Alex Smith not ready to talk about his future

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In the first half of Saturday’s game against the Titans, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith went 19-of-23 for 231 yards and two touchdowns to help his team build a 21-3 lead.

The second half didn’t go nearly as well. Smith was 5-of-10 for 33 yards and the Titans scored 19 straight points to end the Chiefs’ season and kick off speculation about what they will do with Smith this offseason.

Patrick Mahomes is waiting in the wings at quarterback and that’s led plenty of people to suggest that Smith will be on the move this offseason to clear a spot in the starting lineup for the team’s 2017 first-round pick. Smith wasn’t in a mood to discuss that notion after the game, but said he wants to stay in Kansas City.

“I mean, are you kidding?” Smith said, via the Kansas City Star. “I signed a contract, I’m under contract for another year. So like I said, I’m not thinking about anything else. I’m obviously disappointed. I felt like we had a good chance, and it’s gone. It’s over.”

Smith, who set career highs with 4,042 passing yards and 26 passing touchdowns in the regular season, is set to make $14.5 million in salary next season and his contract also calls for a $2 million roster bonus.

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  1. Alex Smith is a system QB who can get the easy plays that the defense is willing to give him. He’ll occasionally make a good play, but not with the consistency of an elite QB. When defenses buckle down and make you beat them, Alex has never been able to do that. He’s always been better than a handful of starting QB’s, so he can always get a job. He’s a good stepping stone to a guy like Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is an elite QB. He’ll be a top five QB. He can make winning plays. Smith probably has $100 million in the bank. He’ll be ok.

  2. Smith played better in defeat than many a Super Bowl winning QB in many a playoff win. His receivers dropped crucial passes. He broke off a big run at a crucial moment, only to have it called back on a holding penalty.

    Atlanta flopped worse in the Super Bowl last year, but they are right back in the hunt.

    KC would be crazy not to keep this nucleus together.

  3. Alex is clearly gone in 2018. As good as he has been for the Chiefs, he is limited in how far he can take a team, and has shown it several times. Another year won’t change a thing. Plus, he has a 20 mil cap hit. If the Chiefs part ways with Smith, they will start to build up considerable assets toward replacing players that can bring the team back to where they want to be. that is, win a championship. Patrick Mahomes has shown, although in limited playing time, that he is capable to take over the starting QB spot. After a monumental meltdown, even for the Chiefs, an offense led by Mahomes is the one bright spot that Chiefs fans have to look forward to. With all their weapons on offense, not saying they get back in 2018, but they should be fun to watch.

  4. It would be ironic, and sad, for KC fans if the team ends up keeping Reid and lets Smith go. They are making a big assumption that Mahomes is going to be the next Russell Wilson and not the next Deshone Kizer, and thats a pretty risky bet. I’m guessing you have 10-15 teams that are hoping to pay good money for Smith and his “noodle arm”. He’ll be OK, I’m not so sure about KC…

  5. I watched a quarterback dodge the rush, make good decisions, create space and buy time, and run the offense calmly with ease. I’ll take him any day over Blake Bortles.

  6. With as much talent as these Chiefs had on defense, I’d be shocked if Andy Reid and his staff wasn’t canned. Epic late season meltdown, unacceptable failure last night.

    With a new coach, all bets are off. Wouldn’t be shocked at all if Alex is a simple salary cap casualty.

  7. This loss is not on Alex Smith. Smith is a class act. 49ers should have never let him leave. KC needs a chain moving WR to compliment Hill. Smith has always heavily targeted the TE so losing Kelce was a huge loss. The players in KC love Smith so i see him returning for one more run.

  8. Jacksonville. An efficient game manager that makes few mistakes is perfect for a great defensive team with a good running attack like the Jags. Smith’s noodle arm won’t hurt the Jags, just punt and trust the defense.

  9. The only thing that limits this team comes from the head coach who can’t seem to make in game adjustments and who’s clock management has always been suspect. Alex smith played as near a perfect first half of football as I’ve ever seen yesterday only to come up short due to his coaches shortcomings. Andy Reid needs to kick rocks and Matt Nagy needs to be hired and let Alex Smith play out his final year in kc to see if he can get this team home.

  10. Smith is a very good QB. Teams have won the Super Bowl with QBs that were far less talented than Alex. The big issues for the Chiefs is cap room , draft picks and needs on the defensive side of the line. Revis will be gone , thank God, and DJ’s days unfortunately are numbered . They need another pass rusher which at this point has not shown up. All this will cost money and therefore Alex’s days, I’m afraid are numbered in KC.

  11. charliecharger says:
    January 7, 2018 at 11:20 am
    Mahomes is an elite QB. He’ll be a top five QB. He can make winning plays.

    And you base this on what exactly? You said much the same about the QB’s that comprised the supposed embarrassment of riches the Broncos had a couple of years ago that turned out to be just an embarrassment. No one knows what an unproven QB will do until it happens. Alex Smith is proven. He has spent 12 years doing exactly what his coaches have asked of him and then being damned for it. The more I watch Smith play the more convinced I become the thing keeping him from being ‘elite’ isn’t his ability but his coach’s.

  12. nfliferfan22 says:
    January 7, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    Arizona, New York Jets, Minnesota, Cleveland? Where does this bum play in 2018?!


    You can take Minnesota off this list. They have three starting caliber QB’s on the roster now. Any one of which is better than Smith. Minnesota’s only QB problem is that all three are free agents after this season. But all three have said they want to stay. Minnesota’s problem is which one (or two, if they are lucky) can they afford to keep.

  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if Smith winds up in Denver. He’s an average QB which is infinitely better than what the broncos currently have.

  14. Alex, take those cute stats with you to another team. 1-4 in the playoffs and a horrible second half. Sure there were drops and sure coaching could be better but Alex audibled to half of those plays in the second half.

    Coaches don’t trust him and without the fastest WR in the league Alex may not break 3,000 yards.

    He played as bad in that second half as he did in those 5 consecutive losses. He takes sacks instead of throwing it away and runs for 1 yard, or checks down, on 3rd and 10 instead of trying for the 1st.

    Good riddance!

  15. The Jags would be absolutely unstoppable with Alex Smith or Kirk Cousins at QB. They should do whatever it takes to get one of them in the offseason.

  16. I like mahomes, but I can’t help but wonder what KC could have done this year if they would have used that 1st round pick on a player that would have helped them this year. same for next year. I really didn’t expect the chiefs to be that good this year. the 1-6 team in the middle of the season was the team I expected. Alex Smith blew me away this year, but maybe he wouldn’t have played his best football ever if the chiefs hadn’t drafted mahomes, I dunno.

    The chiefs need more receiving threats. It is so obvious how bad they are when Kelce is out or having a case of the drops. they had a cap issue this year, one reason to get rid of Smiths contract. They have some nifty guys like wilson, and thomas, conley has a lot of potential and tyreek hill has been a better receiver than I thought he would be, Harris was a lot better this year but not good enough. I think the chiefs need a couple of more consistent wr out there and a better no 2 TE. Can they afford all that? Probably not without getting rid of Smith, and Hali.

    Oh yeah Eric Berry needs to stay healthy, that was a heart breaker

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