Report: Tom Brady grew weary of Belichick’s style, lack of praise

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For all the other issues percolating under the surface of this morning’s story by Seth Wickersham of ESPN, the clear sense that emerges is that while the professional relationship between Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick is good in that it is mutually beneficial, the personal relationship is either damaged or absent altogether.

Belichick being a demanding taskmaster is not news. He has long espoused a team-first/individual-last way of thinking, but Brady has apparently become more of a target of late.

Specific mention was made of Belichick lighting into Brady after a sloppy (18-of-38, two interception) performance against the Texans “in a way nobody had ever seen, ripping Brady for carelessness with the ball.”

“This will get us beat,” Belichick reportedly said, in front of the entire team. “We were lucky to get away with a win.”

But Brady has always been able to withstand the criticism, knowing that it comes as part of working with Belichick. Apparently that has changed as he’s aged. Citing Brady’s new reliance on “positive thinking,” it seems he has simply gotten tired of “Belichick’s negativity and cynicism.”

In a system where no player is bigger than the team, that even includes the star quarterback. But Brady has reportedly griped about the approach, and mentioned to others that he hasn’t won Belichick’s “Patriot of the Week” award all year.

That something so seemingly petty would trigger such a response from Brady seems unusual, considering the calmness he’s always projected. But as the story notes, this is an issue years in the making.

41 responses to “Report: Tom Brady grew weary of Belichick’s style, lack of praise

  1. Most likely more #FakeNews

    Unless there are DIRECT QUOTES from Brady and Belichick you would have to be a fool to believe it. Sports reporting now same as political reporting in that it exists to manipulate not illuminate.

  2. Remember, this is an ESPN story (or non-story). Did ESPN think that Belichick sits around playing nice-nice and patting the guys on the back all day? Brady of all people knows this. AlsoESPN, the rift can’t be that bad, according to you, Brady just had Garropollo traded because he wants to play another 4 years. Which one of these stories is false? Bet they both are.

  3. We hear this stuff in New England all the time- they have a unique relationship and feed off each other. At the end of the day, they are climbing the steps of the podium as the confetti rains down.

  4. Tom Brady is a 40 year old man. Most 40 year old men do not take well to being screamed at. Perhaps BB should evolve and realize that the one size fits all way of treating people is not always correct.

  5. Gossip and heresay seems unusual?

    Maybe it’s because it’s gossip.

    It may be well written and researched, but that’s not the same thing as being true.

    There are so many interesting angles to sports – the game prep, strategy, molding of personalities…when did the NFL press become the National Enquirer?

  6. Wickershasm’s story is a load of bull. Out of at least 2 dozen supposed “quotes”, only a few are actually “quotes”.

    And any “journalist” that continues to write about Tom and Bill- “both having received stiff penalties for cheating”- is just a manipulative hack. Goodell himself STATED in his determinations that disciplinary actions were due to “lack of cooperation”. Is that difficult to comprehend or is the word “cheating” more of a grab for no talent hacks? I’d say it’s the latter.

    Very disappointing read.

  7. Interesting to note that last year Brady said on the radio that he and Belichek had never, not once had lunch or dinner together ever in 17 years.

  8. The article has many obvious errors, such as a totally nonexistent “Patriot of the week award”. There are awards for practice prep, typically given to practice squad guys who play roles of key opponents in practice. Sometimes a game ball is handed out after a game, such as after Deion Lewis’s first 100 yard game. But there is no recurring Patriot of the Week award. That was made up, along with a lot of other things, most likely

  9. This whole thing sounds like a bunch of very large egos. If NFL owners, head coaches, and HOF qbs don’t have giant egos, they would never be where they are.

  10. What is “Patriot of the week”? I never heard of such a thing and I’m sure the team hasn’t either. LOL. Cmon Wickersham.

  11. Uh-Oh! All is not well in LA-LA Land!

    I can agree with Brady on this issue! He has a fairy tale life as far as money made, public adoration, and success in his field. It would be nice if his boss would acknowledge that he is a major cog in the success of the organization instead of taking him for granted.

    It seems that Belichick has forgotten that Brady still has an ego that needs to fed like all elite players.

  12. Yes, Brady is so tired of Belichick’s style that he demanded that the Patriots trade JimmyG instead of himself.

    Is that why there are 5 different articles on this? Break it up so we wont put the pieces together ourselves. Why is no logic being used with this ESPN article?

  13. bvolke says:
    January 5, 2018 at 8:02 am
    Brady sounds like a big baby. Wahhh, my coach doesn’t pay me on the back. Wahhhh.

    Did I miss the “quote” where Brady said that? Fake news!

  14. Pats fans will never admit there is anything wrong with their beloved team..It’s either “fake news” or it’s Roger Goodell’s fault in their eyes. As much as ESPN does produce BS frequently let’s not forget the pre-season article on the Seahawks talking about dissension in their locker room. Fast forward to the end of the season and you had star players calling each other out.

  15. The Alex Guerrero feud and Jimmy G trade has fractured their relationship for good… NY GIANTS head coach 2018 is Bill Belichick!

  16. Is it really news that Belichick is a jerk? I’m sure he’s ticked Brady off a lot over the years.

  17. Why would Belichick praise a product of his own system? If anyone deserves praise it is Belichick himself.

  18. According to Pats fans their team could never do any wrong, and their could never be anything wrong inside foxboro…. it’s either Goddell having it out for them, ESPN having it out for them, jealous fans hating, or hack reporters. Where’s there’s smoke there is a least a little fire and Pats fans are probably in for a very rude awakening from this fairy tale ride they are on…… remember when the Seahawks denied all of the reports of disruption in the locker room earlier this season? And how did that turn out

  19. Pats fan here. I imagine both Brady and Belichick are difficult to work with. Belichick probably is on the autistic spectrum (football savant with social interaction difficulties). Brady probably is a raging egomaniac who thinks he is the best and maybe is starting to feel that he isn’t being treated that way. Brady hopefully doesn’t get complacent and can enjoy the praise once his career is over. Until then performances like the one against the Texans or last week against the Jets can’t happen if they’re going to win anything this year. Brady has gotten lucky many times in the past few years, where dbs have missed interceptions that could have changed the outcome of some important games. Dude isn’t perfect is what I’m saying. Great, probably goat but not without fault.

  20. After u win a few trophies, other priorities creep in. Pats fans enjoy the end of an amazing run. SF: it pays to be a friend of Belichick.

  21. Most fans have ‘grown weary’ of the NE Patriots and Tom Brady and Co.
    Man, enough of them !
    The NFL needs a new face, for gawds sakes.

  22. This is funny, indeed. Earlier this year I heard Brady on the radio say he and BB had a perfect relationship because Brady doesn’t like to receive compliments and Belichick doesn’t like to give them, so for Brady it works out well.

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