Could NFL bring Blandino back next year?

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With the replay-review function not consistently adhering to the “clear and obvious” evidence standard and with Saturday’s postseason-opening game not featuring the kind of officiating the league’s teams and fans deserve, the NFL has plenty of issues to address regarding one of its most important functions.

And the easiest solution when it comes to the current state of officiating could be to bring back former senior V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino.

There’s already talk in some league circles about a possible Blandino return in 2018. I recently joked with Blandino during a recent appearance on the PFT PM podcast regarding the possibility of returning for the postseason. He initially said he’s happy in his current job at FOX, but when pressed he said that it “depends on what the numbers are, what the finances look like.”

And it quickly became evidence that the numbers and finances had a role in Blandino’s decision to move on.

“I think that there was a sense of, around the league office and some of the people in leadership positions, they didn’t value that position the way it should have been valued, and how important it is,” Blandino said. “During the season, other than the Commissioner, the head of officiating is probably the most public-facing person in the office. And those decisions that are made, I mean, these affect the outcome of games, and that’s your product on the field.

“So I do feel that the position was not valued to where it should have been. And, look, you always like to feel that you provided value, and I would never want someone to fail to make myself look better, but I do believe that they never valued that position where it should have been, and maybe it’s a wake-up call for some people around the league.”

The question is whether they’re sufficiently awake to turn the clock back to where it was before Blandino left. And whether Blandino would be willing (or able) to exit his current job to return to the one that had been crafted specifically for him, especially as it relates to the effort to ensure accuracy and consistency as it relates to where rulings on the field will be overturned by someone who is hundreds if not thousands of miles away.

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  1. The NFL is an absolute mess when it comes to REPLAY … there appears to be a lack of communication between the Field and the Booth or NY or wherever they’re reviewing.

    And that field in LA was a skating rink, so bad I thought I was watching a game at Soldier Field, but it was WORSE!!!!

  2. Blandino is not better than whoever is in charge, now. In fact, he is worse, which is why we know his name so well.

    Human error is part of even replay, because subjectivity is part of rule judgment. How about they write the rules more clearly and simply? What is the biggest controversy? Whether a catch is a catch? He’s not any better at that determination than anyone else. Jeff Tripletter and all of the old school r fa were just as “good” at calls when he was in charge. Hence, his nickname is “Blow”dino

  3. If you’ll recall, Blandino was far from popular with the fans, and took a bit of heat for making the occasional absurd call, as well. The fact that many of us would gladly take him back in that role says a lot about how big a failure the Riveron experiment has been. If Blandino’s making more doing what he does on TV than the league was willing to pay, the league ought to be ashamed and embarrassed. It’s one of the most important jobs in the league and should be compensated as such.

  4. So, let’s bring back the stooge that was an apologist for the refs because he’s a good guy that yuks it up with you? Too many people in the media treats people and the facts differently based on who gives them access and who is their friend.That is evident today in politics and it was clear as day with Mortenson’s leading role in Deflategste instead of being an unbiased observer.

    Riveron isn’t the problem. Change the rules if you don’t like his calls.

  5. I remember fans & media CONSTANTLY crying about HIS class & interpretations of the rules as well….. I believe it won’t make 1 bit of difference….

  6. With Blandino there seemed to be a certain consistency, and adherence to the clear and obvious in replay.

    I would feel a little better if Blandino returns. As long as it isn’t Riveron it should be an upgrade. But if it isn’t Blandino we could risk the next guy being even worse than Riveron.

  7. He was not much better. Get rid of the NYC review process entirely. It just looks like another way for the league to manipulate the outcome of certain games. Make the guy in the booth at each game the head of that officiating crew and give him responsibility to fix officiating mistakes by the crew on the field and make him the replay authority with consult from the on-field referee. Eliminate the 2 minute challenge process and allow coaches to throw the flag if needed. Replay should not take as long as it does. Make the networks work around the game rather than adjusting the game around network preferences.

  8. I don’t know why there is such vitriol about Blandino, except that the posters here make me somehow wonder if and why they watch the game they clearly hate so much daily. Riveron on the other hand, has affected outcomes of games by forgetting objective standards for review and feeling like somehow it is his job to change calls on the field. I would take Blandino in a heartbeat over Riveron and that mess he created in 2017.

  9. This has been the worst year for officiating replay reviews that I can remember. Given that there are even more opportunities to get it right, or I should say “right” per the supposed “rules” of replay reviews is the very reason it has became the worst.

    From my couch I used to be able to come to the same conclusion 99% of the time as the referee making the call. This year I am most likely closer to 50%. Might as well flip a coin.

  10. The refs let the players play and people complain. If refs call a game tight people complain. It like palming and traveling in the NBA where the refs ignore it. OL hold on every play and DBs mess with the wrs beyond 5 yards. You’re never getting a perfect game for the gamblers and homers.

  11. cadreamer1969 says:
    January 7, 2018 at 10:28 am
    The refs let the players play and people complain. If refs call a game tight people complain. It like palming and traveling in the NBA where the refs ignore it. OL hold on every play and DBs mess with the wrs beyond 5 yards. You’re never getting a perfect game for the gamblers and homers.
    Nobody is expecting a perfect game. Most just want consistency from the officials without regard to game situation, teams/players involved or betting line/profit potential. There is no reason for holding to be ignored all game long and then suddenly called on a crucial play. It looks bad when the example that drew the flag was not close to the level of the ones that were ignored. It also looks bad when the flag comes late after the result of the play is known. That happens all the time and fans don’t like it. For me, I would rather they call everything they see and but the onus back where it belongs–on the players playing within the rules. Lately, it has become a playoff coaching strategy to commit fouls and trust the NFL’s desire to “let them play” will cause officials to ignore many infractions thus gaining them a competitive advantage. Pete Carroll had that philosophy several years ago during the regular season. It worked even though it was unethical.

  12. Weak link of NFL the rules and how the officials call them. You can change personnel all you want but until there is some consistencdecy and correctness of calls you still have the same product.

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