Rams are second team in NFL history to go worst to first in scoring

Getty Images

In 2016, the Jeff Fisher-led Los Angeles Rams scored an NFL-low 224 points. In 2017, the Sean McVay-led Rams scored an NFL-high 478 points. That doesn’t happen often.

In fact, the Rams, who averaged 14.0 points per game last year and 29.9 points per game this year, were just the second team in NFL history to go worst to first in scoring. The only previous team to do it was the 49ers team that went from 236 points (16.9 per game) in 1964 to 421 points (30.1 per game) in 1965.

Unlike these Rams, those 49ers had the same coach, Jack Christiansen, in both seasons. They also had the same quarterback in John Brodie, although they did draft a new leading rusher, Ken Willard, who made the Pro Bowl as a rookie.

McVay engineered the turnaround with a quarterback in Jared Goff whom some were writing off last year, and with running back Todd Gurley, who has always had undeniable talent but had a disappointing season in 2016. The 2017 Rams showed what a difference a coach can make.