Report: Belichick “sees an opening” to get to the Giants

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The ESPN report regarding the rift between Patriots coach Bill Belichick, quarterback Tom Brady, and owner Robert Kraft sparked legitimate speculation that Belichick may want out. If he does, there’s only one place he wants to go.

“I’m sure Bill knows this is his last chance to be the Giants coach,” a source close to Belichick told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News. “Bill sees an opening — an opening to get to the Giants.”

The unnamed source doesn’t know whether Belichick will try to get out of New England, but if Belichick goes elsewhere, it will be to one destination only: “The Giants are the only place he wants to be. . . .  He wants to be the Giants coach. I know that for a fact. That would be pretty cool. My guess is if he wants out, the Giants already know. He would be great with [G.M. Dave] Gettleman. Bill is a football guy. Gettleman is a football guy.”

The problem is that only one of them could be in charge, and Belichick would demand that type of control. Gettleman, who arrived a week ago and is actually older than Belichick, may not want to give up all or part of his newfound power.

But if the Giants’ desire to have Belichick surpasses the Giants’ desire to have Gettleman in control of the football operations, all it takes is a phone call to the Patriots to see if they would be willing to negotiate compensation in the event that the Giants would be able to negotiate a new contract with Belichick.

From the Giants’ perspective, whatever it would take to get Belichick would be worth it. And if there’s any truth to Wickersham’s report, the time to make a move is now.

187 responses to “Report: Belichick “sees an opening” to get to the Giants

  1. This is all a joke right? Whenever B.B. is done with the pats, any team will fire their current staff for him. There’s no way this is “his only chance to get to the giants”. And why would he want to go anywhere at least until Brady is done? No sense in going to a rebuild when they’re going to contend every year in NE

  2. Weird, but it’s looking more and more like all this media crap has origins with Belickick. Seems to be more than one storm hitting New England.

  3. A small nugget – Gary Myers despises belichick. So yeah he sure knows what BB is thinking next.

  4. Pats fans better realize this source is someone Belichick wants to use to get the word out to the Giants. Giants are on notice. This will happen. Sorry, but the dynasty is over Pats fans. Its been a great run

  5. Belicick will end up in Green Bay after McCarthy is fired to pair with an instant winner in Aaron Rodgers.

    McCarthy will be picked up by New England in response as a splash hire.

    Tom Brady and Jim Harbaugh hatch a secret plan at a Michigan luncheon.

    After letting it leak out, Harbaugh leaves Michigan to return to the NFL. He is courted by every team with a vacancy before settling on his intended target: Cleveland.

    Brady makes his displeasure with his new Patriots situation known. After a tense weeks long standoff, he is dealt to the Browns for a fortune of high round picks.

    Harbaugh amasses an army of his old vets to support Brady. Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, NaVorro Nowman, Eric Reid. Along with studs Joe Thomas, Myles Garrett, and Josh Gordon, the Browns instantly beckme an AFC megapower

    The Patriots, not content to roll over, being in Kirk Cousins and an array of top talent through the draft.

    It all leads to next season’s conference championship weekend, where Garoppolo and the 49ers meet Belicick’s Packers. While McCarthy and the Patriots meet Harbaugh, Brady, and the Browns.

  6. Based on all the news coming out of New England, it appears that the ship is about to set sail.

    Looks like Belichick is about to come back home.

    Id be nervous if I was a pats fan. Look on the bright side, Jeff Fisher is available.

  7. Sounds a bit crazy, until you think about it.
    He would control the number 2 overall pick which could land him a legitamate QB who already said he doesn’t want to play in cleavland. (J ROSEN)
    They already have a top WR corps with OBJ and Shepard
    They have a young and talented TE
    And their defense looks pretty on paper

  8. footballneblog says:
    January 5, 2018 at 8:55 pm
    This is so much BS and wild speculation to get clocks. He’s not going anywhere.
    Normally I would agree with you. But not on this.
    This is Belichicks last season with the patriots.

    Trades Bissett for nothing.
    Trades Garoppolo for only a second rounder.

