Reports: Raiders signing Jon Gruden to 10-year deal

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The Raiders are set to announce the start of Jon Gruden’s second stint as their head coach on Tuesday and it looks like Gruden will be sticking around a while.

According to multiple reports, Gruden will sign a 10-year deal with the team. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that prospective offensive coordinator Greg Olson, defensive coordinator Paul Guenther and special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia will receive four-year deals.

Earlier this week, Gruden denied reports that he’d get an ownership stake in the Raiders as part of the deal. It doesn’t appear he’ll be hurting for cash, though. Those same reports peg the total value of his contract with the team at around $100 million.

That’s a lot of time and money for the Raiders to be on the hook for if things don’t go as hoped once Gruden officially returns to the organization, which makes this a gamble worthy of the Raiders’ future home.

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  1. .540 % Regular Season
    .556 % Playoffs

    10 yrs/100M may be a tad steep for an above avg coach who’s been away from it for a few years. What if by year 3, the Raiders have gone 26-22 and missed the playoffs all 3 years? Think Gruden’s fire will still be there or think he’ll realize he was better off in the booth?

  2. Remember when we gave atta-boys to the Raiders for finally moving to the big boy table by hiring McKenzie and letting him make wise decisions?

    That didn’t last long.

  3. He has leverage, why not? I’m interested in seeing what is guaranteed. May as well fleece them for as much as possible – it’s the American way!

  4. Belichick doesn’t have or need an agent. This guy gets numbers, metrics and dollar-per-value better than anyone if football. I doubt he’d give 5 or 10% up to watch someone negotiate worse than he could.

  5. They lost their mind. 10 years for a coach that has been out of the league nearly that long???

  6. Remember the last time the Raiders made a splash with a big-name signing in Marshawn Lynch, which was bigger because they had been away from the game for a little while?

    I feel like the organization wants to make the team more profitable than better. Seems odd the way this is all going down. We’ll see how it goes, though.

  7. Just goes to show how much 1 SB win about 90 yrs ago, is worth. When you have retreads like Caldwell & Fox & Fisher out there, the cash is available for the good, not great, coaches.

  8. Did Mark take out a high interest loan to pay his signing bonus?? This is how Jon gets ownership. In the fine print, he gets 25% stake the first day following a late payment.

  9. Does the NFL have the ability to step in when a team has clearly lost its mind or they are potentially damaging the league? I’m thinking like what MLB did with the McCourts (LAD) or NBA did with Sterling (LAC).

    I ask because the Raiders just handed the longest contract to a guy who’s been out of coaching for 9 years. This has to be double the longest initial contract for a coach, right? I can’t recall another coach getting a contract remotely close to this.

    This is a college football contract. Insane.

  10. please tell me one (1!) young qb he’s developed…and watch out defense, he single-handedly dismantled that great Buc defense after winning the SB (doesn’t like to share the glory…)…keep your fingers crossed, Raiders’ fans.

  11. Jeff Fisher is already on the phone with Gregg Williams:

    “Have you seen the kind of money they’re throwing at guys who haven’t done squat in the past fifteen years? Let’s go, big guy…..we’re getting the band back together!”

  12. You paid a guy, that was fired from his last job, 10 million? You could’ve had Jeff Fischer, Del Rio’s loser brother, 3 million and would still maintain that awesome below .500 average…


  13. The poorest owner in the league gives the biggest contract ever to a guy who hasn’t coached in 9 years.

  14. Wow……4100 million for a guy who’s been out of football for what seems like decades and has won only 1 Super Bowl with players he inherited. I guess he’sll help sell tickets in Vegas.

  15. That’s a pretty good coaching staff he’s bringing with him. The Raiders have a lot of talent, there should be no excuses for them to fail now.

  16. Only numbers that matter are how much is guaranteed. Everything else is just window dressing and meant to create buzz.

  17. That’s 8 years & 96 million too much. Is it a coincidence that Gruden & Mark Davis have the same “Moe Howard” haircut?

  18. Jon Gruden has a 91-85 lifetime coaching record, and was only 2 games above 0.500 his last 7 years in the league.

    He hasn’t won a playoff game in 15 years.

    He was above 0.500 only 6 if his 11 years as a head coach.

    Why would you give him $100,000,000 to run your football team?

    Brian Billick has essentially the same stats and is pulling per-diem gigs at the NFL Network. I’m flabbergasted.

  19. I think someone did the math. A 5% ownership stake base on a $3B valuation is a huge amount of money, even a 1% stake would be worth $300M (1% of $3B). Smart to back off of ownership…

  20. To everyone critiquing his coaching record: This is a reminder that the #1 reason NFL teams exist is to make money. It’s funny how often that gets forgotten by so many of us whenever hiring time comes around.

