Titans get lucky when Jeff Triplette rules Marcus Mariota did not fumble


The Titans finally got on the board late in the first half today in Kansas City, but they needed some help from referee Jeff Triplette.

With Tennessee facing third down in Kansas City territory, Marcus Mariota dropped back to pass. Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson blitzed and drilled Mariota with a brutal shot to the midsection. Mariota dropped the ball and the Chiefs pounced on it.

But Triplette blew his whistle instantly when Johnson hit Mariota, ruling that Mariota’s forward progress had stopped. That seemed like an incredibly quick whistle, but forward progress is not reviewable, so Chiefs coach Andy Reid couldn’t challenge the call.

On the next play, the Titans kicked a field goal to get on the board for the first time. They trail 14-3.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce struggled to the locker room with an injury before halftime, which has to be a concern. The Kelce injury and the Triplette call are the only things that have gone against the Chiefs all day.

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  1. Holding penalty was garbage. This league needs to revamp its criteria for throwing game altering penalties. Instead of watching replays after flag has been thrown and saying…’well….I guess it might have been holding’. How about keep the dang yellow in your pocket unless it’s obvious.

  2. Brutal call. If that is the case there can never be another fumble behind the line of scrimmage again.

  3. jackedupboonie says:
    January 6, 2018 at 6:00 pm
    Forward progress established? What happened to keeping control of the ball through a tackle to the ground?

    The ball came out almost instantly when he was hit, they’re just making stuff up as they go. Then they miss the review on the Kelce fumble, and do a pointless review on another catch a few plays later. It’s like they’re trying to showcase how bad the officiating is

  4. How is it that one of the current three most incompetent refs get to do a playoff game. Jeffie Sue Triplette is incompetent and makes up call. He has no business officiating anything – even jello wrestling.

  5. Screw talking about the Kelce fumble, that was an obvious illegal hit with the helmet on a defenseless player and that wasn’t called. Either one could have been a penalty, but guess what, refs determine games now. Close games make more money build more excitement. I have no doubts they are under orders to try and influence games to be closer then they should be.

  6. Ahmed Bradshaw NFC championship game. In field goal range, under two minutes in a tie game…. immediate contact and fumble forced, and immediate whistle after sidejudge mafia member notices fumble.

  7. Jeffie Sue Triplette at it again – can’t spot the ball correctly. I wonder how he manages to live and to breathe at the same time.

  8. Whoa! The NFL needs to weigh in on that one. If they let Triplette rule that forward progress was stopped on that play and set a new precedent then 90% of the fumbles that occur can be ruled that way. And then someone needs to weigh in on why the NFL did not review Kelce’s apparent fumble.

  9. If that tackle was viewed by some (KC fans obviously)as illegal on 6’6″ Kielce who was ducking down low…….then this game is done as we know it. Corner was bracing for impact and was as low as he could go without being on the ground.

  10. “that was an obvious illegal hit with the helmet on a defenseless player and that wasn’t called.”

    It was brutal, and an obvious helmet to helmet shot. The play was legal however. Kelce had established himself as a runner and by definition was no longer defenseless. Runners are subject to helmet to helmet hits without penalty.

  11. So these are the “all star” officials, chosen by their performance throughout the year. HA!! Tripplette shouldn’t even be ref’ing a high school game, he’s atrocious. And he’s among the NFL’s elite refs?

    Memo to Roger: it’s crap like this that’s causing the NFL to bleed fans. And it calls the integrity of the game into question – how many refs are on the take? It would be SO easy nowadays, with officiating so routinely bad, and the NFL just shrugging it off.

  12. Jeff Triplette is without a doubt one of the three worst referees in the league. Just by the way he speaks and his demeanor it is obvious that he is not an intelligent man.

    He has no business officiating in the league, much less a playoff game…

  13. An exciting game with a great comeback was just completed, including one of the wackiest plays ever. Yet all the commenters here want to do is issue the same tired complaints about the referees and Triplette in particular. Throw in the ludicrous conspiracy theories about the league fixing games and you get a bunch of people jabbering about fairytales.

    Honestly, these people don’t even care about the action on the field. They just want something to complain about.

  14. If Kelces fumble was so clear why didn’t Tenseness review it? Why was it not helmet to helmet on the tackle in first place?

  15. Unless i missed it ABC does not offer Perria or any other expert official to review controversial plays Or maybe they just don’t offer anyone during Tripplet’s games since you need to cover up a bonafide disaster

  16. Refs are either incompetent or on the take. Unfortunately I’m thinking the later. If family members of any of the refs benefited by this result then the NFL has a huge problem.

  17. Were actually 2 “lucky” calls. First was the DJ crush Mariota fumble.

    Second was the Titan 2 point try fumble recovery by KC and run back for 2 points DJ.

    The game has become a joke.

  18. The difference was, Marriota’s fumble whould have been a Chiefs touchdown. The one good thing that happend is that ref retired the next day.

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