    That means no viable backup for TB.
    Belichick is done.

  9. Don’t know, but it sounds like Patriots fans are starting to panic at the possibility of the whole thing starting to crumble?!

  10. This is getting beyond ridiculous. The fact that an NYC “journalist” says he knows this as “fact,” is all you need to know. Belichick is known for being candid with reporters.

    PS- People with knowledge of the inner workings of the Patriots are telling me Belichick sees this as an opportunity to pursue his dream of coaching college lacrosse. Fact.

  11. I will laugh so hard if the Patriots collapse in his absence. I will practically attend every Patriots home game just so I can swallow the tears of their fans.

  12. If I knew for a fact that BB would coach until he’s at least 70, Id be all for it as a Giants fan. Its no secret that he does love the Giants, but this sounds like a fabrication to me.

  13. Michael Silver after the monday night KC game “sources tell me tonights game against KC, is an indicator that the patriots will move on from Brady before he retires and go to JG.”

    I bet the joint statement was released to stop the BS before this turns into that deflated ball debacle. Cowherd thinks Bill traded Brissett out of spite. Not because Edleman blew his ACL and we needed another receiver.

  14. It makes sense. Brady on decline, Garappolo gone. Belichek gets a point or two of franchise. Returns home. Proves again finally and without debate he is the goat when Giants win SB. Good script, I don’t see what’s so laughable. That’s how these guys project ahead, that’s how they achieve.

  15. Funny I speculated about this on my site about a month ago. I just had the feeling the Giants might come calling on him. If you saw the Football Life on Bill, he loves that team.
    Hard to see it actually happening but I wouldnt totally rule it out either.

  16. People can call BS all they want,but it’s not exactly far fetched. Belicheck has been successful with QBs not named Brady, and if there was a rift between him and Kraft over Brandy and Jimmy G maybe he does want out.

    And regardless of who’s decision it was, NE choose with the hearts and not their brains choosing Brady over Jimmy G. Brady has lacked a deep ball the past 3-4 seasons and this season his mid level passes are fAR from Brady like. He may have 1 year left…

  17. I’m just as skeptical as everyone else is on this whole situation.

    BUT lets be real, this stuff does happen with every dynasty team in any sport down the road. IF this is true shame on Robert Kraft, most teams that side with owners/players over their head coach go down a dark path. The Chargers with Schottenheimer, 49ers with Harbaugh, Jets with Parcells, and the Giants with Coughlin.

  18. So funny Patriots fans don’t want to deal with the possibility that it may be time for life without Belichick. All good things come to an end. Why wouldn’t BB consider a move to the GIants? Second pick overall and a huge trade chip with that pick. He can get Eli right and build that team to contend right away. We can see Pats fans already crying about their dynasty going down quicker than Kim K on Ray-J. It’s over. Brady is old and has lost a step. Should have never traded Jimmy G.

  19. “I’m sure Bill knows this is his last chance to be the Giants coach”

    If this report is true, then kudos because this story is very much blockbuster material. That being said, let’s not kid ourselves, Bill Belichick can coach the New York Giants whenever he damn well pleases. Next year, the year after, 5 years from now, whenever he pleases.

  20. Ehhhh….Cris Carter hit the nail on the head this morning when he said BELICHICK would simply not have enough time to build ANY team in the manner he did with the Patriots….chances are if he leaves New England, it would be either as an Executive with some club or more likely, retirement….either way, should the Pats lose to the Chiefs next Sunday, BB is almost certainly gone….

  21. What is this Little Bill trying to emulate Big Bill? We lived this story 22 years ago. Groceries, Krafty,…could be fun. As a lifelong Pats fan I think it might be fun to win a 6th championship, have Belichick move on, and give the job to Mcdanials, Patricia or Vrabel.