  21. tcostant says:
    January 5, 2018 at 2:35 pm
    I think someone did the math. A 5% ownership stake base on a $3B valuation is a huge amount of money, even a 1% stake would be worth $300M (1% of $3B). Smart to back off of ownership…


    $300M is 10% of $3B….not 1%…that would be $30M

  22. Just goes to show why new stadiums level the playing field in affording coaches and players. Without those new luxury boxes, and don’t kid yourself they will be sold fir very high dollars, teams just don’t have the jack to compete.

    I saw this in AZ and the innediatelybwent to a super bowl.

    Look at how it’s helped Indy and minn.

    As a raider fan for life, I’m loving it. So tired of raiders not having the impact they did as a child. All NFL promos had Raider clips on tv, they got marque games, celebrity golf appearances etc.

    It’s time for the recommitment to excellence and a coach who has a work ethic as Jon does will inspire many once again!!!!

  23. Ten years for a couch that is just above 500? A couch that inherited great teams and took them into the playoffs? Should go well, he’s only been out of couching for how long?

  24. I will have to see the contract details, but this is clearly Mark Davis deciding he wants Jon Gruden to be with the Raiders in some capacity for the foreseeable future. I could see Gruden moving into a President type role in the future if he burns out on Coaching or things don’t go as planned. The money is irrelevant considering the amount of cash waiting for the Raiders in Vegas. The big question is: How good of a Coach is Gruden really? The first half of his career was really good, the second half pretty bad. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  25. Earl McGraw says:

    January 5, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    Carr doesn’t need to be developed, just tweaked and Gruden will get the best out of him
    Sorry Joe………..Gruden doesn’t even like Carr as a QB, Gruden is making the biggest mistake of his life with this dumpster fire of a team.

  26. bassplucker says:
    January 5, 2018 at 2:25 pm
    That’s gonna be one hell of a buyout if things go south 4 or 5 years in.
    If it lasts that long.
    After two years, the Gruden “back to the tv booth” stories will emerge.

  27. Even if they are getting something closer to the earlier 4-year .600 coach instead of the later 8-year .500 coach, that financial risk is hard to justify. I will not be surprised if in 5 years there is severe angst over the remaining contract obligations.

  28. I’m not at all surprised by this. I always thought & said that Son-of-Al had the same intelligence level as a bag of hammers.

  29. 37% of his salary will go to pay federal income taxes, 13% will go to pay California state income taxes and 3% will go to his agent. Which means that he will be broke 10 years from now.

  30. descendency says:
    January 5, 2018 at 2:11 pm
    If true, that will make Jon Gruden the highest paid football coach. Period.

    That’s… insane.


    Pretty sure Nick Saban is the highest paid football coach. Period.

  31. Gotta laugh, I haven’t been on this site for 2 years, but was interested in what the general take on this news is… Just as I thought, people griping over things they cant control and Raider-hating trolls chiming in with their snide comments..

    I personally LOVE this hiring, they should’ve thrown this money at him a long time ago and saved the wasted money they paid to Kiffin, Allen and the rest of the slubs that were at the helm over the last decade. I did like Captain Jack though and hope he lands on his feet somewhere..

    See you again in another two years after the Raiders win their next Superbowl!! GO RAIDERS!!!!!

  32. If there are no exit clauses in this contract, it is crazy. I would imagine there are specific circumstances where the Raiders could walk away from the deal… or maybe they are thinking of trading him to Tampa Bay after a season…

  33. That contract proves Gruden is way overrated. He only won one Super Bowl with a team he really didn’t have to build. If he was coaching the Browns, then his contract might be justified.

  34. I’m not a Raiders fan, but I feel bad for the Oakland fans.

    If this report is accurate (10yr/100MM) then Mark Davis is the dumbest owner by far.
    Move over Cleveland and Indianapolis, there is a new “genius” in town.

  35. Might turn the sound up on MNF again. Wonder if Derek Carr can throw into the “turkey hole”?

  36. It isn’t like Gruden left the Bucs coaching job riding off on a wave of glory. This sets the Raiders quest for relevance back AT LEAST 10 years. The only saving grace for the Raiders is that Andy Reid and Philip Rivers are at the end of their careers and John Elway is a horrible GM who didn’t realize that the only thing that made the Broncos relevant was Wade Phillips. Outside of the semi-pro league level AFC West though the Raiders will continue to get smoked.

