Kraft-Belichick meeting reportedly set table for Jimmy Garoppolo trade

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Among the moments featured in Seth Wickersham of ESPN’s article about the 2017 Patriots is the October trade that sent quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers for a second-round pick.

The trade came after the Patriots resisted dealing Garoppolo during the offseason and after the team had traded Jacoby Brissett to the Colts, leaving them without a quarterback to groom behind Tom Brady. Wickersham quotes someone in the organization as saying “if we trade Jimmy, we’re the Cleveland Browns, with no succession plan,” but that’s reportedly what Patriots owner Robert Kraft asked Bill Belichick to do after meetings that featured Brady telling the owner he wants to play for several more years.

Per the article, Kraft and Belichick had a long meeting two weeks before the trade deadline that ended with Belichick getting a mandate to trade Garoppolo, something he didn’t want to do, and find another young quarterback to develop behind Brady. That reportedly left Belichick “furious and demoralized,” but he texted 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan to open up dialogue that resulted in a deal.

That text may have been spurred by conversations Shanahan and Belichick had at the combine in February shortly after the Patriots came back from 28-3 down to beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl. Shanahan, who ran the Falcons offense in that game, reportedly wanted to learn from the loss from the guy who beat him and going that route may have helped him land Garoppolo as Belichick thought Shanahan would be a good fit for the quarterback.

That assessment looked correct once Garoppolo led the 49ers to five straight wins at the end of the season, a development that reportedly pleased Belichick much more than getting an edict from ownership about a football decision.

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  1. You know how we will know if this is true? Belichick will resign right after the Patriots are eliminated or win the Super Bowl.

    Hint: he won’t. 🙂

  2. There were stories out there even during the Super Bowl week that Shanahan really liked Garoppolo. Belichick had a relationship with Lynch and you have to give Shanahan and Lynch a lot of credit for swindling the Patriots. I am a huge Patriots fan, but these guys outsmarted the Patriots and the NFL. Belichick, Kraft, and Brady need to sit down together and come up with a master plan that works for everyone.

    Kraft has to wonder whom he can trust. Belichick has quietly stocked the coaching staff with two of his sons and nepotism is bad for any business. On Brady’s side, if TB12 really locked its doors to a recovering Jimmy G, then that’s a major problem for Guerrero, Brady, and Kraft. As far as Kraft goes, he shouldn’t be undercutting Belichick. The three of these guys need to sit down in a room and get on the same page or this will fall apart.

  3. i can see that meeting. kraft “trade jimmy” bb “we’er on to the next game” kraft “trade jimmy”. bb ” we’er on to the next game. kraft “trade jimmy or your fired.” bb we’er on to the next game right after i trade jimmy.”

  4. Makes sense. Belichick helped out his buddys son and shipped him a good QB. Is it that crazy that Bill didnt want to trade someone he thought would be a great successor

  5. “Behind every myth is a grain of truth.”
    I can see a grain of truth in each item the article espouses:
    1. Brady wanting his competition traded? Sure, job security, who would not?
    2. Kraft telling Belichek to trade Garrapollo? Sure, he could not pay him more than Brady to sit on the bench. Also, salary cap issues.
    3. Disagreement over who gets credit? All of them necessarily have big egos and want all the credit.
    4. Belicheck chewed Brady’s butt? Sure, See #3.
    5. Is it a sign of dysfunction? Nope
    6. No plan of succession? Yes. No one thinks Hoyer will ever replace Brady.

    Just like in all businesses, the boss gets the credit, the employees get the blame.

  6. So BB will be taking Duke’s Daniel Jones in the 5th or 6th round and turn him into 2020’s Brady?

  7. That reportedly left Belichick “furious and demoralized,”


    tells you all you need to know about this ESPN short story. I can think of a LOT of adjectives to describe Belichick – grumpy, arrogant, angry, flippant, perturbed, condescending, even frustrated, etc etc- but DEMORALIZED is not in the man’s makeup.