  22. This would be awesome. Just awesome. Gettleman and Belichick are both great football people. There wouldn’t be any problem at all. Belichick knows what he knows, and Gettleman knows who he’s dealing with. You might think this wouldn’t work, but I think it would be great. There aren’t too many people that Gettleman would listen to, and rightfully so, but Belichick is a different story. It would be a dream come true for Gettleman to work with Belichick. These guys have all the money they need, and they both have the same goal. Win super bowls (plural). Then there’s Jon Gruden in Oakland thinking the same thing. The NFL has never been better. This is just awesome. Do it Bill. Go to the Giants. I think BB is done with Mr. Kraft and Mr. Brady. He’ll show the world who the real genius was.

  23. This actually all makes a lot of sense,

    I’m not sure why Pats fans are up in arms, calling this ‘a hit piece’.

    Jimmy Johnson left the Cowboys. Lombardi left the Packers. Phil Jackson left the Bulls.

    Nothing last forever.

  24. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Maybe just maybe the hearts of all Pats fans are soon to be broken? I doubt it, but there has to be something to these stories. the dots just connect so well.

  25. Belichick has a 54-63 regular season record when his starting QB is not Tom Brady. He has a 23-30 record in NE when his starting QB is not Tom Brady.

  26. Being the head coach of the Giants would have to be his dream job if this is true. If he was furious about letting Jimmy G go because of the situation he was left with at QB beyond Brady, like the report suggests, wouldn’t he be getting himself into a similar situation with the Giants. Eli may have beat Brady but he is no Brady. Neither has a real answer beyond their starters. Giants are clearly in a worse position though.

    Either way as a Cowboy fan I’m praying that this is all fake news. I couldn’t imagine being like the Jets, Dolphins, and Bills starting every season just fighting for a wild card spot because BB and company have the division on lock. Also BB is probably one of the only coaches that can get ODBJ to chill out and focus his energy purely on football which would be scary to see.

  27. Giants job doesn’t open up all that often McAdon’t was an anomoly). Belichick goes back to 1979 with the Giants/Maras. Wellington co-signed Belichick’s mortgage to hire him after he was bouncing checks all over Baltimore with his $50/week salary.

    When the Jets poached Parcells from the Pats in 93, they initially hired Belichick as HC as the smoke screen and then negotiated for Parcells, moving Belichick to DC/HC in waiting. So Belichick could have the Giants Hire McDaniels (or Patricia) first and then Belichick and make McDaniels (or Patricia) HC in waiting after the draft pick compensation is negotiated. Belichick and McDaniels (or Patricia) as a package deal.

    So this wouldn’t be unprecedented. Kraft may have anything he wants except the 2018 #2 overall pick.

    Problem solved.

  28. No effing way Gettlemen is on board with Belichick taking over as GM. The guy encompasses your entire football operation. He would put Gettlemen in the shade. I think this narrative about Kraft and Belichick is 100% fabricated.

  29. Please Bill no…us Pats fans could not bear another loss in the SB to Eli Manning and the Giants.

  30. Bob Kraft on line one…Here’s your deal Mara
    …take BB and give me your one and your two in the upcoming draft.

    I’ll hire McDaniels and keep Brady…and I will have #2, #32, #34. #43 in the draft…which I will turn into Sam Darnold and Saqoun Barkley by trading up to #3 for my 32, 34 and 43.

    Deal ?

  31. At the end of the day this will amount to n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Belichick has too much invested to cut and run (like he did with the Jets). Besides, the Pats will playing too deep into the offseason for the Giants to wait for him (if anything is actually true/accurate). And the Gettleman thing…the Giants would probably give him the option to either play along or quietly go away ($) to make the Belichick thing happen.

  32. Wow. BB isn’t known for leaking to the media. And if your a friend of his you would no longer be one it you spoke to the media about Bill. So this story, if true, is picking up legs because this may be BB putting this out there.

  33. No way in hell Kraft let’s Belichick leave. Kraft would give him a huge stake in the team ownership before that happens.

    That probably includes Brady to. But I could see Belichick leaving if the stake in ownership was not big enough.

    In the end he will be owner/coach. Brady will begin his coaching career and eventually Belichick will be the owner & Brady the head coach.

