Raiders announce Jon Gruden is their new head coach

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Football’s worst-kept secret is a secret no more.

Jon Gruden is the new coach of the Raiders, the team announced this evening. The announcement followed a week of reports that Gruden had agreed to take the job — and came just hours after Gruden called his last game for ESPN.

During that game, Gruden’s broadcast partner Sean McDonough repeatedly alluded to his plans to coach the Raiders, and Gruden repeatedly insisted that it wasn’t official. Obviously, Gruden had already taken the job, and now he can stop being coy.

Gruden is now beginning his second stint coaching the Raiders. Last time he began to have a rift with Al Davis and eventually left for Tampa Bay and won a Super Bowl with the Buccaneers. This time he appears to have a close relationship with Mark Davis, and the Raiders are hoping he can win another Super Bowl — in Oakland or in Las Vegas.

62 responses to “Raiders announce Jon Gruden is their new head coach

  1. A Chief choke job and the Gruden official announcement on the same day? Not a terrible day to be a Raider fan.

  2. Sean McDonough gave Gruden some nice parting words at the end of the telecast. It was obvious he would miss Gruden.

    Meanwhile, Gruden was a complete dbag and did not reciprocate. Did not say thanks for keeping me in the game and relevant. He just soaked in his self-perceived awesomeness. simply rude.

  3. Reporter: “When did you actually decide to coach again, Jon?

    Gruden: “I tell ya man, there are lots of owners out there. But this guy, this mark davis? He’s what I call a bowl-seeker. And I’m not just talking about his haircut. If he thinks you can get him the the big game, then he’ll getcha. When I’m evaluating an owner, I like that. Gotta have it. This team, these raiders? They are headed in the right direction.”

  4. I guess the GIANTS have to wait till the Patriots lose next week to announce Big Bill is their new head coach !

  5. I’m sure the minority they symbolically interviewed over a stupid rule feels real great right now.

  6. Happy for both parties. Gruden and the Raiders make sense like peanut butter and jelly. Sure it’s a gamble, but literally anytime you hire a coordinator to head coach it’s a gamble. Gruden is well experienced as a coach though, and his experience at ESPN has had to give him some other advantages.

  7. popcherrycoke says:
    January 6, 2018 at 10:26 pm

    I’m sure the minority they symbolically interviewed over a stupid rule feels real great right now.
    It’s only a “stupid rule” if you believe that blacks have not earned the right to coach in the NFL, or equality in American society.

  8. still maintain QBs were still a big part of his decision making…
    The Raiders will end next season with a much better record than the other team!

  9. Actually this is a win-win situation.
    I think Gruden will do a good job with the Raiders—-He has a plan, direction, and has done it before.
    The second win is we get new voices on MNF—I maxed out on Gruden.

  10. The NFL really needs to effect significant change to the coach hiring process. It is a joke right now. There should be a moratorium on any interviews until after the SB. Period.

    The Raiders and Gruden just made a complete mockery of the process now in place.

  11. Thought they were waiting until Tuesday? Lol

    Derek Carr is not a Hall of Fame QB lol good luck, Jon

  12. I like how everyone wants to put Gruden down. I’m just as skeptical as everyone else but do you understand how good this is for football if he wins? He would cement his legacy. And for all of you saying he won with Dungy’s team that’s okay but he also faced the team he built in the super bowl. The same people who put Gruden down are the same people who follow that MAGA twitter account who takes pictures of the crowd during halftime just to come out and say ratings and attendance are down because of their boycott even though they are streaming games online just to own the libs.

  13. The majority of Gruden’s coaching tenure will be in Las Vegas. The southern Nevada market will love him. Gruden is the right type of coach to handle a relocation.

  14. To ripwarrior…actually anyone who has followed football knows dick vermeil came out of the broadcast booth and won a super bowl with the rams…and like gruden he stayed in touch with the game…

  15. It will be fascinating to see how he gets along with Carr, and I hope it works, cause it’s a 10 year marriage.

  16. And here comes the Rayduh Nashun, like every other year, screaming what a new dynasty they have and how Goo 36-61 Regggie is GOAT. Hey Nahsun, when was the last time you won anything?