  37. The Herschel Walker trade was worse. Jamarcus Russell being drafted #1 overall, probably not as dumb as this.

    Not sure where this will end up ranking on the list of all-time stupidest football decisions, but it’s definitely going to be top 10.

  38. A moronic contract for an average HC who’s been out of coaching for 10 years. But this is not unexpected seeing who authored it – Son-of-Al is in close competition with Haslam and Irsay for being the worst owner in the league.

  39. My guess is that he’ll be back in the broadcasting booth within five years.

    Seriously, he is so overrated and has bailed on the Raiders once before – though thinking of the amount of times the Raiders have bailed on a city they’re probably a match made in Football Heaven!

    I wonder if he’ll make good on his man-crush of the 2014 draft and “get himself some Johnny Football…”

  40. Not sure how the Raiders were all set to win the Super Bowl with Jack Del Rio, yet will be a dumpster fire with Jon Gruden.

  41. Other coaches around the league are applauding and
    hi-fiving the signing of this lucrative contract.

  42. Hmmm. Cannot see the logic in this, in offering Gruden a 10-year contract, especially since the Raiders have neither Hall of Fame-caliber QB, WR nor RB lol Gruden would fair better to have gone with the Giants where you already have a Hall of Fame QB in 2-time Super Bowl MVP “lil’ bro'” (Eli) Manning, and where you have a potential future Hall of Famer in JPP, in addition to OBJ. Hmmm…

  43. I guess you can look at it like, this deal will ensure continuity. There will be ups and downs, but knowing he’ll be the guy will help bring in top FA’s when needed.

  44. I never tire of making fun of the Raiders, because obviously, they earn all those jokes. But this is on another level of ridiculousness. We’re all going to look forward to YEARS worth of new jokes as the Raiders ooze back down the drain.

  45. So 2 above average coaches, not great coaches (those would be Belichick and Saban respectively) got respective entities in the NFL and college football to break the bank for them because they were desperate, and both will disappoint their fan bases in the same way because neither can live up to those contracts.

  46. Why not let the guy coach a few games first? According to RaiderIsland, the Raiders are poised to win the Super Bowl, so Gruden just might get them over the hump. Clearly, Del Rio wasn’t up to the task.

  47. A lot of one sided comments here. At one time I felt Gannon was a larger part of the Raiders success than Gruden. But I have heard a lot of comments from Gannon and others more in the know that say Gruden was by far the most knowledgeable and hardest working coach. Romanowski while playing for Denver said he was the hardest coach to prepare for because of how many different things he had going on on any giving play. After Gannon, Gruden never had a better than average QB (no 1st round or 2nd round draft choices were used on QB’s. Tampa giving up 2 numbers ones and 2 number two’s in successive years didn’t help. Look at some of the QB’s he did have – Chris Simms, 40 year old Jeff Garcia, etc. For all the comments that he won with Dungy’s team I ask why didn’t Dungy win with this team? As far as being away for 9 years I don’t think he really has been away. He’s been around other teams, coaches, players as a broadcaster and has the largest collection of game film outside NFL studios. $10m a year sounds crazy but hopefully in 5 years he is doing a decent job and the economics of $10m at that time will make it not sound so exuberant. Perhaps Kyle Shanahan will be making more than that in 5 years time. I much rather pay $10m a year than give away even 1% of an NFL franchise. Finally, the Raiders are playing average or below average players $7m plus a season as are other teams. I don’t mind paying a bit more for hopefully a coach that can turn around the team. PS – this is not an Al Davis move. Al would pay crazy amounts to players but his coaches were typically on the low-end spectrum of pay.

  48. raiderrich ,

    Whose fault was that. he picked the players in Tampa. Surely you didn’t think that dummy Bruce Allen had anything to do with it, did you? People are just stating the obvious. When he was immersed in it everyday, he was mediocre his last 10 years. What’s funny is that people never give Al Davis an ounce of credit for their success when he was the personnel man for the Raiders then, and he still hadn’t lost his fast ball. The nucleus of those teams he won with were there before he came to Oakland. We’ll see if the pressure bursts the pipes since $10 million a year isn’t to go 9-7 or 10-6 like he did in Tampa mixed in with some 5-11s after the McKay/Dungy players left that roster. If you give a coach that much money, it’s to win the Super Bowl.

  49. Crazy. Even more crazy when you realize that in his last 9 years as a HC this “offensive genius” never had an offense over 18th in the NFL including the SB winning Bucs who rode an amazing defense that Gruden had no part of building/coaching.

    He is not the worst coach ever but jesus, 100 mil/10 years for a mediocre football coach who has been out of the game for a decade. A coach who never drafted or developed a good young QB despite being a “QB Guru.”