  34. There is also a report that he wants to go join Garrapolo in SF and that the Patriots will trade him for Shanahan. Lets go with unnamed sources to back that up. There is also a report that he wants to go back and handle unfinished business with the Browns. No named source for that either but you wouldnt be reading it here if it wasnt true.

  35. Ppl saying this is fake news dont seem to remember Bill saying that he would leave any job to be the coach of the giants, he said the giants are home to me.

  36. If there was the most remotest chance of these rumours having any validity to them do you honestly think Robert Kraft would let BOTH of his co-ordinators interview for head coaching jobs elsewhere and risk leaving all three of the most important coaching positions vacant!


  37. Hopefully the first thing he does is switch their uniforms back to that red/blue/white scheme with “Giants” written across the helmet. Those “championship colors”…That uniform just looked like “pain” for opppsing teams in their Parcells/Belichick Era.

    Back then a team probably felt pain just seeing the Giants on their schedule.

  38. Next weekend, please stand on our sidelines of the sold out Gillette stadium and tell us why this isn’t good enough for you…if this is true. This is breaking my heart. Us fans don’t deserve this. Fix the problems Bill, you’re the boss. In Bill We Trust.

  39. There will always “be an opening in NY” for BB because the minute he decides he wants to go there, the Giants will fire whoever it is that happens to be the coach at the time to make space for him.

  40. One thing’s for sure. They may reconcile but things will never be the same.One of the reasons it’s worked all these years is because Belichick is the ultimate football authority and everyone knows they can not go to Kraft or anyone else to bail them out. Now the chain of command has been broken and Belichick understandably may feel betrayed,underminned,embarrased and emasculated. I think him leaving is a very real possibility and he could not be blamed for doing it.

  41. Just remember, the media hates Belichick and ESPNFL wants to cause major distractions for the Patriots.

  42. I don’t think Coach Belichick is going to risk his reputation to force a move to the Giants. It seems like it would be too out of character. But, who really has a handle on Coach Belichick’s character anyways?

  43. It’s hilarious how so many of you are so quick to call all this recent Patriots news bs as if you have any clue what you’re talking about. If you work for the organization or have some kind of “inside information” then let’s hear it or if not maybe you should just admit that you have no clue what you’re saying. Maybe you should keep in mind that this stuff is coming from people who actually have contacts and have investigated this and not just hyper emotional keyboard warriors such as yourselves

  44. If the Giants call the Patriots and want Belichick, the Patriots should demand at least the Giants 1st round pick so they can get a QB to replace Brady.

  45. It wouldn’t surprise me that BB orchestrated the whole thing as a distraction so the whole team could concentrate on the upcoming playoffs even harder than usual. Remember, he’s playing chess while the rest of the NFL is playing checkers.

  46. Why is it always unnamed sources? If I remember correctly Chris Mortensen had these same sources.
    Bill Belichick to the Giants is bull.

  47. This whole thing is getting comical. Belichick said he isn’t coaching into his 70’s and there is no way he’d want to take Eli Manning and the second pick over Brady. My good god, Manning has thrown 4 picks in one game many times. The only time Manning has thrown less than 10 picks in a year, was his rookie year in 2004 when he only started 7 games, he threw 9 picks.

    Was Brady his normal self for those 5 games, maybe not but just like in golf, you can play the front 9 good and the back 9 bad or vice Versar or you play the middle holes good and not at the beginning or the end, but at the end of the day you shoot what you shoot. Brady had 13 better than normal games to start and then reverted to his mean 4500 Yds 32 TD’s and 8 picks.

    Here are his stats in 2015 his previous 16 game season. 4700 36 TD’s 7 picks
    In 2014 – 4100 Yds 31 TD’s and 9 Int’s.

    Looks pretty much the same, so I think the demise of Brady is certainly an overreaction to everything Patriota.

    And in the end, poor Belichek, he won the booby prize, the. GOAT for another couple of years, Horrors, how will he survive winning the AFC East again and again.

