Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson declares for draft

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Another quarterback has thrown his hat into the 2018 NFL Draft, and he promises to break the internet’s anonymous scout industry in the process.

Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson just revealed on Twitter that he was leaving school early and entering the draft.

Jackson will spark plenty of debate this spring, because he’s not a conventional quarterback.

But it’s hard to question his productivity in three years of college.

The former Heisman Trophy winner threw for 9,043 yards and 69 touchdowns and ran for 4,132 yards and 50 scores.

He’s not a polished passer (career 57.0 completion percentage) but he has shown an ability to make plays downfield (8.3 yards per attempt).

There will surely be some people who want to turn him into a wide receiver, but someone willing to work with his unique skills rather than trying to beat him into a template will see a tremendous potential.

25 responses to “Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson declares for draft

  1. He’ll go higher than you might expect, by default. Rosen is going to turn off GMs in his interviews, Darnold’s stock is down after his awful bowl game, and Josh Allen will still have the small school question hanging over him even with the success of Carson Wentz.

  2. You could have written this exact same article at this exact same time last year about the DeShaun Watson. Not saying Jackson is Watson, just saying the door isn’t as closed to quarterbacks who play like this as it used to be.

  3. The raw potential is there for Jackson. He is an elite athlete and has a powerful arm. But mechanically speaking, he still has a lot of work to do. Just look at the bowl game last week. He had an interception throwing off his back foot. You cannot do that in the NFL without disastrous results.

    The hope should be that he goes to a team like the Chargers where he won’t be forced to play right away.

  4. Here come the usual idiots saying that Lamar should stay in school. They’ve never seen a Louisville game, just like they never saw a USC or UCLA game, but felt free to comment on Rosen and Darnold. It is unfortunate that jealousy of a 20 year old’s ability leads people to make totally uninformed comments.

  5. Best NFL-ready college running QB since Vince Young… or should I say Tim Tebow….or was it RG III… or maybe Kaepernick…or Manziel. Anyway, good luck Lamar!

  6. Turn one of the most productive college QB’s, maybe ever, with the tools and talent he possesses, into a WR? Don’t think so.

  7. The colleges recruit “dual-threat” QB’s, the NFL likes the pocket passers. The most ideal QB is the pocket guy who is mobile, ie: Rodgers, Wentz, Stafford, etc….

    I see another Vince Young here. The college game is killing the quality of the NFL QB and O-line play. Great to see a Nat’l Title game played with great Defenses and strong running attacks.

  8. Any GM that takes him in the first round should be fired immediately. This dude is going to be awful. His ceiling is probably 2011 Eagles-era Vince Young.

  9. I like this kid but I am not sure he has the tools to be a QB1 in the NFL – at least not right away. And the patience of teams when it comes to development isn’t what it used to be. I wish him luck either way.

  10. Slash 2.0

    He’s a special talent and will add a threat to any team he is on but I doubt he’ll ever see over 40% of offensive snaps. Good luck in the NFL, it was fun watching you in college.

  11. I think it’d be tremendous fun to watch some team take a Lamar Jackson and a couple similar guys and create a rotation of dual threat QBs and see what kind of success they could have. (Because one oddity you’ll notice is that even if a team has a dual threat starter they almost never have backups in that same mold–when the guy gets hurt they’re back to conventional offense because the backups are pocket passers.) You could all but guarantee that would work better than what you see some teams doing at QB. But the NFL is such a conventional-thinking place that’ll probably never happen.

  12. Ahhh the QB class haters forget so easily. The hysteria doesn’t develope until around March. The Bears moved up one spot and gave up multiple draft picks to secure the rights to…..Mitch Trubisky.

  13. He needs the right coach if he wants to be a successful QB. The NFL is full of old conservatives who, by the very definition, are afraid of change. He needs a coach who not only knows how to use a QB with his skillset, but who is WILLING to be progressive in thinking and not the same old same old “must have a protypical QB” type.

  14. “Rosen is going to turn off GMs in his interviews”.

    The only people Rosen “turns off” are those who think a college player should not be allowed to speak on the issues surrounding him. Professional GMs are probably more enlightened than that.

  15. There’s not a coach alive that can protect him when he leaves the pocket. The speed and ferocity of the hits from the NFL players will stop the running and then you only have a slightly better than 50% passer to steer the ship.

  16. Vince Young career Titan record: 30-17

    Cam Newton ncaa completion % = 64%
    Deshaun Watson = 67%
    Vince Young = 62%
    Lamar Jackson = 57%

    Vince Young is a bit of a reach as Lamar Jackson’s NFL ceiling, so it does make sense he will likely be asked to pull a Terrelle Pryor and utilize his athleticism as a receiver in a creative offense.

    Perhaps the Rams, Chiefs, or Jaguars to balance that defensive dominated team.

  17. bassplucker says:
    January 5, 2018 at 9:39 am
    He’ll go higher than you might expect, by default. Rosen is going to turn off GMs in his interviews, Darnold’s stock is down after his awful bowl game, and Josh Allen will still have the small school question hanging over him even with the success of Carson Wentz.
    Did you see Jackson’s bowl game – he threw 4 INTS

  18. Josh Allen “small School” are you kidding… Have you heard of Garoppolo, Wentz, Romo etc. Allen has the best skills all around. Darnold and Rosen are going top 5. They need some work, but are Pro ready. Jackson is OK and might do well to sit behind a Cam Newton or Russel Wilson or Tyrod Taylor that run the Read-Option. I love Mayfield, but he really has a Johnny Manzel feel to him. I hope I am wrong. This is an abundant QB class, but not a strong one.

  19. Anybody who compares Lamar Jackson to either Vince Young or Terrelle Pryor obviously has never seen the kid play. His completion rate is down due to drops as well, so that should factor in.

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