Packers hire Jim Hostler as receivers coach

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The Packers have hired Jim Hostler as their new receivers coach, Alex Marvez of Sporting News reports. Hostler spent the past three seasons with the Colts.

Hostler will replace Luke Getsy, who left for Mississippi State.

Hostler oversaw Indianapolis’ receivers in 2015 before coaching the team’s tight ends the past two seasons. He entered the NFL in 2000 as an offensive quality control assistant for the Chiefs. He also has served on the staffs of the Saints, Jets, 49ers, Ravens and Bills.

Hostler worked with Packers coach Mike McCarthy in New Orleans in 2001-02 and in San Francisco in 2005.

The Packers attempted to keep offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett as their receivers coach after stripping him of his offensive coordinator’s title, Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. But unhappy with the demotion, Bennett turned down the job.

12 responses to “Packers hire Jim Hostler as receivers coach

  1. Jim Hostler – The absolute worst Offensive Coordinator in 49ers history.

    It’s amazing that in a league that is so great bad coaches are continuously recycled around it from team to team.

  2. Best of luck to you Edgar Bennett. Guy was an outstanding RB coach, never really understood him coaching the receivers though. And as an OC the Peter Principle seemed in play.

  3. Hate to see Edgar go, but they have to figure out a way to get receivers open. Not worried about those statistics showing they have the slowest receivers in the league. Some of the best were not the fastest. It’s receiver IQ.

  4. I don’t understand people saying the Packers are in shambles. No team has had more success over the past 26 years since Bob Harlen and Ron Wolf put together the structure almost all teams are emulating. I understand the haters wished the Packers were in shambles but we all know that next year we have one of the best chances to go to the SB once again. Look at the vegas odds.

    The bottom line is before this year we went to the playoffs eight years in a row. Being on a successful team is the best way for an assistant coach to have career advancement. It’s time to promote some well deserved talent in the front office and it takes time because of due diligence and the Rooney rule.

    The lack of understanding of how corporate structure and the world works from some people is truly baffling. I feel sorry that a lot of people haven’t been mentored or developed themselves so the only thing they know is to be critical and hope for the worst.

  5. It’s clear as day that some serious political shenanigans have come home to roost at 1265 Lombardi. In one corner is Murphy/Thompson/Ball and possibly Gutekunst. In the other is Wolf/McCarthy and Rodgers. The winner gets the GM chair. The loser, a 1 way ticket out of town. And right now, it looks like Russ is going to be the winner. McKenzie, despite just being undermined, didn’t want to interview. Highsmith didn’t want to interview and took some parting public shots on his way out of town. I’m seriously starting to think that ARod may refuse to sign a new contract the second that Mike leaves – or is fired. Not good. Vikings fans wet dreams are coming true.

    But it’s ok. They’re the Vikings. They’ll find a way to screw up their own season soon enough. And the Packers are who they are. Somehow, someway, the Packers will find their rightful way back to the top of the division soon enough.


  6. I don’t understand why McCarthy continues to act like he’s safe? You go out and hire a coach who is your friend and isn’t worth much more then that, god I hope the new GM comes in and sends him Packing on day one and he takes his “prize” possession Hundley with him.

  7. Outstanding hire by Green Bay. Jim Hostler has had tremendous success when coaching young WRs. Under Hostler’s guidance, Sammy Watkins broke the rookie WR record for receptions and yards. The Bills also broke the franchise record with over 50 receptions through 3 different receivers, the first time that’s ever happened in Bills history. Hostler’s versatility in coaching both WRs and TEs fits like a glove with the Packers offense. Nice hire.

  8. Hostler was a horrible OC in SF and in way over his head. That does not mean he won’t be a good position coach. There are very good position coaches who just aren’t cut out to be coordinators

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