  48. Well it’s obvious something is not quite right in Patriot Town. Just start with Brady’s fitness guru? Banned from the sidelines and the flight to games. That has a ‘snell’ right there. What’s been going on???obvioysly something😎😎

  49. The Head Coaching job of the New York Giants is the one job
    Belichick has always wanted. It has never quite been available at.
    the right time for him but this could be the time. If Kraft is honorable
    he should let Belichick go if Belichick wants out.

  50. Hard to say there is a meltdown in New England… just look out any Boston window…nothing is melting for at least 4-5 months.

  51. tylawspick6 says:
    January 5, 2018 at 8:56 pm

    this is some of the funniest material i have ever read!

    i am in tears over here. tears i tells ya!


    You’re in denial over there. Denial I tells ya!
    It’s happening, time to find another team.

  52. Pats fans are whistling past the graveyard if they think there isn’t some underlying truth to this. I’m not saying it is totally true but there is too much info to this news to just dismiss as a Pats fan. BB sees the writing on the wall – Brady is 40.

  53. The “can’t beat them join them takes” are out of touch losers, not funny,just stop. Pats made the greatest franchise run of all time. Giants EXTREMELY lucky Belichick holds them in high regard. Giants oughta be rolling out red carpet and brass, and sweeping every step he’s going to make like curling, to get this done.

  54. All this is doing is making the Patriots angry. And I don’t like the Patriots when they are angry (say it in a Bill Bixby/David Banner voice)

  55. spartanlegend says:
    January 6, 2018 at 7:39 am
    It’s hilarious how so many of you are so quick to call all this recent Patriots news bs as if you have any clue what you’re talking about. If you work for the organization or have some kind of “inside information” then let’s hear it or if not maybe you should just admit that you have no clue what you’re saying. Maybe you should keep in mind that this stuff is coming from people who actually have contacts and have investigated this and not just hyper emotional keyboard warriors such as yourselves

    But thats just it, they dont have sources. Its pure guesswork based on taking a couple factors then extrapolating like crazy. For all the comments about how Pats fans are delusional if they dont see the truth, Pats fans have not seen the truth in articles making statements about something that is supposedly going the end of the run citing ‘inside info’ every year for over a decade. And they have proven to be right on all those past dismissals because otherwise we would not still ve here at this again. So this is really just another run around the merry go round like we get at regular intervals. Maybe its the Pats haters that are delusional that they go for this same ride literally every time and never learn. I mean, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me a dozen times in a row and what does that say about me really?

  56. ATTENTION , all you Patriot haters . Bill is not going anywhere , Tom is not going anywhere. The Pats are going to win the SUPER BOWL again . So please get over yourselves . Go to the nearest supermarket and buy yourselves a two or three years supply of KLEENEX , your going to need them . Do yourselves a favor and buy stock in the KLEENEX MFG. At least you will have some consolation in making some money while you use their product . And btw , this is free advise , you will thank me later and your welcome .

  57. TomsulasMustache says:
    January 5, 2018 at 9:10 pm
    Pats fans better realize this source is someone Belichick wants to use to get the word out to the Giants. Giants are on notice. This will happen. Sorry, but the dynasty is over Pats fans. Its been a great run
    “The dynasty is over”! Where have I heard that before? Maybe every year from 2002 until this guy just posted it.

  58. Fake news. Belichick does not want to leave New England, a system already in place, to build one with the Giants, and a Giants team where he may not have control.

  59. It’s amazing how much interest a story like this has to so many non Patriot fans. Just a whisper that something could be amiss in Foxboro is enough to draw them all out of the woodwork and set their jealous imaginations ablaze. It’s like the people that live vicariously through the Kardashians.

    Every team in the NFL has turmoil on a regular basis except the team that is the subject of this story. Could this be real? Of course it’s real!, some say. Maybe, but maybe it’s just wishful thinking by all of the Patriots obsessed souls that litter every Pats story.

  60. tbisgod says:
    January 6, 2018 at 12:54 am
    We’ve definitely learned one thing this week. Tommy (#GOAT) is in charge of this team.

    When did we learn that Colts fan? Was it when Tom Brady revoked the rights of his close friend Alex Guerrero from being on the Pats sideline during games, or travelling on the team plane?