  17. ripwarrior says:

    January 6, 2018 at 10:17 pm

    Who else has coached, broadcasted then went back to coaching? I can only think of bill parcels


    Mike Ditka, Dick Vermeil, Dennis Green for starters, a few others, too.

    Gruden’s analytical skills leave a lot to be desired. Today’s game he kept going on about how crazy anyone would have to be to throw on Marcus Peters, and even crazier to throw on Darrelle Revis. I guess he hasn’t seen many Chiefs games this year. Or any of Revis’s games since like 2009.

  18. ripwarrior says:
    January 6, 2018 at 10:17 pm
    Who else has coached, broadcasted then went back to coaching? I can only think of bill parcels
    Dick Vermeil

  19. This will definitely work as well as Joe Gibbs successful return to Washington and Art Shell’s great second run with the Raiders. I guess some franchises just don’t learn from history.

  20. Gruden is a downgrade from Del Rio. This hiring is another publicity stunt by Son-of-Al that’ll likely be as successful as the Lynch signing was.

    I’m still hoping that one day in the not-to-distant future the Raiders will be sold and the new owner will leave football decisions in the hands of those who are capable so that the Raiders can find sustained success on the field.

  21. I liked the Raiders before they got addicted to hit men. Best example is that chump that paralyzed Darryl Stingley. He was the fastest man on earth when Jack Tatum unloaded on him after the ball, clearly visible to both, hit the ground and was incomplete. Nowadays, Tatum would be ejected, suspended or banned for that crap. I never watched them again in the same way. Jim Otto, Fred Blitnekoff, Kenny Stabler; all those fine players, are the real Raiders. Good luck with Chucky. He won his single big one because he had the Oakland playbook.

  22. ripwarrior says:
    January 6, 2018 at 10:17 pm
    Who else has coached, broadcasted then went back to coaching? I can only think of bill parcels

    Dick Vermiel, and he won a Super Bowl when he returned. Gruden, however is more smoke than fire. Got lucky once, he’s not even that insightful an announcer. Tony Romo is twice as interesting.

  23. This is the living embodiment of “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Gruden was basically Jeff Fisher his last 7 seasons and the game he coached all those years ago is much different than the one played today. I’m just glad we don’t have to listen to his overly optimistic evaluations of players and his WAY overly optimistic evaluations of his brother as a head coach.

  24. the problem with Al is that he wanted credit more than he wanted winning. As soon as a coach achieves some semblance of success (and can therefore be credited with that success) he fires the coach, or in the case of Gruden, trade him to another team.

    Mark Davis has a different goal than his dad, moolah.

  25. $100 million for a guy that’s been out of coaching for years and has a 54% winning percentage for the years he was a Head Coach. Sure, that makes a lot of sense. So what is the Vegas line on Gruden seeing the end of the contract or the full $100 million because I know which way I’d bet.

  26. Good luck, Chucky. So, much angst over a guy doing his last assignment before going to his new job officially. Like a quite a bit of people before him.

  27. Raiders were awful and had the worst coaching staff in the NFL. No shock that they would want to improve there. Key here will be what coaches he is able to bring in. I’m already not a fan of Greg Olsen he was terrible his first go around whit DC and Carr played better after he left. I do like the idea of bringing in Gannon as QB coach if that happens. Defensive coordinator no idea but once again the first time coordinators they had last year Norton and that other piece of garbage were the worst tandem in the NFL. The Raiders are better today, not because Gruden is so great but because the muppets that left were downright incompetents. At a minimum, Gruden is smart enough and respected enough to get good support. Again, he couldn’t possibly do worse. I’m not predicting a SB but that hot mess that was on the field this year won’t be back.

  28. 9-years removed from being on the field and a coaching Win percentage of .540.

    Sorry Oakland/Vegas. I don’t see it!

    On the other hand John is going to enjoy being the big dog with the Vegas gals…

  29. Last coached at the NFL level in 2008. Last six years as a Head Coach, Gruden was 45 and 51. Sure, he’s ready to take the Raiders all the way.

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