Giants won’t get Schwartz interview until Eagles’ season ends

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The strange, awkward courtship of Jim Schwartz by the Giants continues to be strange, awkward.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that, although the Giants requested permission to interview the Eagles’ defensive coordinator for the head-coaching job in New York, the Giants did not schedule an interview before the conclusion of the current weekend. As a result, the bye-week window will close on the Giants’ ability to interview Schwartz.

The Giants will now have to wait for Philly’s season to end. Even if the Eagles make it to the Super Bowl, the ability to conduct a second interview during the week after the conference championship games applies only if the team interviewed the candidate during the initial bye week.

It’s the latest odd development in the Giants’ search, as it relates to Schwartz. Pegged as a favorite for the job, the Giants waited until Wednesday afternoon to request permission to interview him, prompting speculation that the Giants possibly shied away from Schwartz after word emerged of his candidacy.

If the Eagles have postseason success, the question will become whether the Giants are willing to wait until after the Super Bowl to even have an initial sit-down with Schwartz.

16 responses to “Giants won’t get Schwartz interview until Eagles’ season ends

  1. No, they won’t. Believe it or not, Mara reads the papers and listens to the die hard Giant’s fans. Or someone tells him what’s being said.

    No way Schwartz is cut out to succeed here, in the ‘Mara’ way. He’s a hothead with an undisciplined team (Lions). Like the polar opposite of Tom Coughlin (discipline wise).

    Coughlin almost lost the team and decided to life the facade and be more open and himself. The results were obvious. But Coughlin came IN with a rep as being disciplined, while he was emotional he wasn’t a hothead. The Harbaugh moment is a tape I would put on Mara’s car to watch. Or a Lion’s montage of penalty after penalty.

    The writing is on the wall. The Giants know who they want and it’s already a done deal. My guess it’s either McDaniels or BB himself. Either way, McDaniels and BB win. Of course, every Giant’s fan would way prefer BB and the jury will be out on JM until he does it on his own.

    Personally, I’d prefer BB first and then Shurmur but I think he will land elsewhere.

    BB is a pipe dream but people can dream, can’t they?

  2. Schmuck deserves no interview. He is an awful head coach. He could get eight tries and he’ll be a failure each time. It is hard to coach with your head inside your body. He is only successful as a defensive coordinator because of the players. When they started getting injured, his scheme failed this season.

  3. Waste of time. Doesnt fit the Giants. Wasnt a very good HC when he was one, for that matter.

  4. They praying for Belichick. They lost their mind when ESPN put that story out Friday. So now they think they have a shot.

  5. Liberalsruineverything says:

    Sooo the Vikings have to let their coaches get interviewed but the Eagles coaches have different rules? East coast NFL bias on full display.


    May be the dumbest comment I ever read on this site!

  6. Not usually a good long term strategy to undermine possible promotions just to retain staff.

  7. “Sooo the Vikings have to let their coaches get interviewed but the Eagles coaches have different rules? East coast NFL bias on full display”.

    Ummm no! Multiple asst coaches have interviewed with multiple teams already on the Eagles…the Gnats are just being the Gnats…DYSFUNCTIONAL! Or maybe Beli is still researching a crib in the cesspool of NYC ? You’re not getting Beli elmer….hoo boy…lolk

  8. Was never impressed with Gym Shorts when he coached the Lions – a commenter above got it right – he had very undisciplined teams. If the Giants got Belichick I think the internet would explode.

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