    Yeah, it sure makes a lot of sense that Tom Brady, who is in charge of the team according to at least this one Colts fan, would put some limits on Guerrero’s access.[/sarcasm]

    On a side and more serious note, I am not sure I read anything from any Giants fan about this unlikely scenario. Would you want Belichick to run your team in the twilight of his career, even if it cost you two 1st round and two 2nd round draft picks?

  61. Hate to burst your bubbles girls but Bill Belichick is all wrapped up in a nice Patriots contract for life. He is not going anywhere!

  62. For the record, I’m a Pats fan since 1970.

    It is undeniable that the Patriots success is a three-legged stool between Kraft, Belichick, and Brady. Kraft isn’t going anywhere and Brady is in the twilight of his career. I don’t see Brady playing for any other team and I don’t see him playing for any other coach. Brady’s effectiveness will end before Belichick’s (although I can’t vouch for his blood pressure.)

    So why shouldn’t Belichick move to the Giants?

  63. I think it’s amusing that all these Patriot fans think it’s impossible for this to happen. It’s not a matter of being a hater, it’s common sense. They’ve clearly screwed up on Garoppolo – he was the franchise QB that could have kept things going and Belichick can’t be happy about that. You’re dealing with huge egos when it comes to these 3 guys. They all may want to prove they can do it without each other. When there’s smoke there’s fire. These Pats fans who are in denial that this can never happen are going to be grieving deeply when it does.

  64. It is time for Bill to leave the Patriots for New York and finish his HC career there. Brady won the battle so now Kraft can move in a different direction. It is obvious that Belichick wanted to keep Garoppolo but it wasn’t meant to be. Good Luck to Bill in New York, the best HC ever!

  65. Like dealing with the dysfunctional Giants and their prima donnas is that enticing plus another aging QB.

  66. philly77mngr says:
    January 6, 2018 at 12:11 pm
    I think it’s amusing that all these Patriot fans think it’s impossible for this to happen. …..When there’s smoke there’s fire. These Pats fans who are in denial that this can never happen are going to be grieving deeply when it does.

    We do not know for certain Belichick’s current contract status, but according to BSPN he is still under contract beyond this season. If that is true, no Pats fan will be grieving if the soon to be 66 year-old Belichick, who we know only wants to coach a few more seasons at most, is traded to the Giants for two 1st round picks and two 2nd round picks. We will be disappointed to see him go, but the trade haul will assuage that disappointment.

  67. How do we know what’s in Bill’s contract? He may have a buyout, or be able to walk whenever he wants. No one knows, but I know BB. He would never be boxed in, always has an escape plan. He’s done it before. If he wants out, He’s out. Hopefully he wins one more before he goes.

  68. i like how jimmy g is “clearly the franchise qb” when he beat trubisky(barely) yates and sean mannion(no gurley and rams playing for nothing). clearly he is the GOAT. lets get working on that canton bust. meanwhile brady has 2 superbowls in the last 3(maybe another soon who knows) and is coming off an MVP caliber season(king has voted for him…no worse than 2nd finish).

  69. Tom Brady is flat out OLD. He’s the greatest QB to ever play, but old and almost done. Your team just gave away the successor aka ‘the Rodgers after Favre’ chance to be great another 10-15 years. I’m sorry the truth hurts. Kraft got too sentimental with the reaper knocking at his door. Pat fans end up being the ones that suffer.

  70. BB wants out of NE. He is tired of being undermined by Brady who apparently has more organizational power than Bill. Kraft forcing Bill to trade JG was a huge mistake and the straw that broke the camel’s back. The Empire is Ovah!

  71. No one forgot what he did to Jax. Im just telling you he faced 3 subpar QBs in his 5 games. And barely beat trubisky by a point. Even bortles has lit up good defenses in his career. Lets take a look at the headlines from the last 3 days. 1.-Belichick loves Jimmy G and wants him to be starter. 2-Belichick is a genius. 3.- Belichich wants to coach Giants…..belichick just forgot to trade jimmy g to giants who have their 2nd rounder and denvers! LOL

  72. Yes he does have an opening. It would be to call John Mara and say “I would like to coach the Giants.” This opening has been wide open since 2004 (excepting 2008 and 2012), along with about 30 other teams in any given year.

