up getting cousins for free agent money instead of transition tag money. Somewhere around $21 mill.
    6. Or if he walks, he will have a really tough time learning a new system and the pressure will be tremendous on a new team with that kind of salary. It could ruin his career (i.e Jay Cutler).
    7. The better plan anyway is to get out from under all that salary cap drain and use Kirk as a bridge, draft a hot rookie QB (for cheap) and even bring in another veteran to compete with those two if the money is right!!! THE REDSKINS WIN THIS WAY.

    I MEAN 2015: 9-7; 2016: 8-7-1; 2017: 7-9-1. Who are we kidding here. Take the $20 mill savings per year and put it into surrounding playmakers.

  6. 7. The better plan anyway is to get out from under all that salary cap drain and use Kirk as a bridge, draft a hot rookie QB (for cheap) and even bring in another veteran to compete with those two if the money is right!!! THE REDSKINS WIN THIS WAY.
    Correction, use COLT as a bridge!!!!

  7. Dude is feeling himself pretty good for a guy that choked week 18, week 17 and week 17 last three years…

    Why pay Franchise QB money for a guy that throws for lots of yards in meaningless games but has come up short in the stretch run every year he’s been a starter.

    To me, he is Tony Romo v2.0 – lots of great stats, (comes up short in important games) no meaningful wins.

  8. think dude is slightly overplaying his hand. while d.c. the past 6 years has been a dysfunctional ride, the odds that things will be better in the places willing to outbid washington aren’t all that good…

    that notwithstanding, dude is playing for every dollar he can get so he will probably end up in cleveland…

  9. I feel the Bronocs are a QB away from the Superbowl, Cousins could get them there. Elway is Mr. cheaps though.

    I like what Kurt did, he controls what hes going to be worth next year. He impressed me last year most of his top targets were injured at some point. I think Reed lasted 3 games maybe.

    I wouldnt expect washington to go bananas and pay him a long term deal of $30 million a year, but hes easily worth more than Andrew Luck with the Salary cap increases.

    I can see someone paying him $25-27 million a year. Before the Jimmy G trade I saw him as a 9er.

    His best healthy target last year was Crowder who dropped 4 passes a game at times.

  10. Cousins will never win a SB. He is in it for the maximum money he can make, and has no interest in sharing in the cost that it takes to keep enough talent around him to win multiple SB’s like Tom Brady has done. A salary cap Cancer. Not that he is alone, there are a lot of these guys in the league … Good for them if their goal is to max out their profit, I have no problem with that … It isn’t the players problem to balance the books in order to help some slappy GM win, and look good to ownership. Be greedy, make your money while you can … Win, or lose in the regular season. Good GM’s consistently win in the playoffs, and it does’t hurt to have a five times better QB’s than Cousin’s will ever be. Five times, 5 rings … what’s the difference?

  11. Don’t pay him that. I’d rather sign Bridgewater on the cheap and let him use RG’s old knee brace. Money better spent on someone who can catch a pass and score a touchdown. Time to ditch Reed too. Need two WR’s and a playing TE. Cousins is good but not Brady good.

  12. Cousins is good but not Brady good? Tell me how good Brady is in two years. Belichek himself would take five years of Kirk over whatever Brady has left. Especially since they lost Garrapolo. Brady, Rogers, Brees will be long out of the league for age and injuries by the time Kirk’s next contract is completed.

  13. Kirk over Tom? Tell me Steve, how many game ending interceptions does Brady throw? Too many for Cousins when it mattered most. Gruden even admitted as much. Kirk is good but far from clutch. Smoot use to always say Cousins racked up more stats in junk time against prevent defenses than other QBs. I like him but not near that price.

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