Mike Mularkey on job speculation: I just assumed the worst

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Before the Titans beat the Jaguars in Week 17 to book a trip to the playoffs, there was word that Titans coach Mike Mularkey could be fired if the team lost.

There was a similar report on Saturday ahead of the team’s Wild Card game in Kansas City, which meant that Mularkey didn’t have a totally celebratory press conference after his team came back for a 22-21 win. Mularkey called the talk about his job security “ridiculous” and “had a big effect on me” because it had a big effect on his family.

Mularkey also said he didn’t hear anything from the team that left him feeling like his job was secure.

“No, I haven’t had any support to say that I was. No, I just assumed the worst,” Mularkey said, via the team.

Mularkey’s players don’t seem to like that their coach was left to twist in the wind either. Cornerback Logan Ryan pointed out that the team hadn’t been to the playoffs since 2008 and linebacker Brian Orakpo brought up Mularkey’s 18-14 record over the last two years when asked about the chatter after the game.

“We’ve had back-to-back winning seasons. We made the playoffs. We won a playoff game,” Orakpo said, via ESPN.com. “What more do people want? It’s f—ing ridiculous.”

Assuming Mularkey avoids being fired whenever the playoff run comes to an end, the next question will be whether he gets a contract extension as 2018 is the final year on his current deal.

22 responses to “Mike Mularkey on job speculation: I just assumed the worst

  1. The thing is, this did have all the feel (apparently even to Mularkey) that they were going to fire him for the team not making the playoffs. But then they did. Then it had the look they were going to fire him for a one and done. But niw that didnt happen either. It looks like the Tirans front office needs to hold another meeting.

  2. “We’ve had back-to-back winning seasons. We made the playoffs. We won a playoff game,” Orakpo said, via ESPN.com. “What more do people want? It’s f—ing ridiculous.”


    Love it! Orakpo just became one of my favorite players.

  3. The thought that management would even consider firing Mularkey now, is stupidity! It’s obvious the players respect him, and fought hard against the Chiefs! Heck, if this was Jason “patty-cake” Garrett, he would be extended for 5 years…smh.. However, in 7 years, he has taken my Cowboys to the playoffs twice, the same amount Wade Phillips did in his short tenure….Doing the same thing over & over & expecting a different result 😦

  4. Pola Pe’a says:
    January 7, 2018 at 8:22 am
    I think on some level the owner is disappointed hey won, pretty clear they want to move on.

    Well if they win next week that thought process is going to get interesting.

  5. Mularkey is always such a jerk to the media. Never wants to take responsibility for anything. I am pretty sad that this win pretty much ensures more mediocrity next season. They’re going to remake the show “Survivor Man” with Marvin Lewis and Mike Mularkey.

  6. The reasons Orakpo cited are the reasons Mularkey should get an extension. A comeback win in the playoffs against a favored opponent shows something, too. His team obviously didn’t quit down 18 points at halftime, on the road in a playoff game.
    A big part of why the Titans were kind of up and down this season can be traced to Mariota playing hurt much of the season. Now that he’s apparently 100% again, the Titans seem to be in gear, and Mularkey has become a ‘smarter’ coach.

  7. making the playoffs is not enough. he needs to show progress and get better every year, and at least play in the AFC Championship game, if not win the Super Bowl.

  8. I don’t think Mike should be fired.

    But I also don’t agree with saying that by winning a playoff game he suddenly shouldn’t be fired. If you go with that line of thinking you could end up wtih a Pagano situation where the team looks decent record wise any might even get a couple playoff wins, but you never feel like they are an actual Super Bowl contender.

    Look at Denver in the 2012 offseason, Elway was completely willing and eager to get rid of Tebow despite winning a playoff game because he knew he couldn’t win a super bowl with him.

    Basically what I’m saying is that leaving my own opinion aside, I think the Titans should take yesterday’s game into account and should not make this be the be all end all in terms of keeping Mike.

  9. Going for the 2-point conversion wasn’t ‘dumb’ in itself, but the screwed up play call and formation certainly was.

  10. I became an Oiler fan in the mid seventies and a Titans fan since their move from Houston. I’m thrilled about the playoff win over KC but I was less than happy about the hiring of Mularkey and continue to believe he is the biggest problem to continued success.

  11. Management should be fired for setting up MM. You never give your subordinates the impression your going to throw them under the bus. Being a coach is a high stress job, and management adding to it, is ridiculous. In some ways, MM would have gotten some good job offers if he lost…the further his team goes in playoffs, the harder it is find another job.

  12. gotitan says:
    January 7, 2018 at 9:59 am
    Rdog said we’d never win. 6 yard pass from Marcus, to Marcus. Priceless
    Yeah sure, I’m the only one here who didn’t think the Titans would win.

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