    Ya, this will end well.

  50. No one in any sport, at any position in the organization should ever be signed for 10 years. It is great for maybe three. If all the stars and planets align it could be good for 5. Then you get either garbage or a crippling buyout. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

  51. realfootballfan,

    Not sure if Gruden had complete control of the draft in Tampa Bay. I would think he didn’t or he would have drafted a bunch of quarterbacks. My hope is he doesn’t have complete control over personnel. I would prefer he focuses on coaching. This is despite Reggie missing as much as he has hit on drafts and free against. Actually he probably missed more than he hit especially with coach selection. His talent seems to be more suited towards contracts and cap structure. And I have supported Al Davis plenty of times, but without Gruden, we would have kept George instead of Gannon, a 4.2 40 WR over Jerry Rice, and I don’t know Harvey Williams instead of Charlie Garner and Tyrone Wheatley. Perhaps Al Davis made some of those calls, but I am pretty certain Gannon would have never been a Raider if it wasn’t for Gruden.

  52. Between the franchise’s appreciation during his coaching tenure and net income from 17 years of operations Belichick has made Kraft in the neighborhood of two billion. That’s two thousand millions. We can only speculate but I’m guessing BB makes 20 million/yr? 10mm/yr in Vegas is chump change. That won’t even cover Chuckie’s mini-bar tab, unless it’s written in that it’s comp’ed wherever he goes. Right now nobody cares about wins and losses. The Raiders will be a huge draw in Vegas.

  53. This is simply because Jon Gruden knows of the Raiders propensity to fire coaches after just one or two seasons, so he wants job security and time to build the team. However, I will miss his commentary on Monday Night Football. He’s the only commentator I look forward to listening to.

  54. Gordon says:
    January 5, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    Does the NFL have the ability to step in when a team has clearly lost its mind or they are potentially damaging the league?

    If they did, the Raiders would have to get in line behind a bunch of other teams. As an example, the Browns have a con artist for an owner.

    Of course, the NFL let two teams move to LA, so they probably aren’t the best judge of character.

  55. First they are crazy for wanting a coach “out of football for ten years”, which is ridiculous since he’s seen almost every playbook and watched film for those ten years. Then they are crazy for giving him 10 year contract which makes no sense since people complain about not giving a coach time to develop their team.. if not for Raiders all these football gurus on here have nothing to bash on. Cue lame hair cut jokes and stupid comments about a dead legend.

  56. A year from now, we will be picking over the remains of the Raiders’ disastrous 2018 season.Gruden’s heart isn’t in it. This is all ego gratification on Gruden’s part. He will break this up when things don’t go his way. Gruden is no Bill Belichik.

  57. As far as those players that came to that team, Garner was there because of him and a couple of defensive players like Eric Allen (who Davis tried to get before but didn’t want to play for the previous coach) and William Thomas at LB. Rice got there after they were already good, and surely you don’t think a 40-year old receiver was the missing piece. He only played for Gruden for one year. Rich Gannon came on a recommendation from Paul Hackett, the old QB coach who had been moved to the scouting department when Gruden came in. It’s funny how the ensuing years have twisted how this came about though. As evidenced by Gruden’s abysmal QB track record in Tampa, he clearly had nothing to do with it. Let’s not forget, this was the guy all in on Johnny Manziel among other gems the last 10 years in his TV career.

    My point is that the mid 1990s Raiders under Davis until the last 10 years of his life had some really, really good players on it. They just didn’t have consistent QB play since Hostetler kept getting hurt, and Jeff George never was meant to be any good team’s starting QB. That’s the dynamic that no one is accounting for. They were good for each other, not just a one-sided affair. If Davis’ last 10 years under his deteriorating health hadn’t been so bad, people wouldn’t be ignoring how bad Gruden was himself his last 8 years in Tampa.

  58. Gruden’s been studying the game since 2009 when he got fired (FFCA). He’ll be just fine!

  59. Anything less than a Lombardi next season will be considered a failure. That’s a steep hill to climb for a team that can’t even make the playoffs.

  60. citizenstrange says:
    January 5, 2018 at 3:24 pm
    It isn’t like Gruden left the Bucs coaching job riding off on a wave of glory. This sets the Raiders quest for relevance back AT LEAST 10 years. The only saving grace for the Raiders is that Andy Reid and Philip Rivers are at the end of their careers and John Elway is a horrible GM who didn’t realize that the only thing that made the Broncos relevant was Wade Phillips. Outside of the semi-pro league level AFC West though the Raiders will continue to get smoked.
    FYI…the Raiders continue to get smoked INSIDE the AFC West.

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