Darrelle Revis draws criticism for perceived lack of effort on key play

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The NFL’s ultimate businessman appeared to make the ultimate business decision on Saturday night.

Chiefs cornerback Darrelle Revis, a late-season addition to the team who surely hoped to parlay a couple of strong postseason performances into a big payday next year (either under the second year of his Kansas City contract or elsewhere), clearly pulled up while pursuing Titans running back Derrick Henry on the key third-down play that ultimately sealed the game for Tennessee.

On one side of the ball, quarterback Marcus Mariota was throwing blocks and doing whatever he needed to do to help his team advance. On the other side of the ball, Revis, who was approaching from an angle, had a chance to catch Henry and to try to tackle him before he reached the line to gain. But Revis didn’t accelerate; he slowed down.

Plenty have noticed the lack of effort, and plenty are calling Revis, who has admirably worked the system to his financial advantage time and again, out for it.

He’s not the first, and surely won’t be the last, cornerback to show an aversion to contact. With the season most likely ending for the Chiefs (and with Revis most likely having little confidence in the ability of the offense to score any points even if the Chiefs had gotten the ball back), he decided not to risk injury by doing everything he physically could to catch Henry and knock him to the ground.

Right, wrong, or otherwise. It was plain to see. And it likely will do little to keep an otherwise interested team in trying to lure Revis for 2018, when he won’t have a $6 million offset to his guaranteed pay from the Jets.

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  1. I just watched the replay, and I do think Revis makes ‘business decisions’ at times. But on this one I dont think he catches up even if he accelerates, Henry had him fully beat and he knew it. Being a pro player its certainly a better look if you go 100% anyhow, but he was beat and knew it. I gotta tip my hat to Henry for that play, wow. And also a nod to Mariotta. That wasnt one of those Tom Brady blocks where he gets in the way just enough to disrupt (totally effective but still) he really put his hat on a guy and took him.

  2. Belichick milked the last bit of real football Revis had left in him and got rid of him while the getting was good. He’s been awful since that season with the Pats.

  3. typical of some of the c.b.’s in the league now, for the millions that they make, no one should ever give up on a play !!!

  4. Has not a tackler. Never really was. So why would you expect him to just all of a sudden kick that in to gear.

    When Revis was with the Jets the first time and the best CB in the league, he was an excellent tackler.

  5. The dumbest team to give Revis a paycheck was Tampa … They traded for him when he was coming off of an injury without knowing if he would return at the same level of coverage ability … Or if they would be able to afford him if he did.

    He has never been worth the risk to the salary cap, or risk of discontent to the rest of the team because he took so much of that cap percentage.

  6. Makes me nauseous to side with Revis on this, but I think the camera angle most are seeing this is sort of deceptive in terms of how close they we’re.

    He goes full bore and… what? Hits the 240lb running back 2 yards after the first down and promptly bounces to the ground.

    His dude had the angle and missed the shot. Revis’ perceived lack of effort here is demonstrated by the majority of corners in this league now.

  7. Regardless of the situation, you never want to see a player lack effort. However, Henry was already getting the 1st down which all but sealed the game anyway.

  8. When the Chiefs decided to start the season with Alex Smith instead of Patrick Mahomes, it sent a message to the team that getting to the playoffs was their final goal. Winning in the playoffs was going to have to wait until next year.

  9. I find this kind of surprising as I remember reading something (or possible hearing on a game broadcast) that Revis was essentially playing this year for an already guaranteed amount had he retired or not from the Jets (basically he would still be getting paid to sit at home unemployed or getting signed by another team). But I also heard/read that any excess money or bonuses he would get was tied to the Chiefs success in the playoffs (like really cashing in if they made the Super Bowl), not really individual performance. Not to mention how it would revive his career and get him another payday.

  10. Why the shock? Mevis has been prone to these kind of antics before and as another poster said he’s not worth it

  11. Revis jogging reminded me of Fabio the paytaker jogging after Larry Fitzgerald in a playoff loss.

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