    Also he hasn’t had a true GM since Pioli. I’m sure the idea of giving up personnel control for a rebuild has him really excited.

  73. The unnamed source is a moron. He has enjoyed benefits with the Patriots he would never get with the Giants.

    These are the kind of stories made for the Internet. Howard Dean for President, anyone?

  74. Will never happen. The Giants don’t have the compensation to give the PATS. Gruden went to the Bucs for 2 #1s and 2 #2s. If I was Kraft I would would want way more than that.

  75. steelcurtainn says:
    January 6, 2018 at 2:56 pm
    If you can’t beat them, you might as well join them..

    That is apparently how James Harrison felt anyways.

  76. Belichick is still under contract with the Patriots and there is no way The Krafts let him go to NY for anything less than 3 first round picks. Besides, Schefter has reported that this report is not true.

  77. As a lifelong Giants fan I would love to see bb as their coach. However I would bet one manning and raise a brady that this is all just disinformation being spread by general belichick in the war of 2018 to confuse other teams…….

  78. Too bad Giant fans, it all turned out to be hyperventilated horse manure. E-Lie can breath easy now; he won’t be cut by Big Bill riding through throngs of genuflecting NYG fans weeping with joy.

  79. Belichick may be a little miffed about losing Garoppolo because that might represent his best chance of passing Shula on the total victory mark, but leaving New England would also make it very difficult for him to reach that mark. I say he stays and rides it out with Brady, while looking for another replacement QB. It’s a good situation.

  80. “People call it fake news when they don’t want to believe it.”

    No, people call it fake news when it is wildly and ridiculously unbelievable and untrue.

    Sorry you got your hopes up, sweetheart. LOL

  81. The following quote tells you all you need to know about Seth Wickersham and his credibility:

    “He wanted to develop Garoppolo and leave the Patriots in good shape at the quarterback position. It was very important to him. Bill Walsh didn’t do that when he walked away. Vince Lombardi didn’t do that when he walked away. It was very important.”

    He asserts with a straight face that Bill Walsh didn’t leave the 49ers in good shape at QB.

    This is the person with the basket all you people chose to put your eggs in. Yikes.

  82. I’m sorry Giants fans, but this just isn’t happening. But, no worries: Tom Landry, Vince Lombardi and Curly Lambeau also see clear paths To the Giants! Good luck in 2018.

  83. Ha! Why would he want to go to such a sad organization as the Giants. Horrible front office. Crappy owners. And it’s New York. No one in their right mind wants to live in that sludgepit. Sources say my butt smells like roses. So it must be true.

  84. I have an unnamed source that told me that his unnamed source was getting false information from another unnamed source.

    LOL. I heard that same thing, but the unnamed source didn’t want to breach the “confidentiality” of the other unnamed source who agreed to the same “confidentiality” of the other unnamed source. I got all this from a very good source who shall remain unnamed due to confidentiality.

  85. rhazorrhamon says:
    January 6, 2018 at 2:17 pm

    No one forgot what he did to Jax. Im just telling you he faced 3 subpar QBs in his 5 games. And barely beat trubisky by a point. Even bortles has lit up good defenses in his career. Lets take a look at the headlines from the last 3 days. 1.-Belichick loves Jimmy G and wants him to be starter. 2-Belichick is a genius. 3.- Belichich wants to coach Giants…..belichick just forgot to trade jimmy g to giants who have their 2nd rounder and denvers! LOL

    Still can’t come to terms with what big suckers the Patriots look now, I see.

  86. Wildly funny. Why would Belichick go to the Giants right now? E-coli Gump is as bad as ever, a true turn over machine. While he may view the Giants as his dream job reality steps in and Belichick see’s his legacy tarnished with 4 sub par seasons fueling haters belief that Bill is only good with Brady. Just not going to happen and no I’m not a Pats fan I’m a Redskins fan and I have my own problems.

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