  8. Let me get this straight. Belichick. The coach who benched Bernie Kosar, and wrote his resignation to the Jets on a napkin, traded Garoppolo because Kraft told him to? I don’t buy it. Kraft wouldn’t tell Belichick to trade a player. Do I think Kraft to Belichick that Brady is untradable? I believe that 100%. Really, if Garoppolo had passed Brady on the depth chart, Garoppolo would be starting today. Belichick isn’t friends with his players for this reason, to make solid decisions without having to deal with the baggage of being friends with a player. He has no issues about benching Brady if the backup made the team better. He also has no issues coaching Brady, and berating him when it was necessary to make a point. And it has been noted several times in the local media that Brady wants to be coached. Would Brady be happy being benched? Probably not. But we’ll never know how close Garoppolo was to unseating Brady. Since he was traded, I’m guessing it wasn’t as close as people think it might have been. And I don’t think Belichick loses sleep over it. He seems the “rip off the band aid” kind of guy and moves on.

  9. Orrrrrr…… Kraft and Bill have a meeting on the future….. Bill says we can’t blow the cap on Jimmy G, let’s talk about what to do.
    Logical decision – trade him out of conference to a team/person we trust. Then it happens.
    But I guess ESPN couldn’t turn that into a scandal. SMDH

  10. Uh oh! This reminds me a little of when arrogance won out over common sense in Dallas 20-some years ago (i.e. Win back-to-back SB’s and then compel the coach to leave). No coincidence Belichick and Jimmy Johnson are friends.

  11. Obviously Bill was trying to have a plan for the future of the organization and Kraft was only looking at the here and now.
    Totally understandable for both guys. Belichick worries about the success of the team because he will be the first one blamed when the performance goes downhill. Kraft is looking at the public backlash if Belichick was to trade or cut Brady.
    Someone had to lose that little power struggle. Belichick lost, but Kraft may find he loses even more in a few years.

  12. Tom Brady is a freak to playing at such a high level so late in life, but the end of his career is coming and trading Garoppolo really looks like one of those rare stupid moves the Patriots have made. It would make sense that the decision was not Belichick’s because a coach in that position would not have wanted to get rid of the young guy with his best years ahead of him. As far as this being the end of Belichick, I think that idea is crazy. Bill will just draft another QB and coach them up.

  13. “The team’s only on-the-record response to specific questions posed by Wickersham was that there were “several inaccuracies and multiple examples given that absolutely did not occur.” The Patriots did not specify what those inaccuracies were.”

    This is one of those examples.

  14. For the most part I think all of this story at ESPN is just noise and there’s nothing really going on that doesn’t go on in any business when people work together for so long. I could see a scenario though where Kraft stepped in and said “Bill, you’re cut throat and I’m not going to let you do Tom like you’ve done some of the others here. Trade Jimmy now because he’s not taking Tom’s job next year.” If Brady wants to stay a few years, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be given that option. Belichick is the type that would be OK with Brady having an OK year or two somewhere else if it meant he didn’t have to have his last bad years with the Pats.

  15. Should I keep a 40 year old QB who’s playing at an MVP level and can win us 2-3 more Super Bowls? Or should I pay $25 million to this kid that has potential and has won 2 games. That’s called a football decision not a controversy.

    And in the words of Red Auerbach potential is somebody who sucks now. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  16. I am a huge Patriots fan, but these guys outsmarted the Patriots and the NFL. Belichick, Kraft, and Brady need to sit down together and come up with a master plan that works for everyone.
    How do you figure? Are you seriously suggesting both Brady and Jimmy would survive together? You have heard of the salary cap right? Are you seriously going to pay your back up QB 20 million dollars a year and pay your starter another 20 million dollars a year? And on top of that you still have to field a competitive team. Plus it sounds like Jimmy had zero interest in sitting for another year. He wanted to play and he wanted to play now. They both can’t play at the same time.

  17. “footballneblog says:
    January 5, 2018 at 9:46 am
    Should I keep a 40 year old QB who’s playing at an MVP level and can win us 2-3 more Super Bowls? Or should I pay $25 million to this kid that has potential and has won 2 games. That’s called a football decision not a controversy.”

    Thats a huge guarantee there boss, assuming Brady is going to WIN 2-3 MORE superbowls AFTER getting a 6th?

    You really think hes going to get a 9th SB ring?

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