Panthers actually find end zone, trail 24-19

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The Panthers did this new thing, where instead of stopping short of the goal line and sending the small kicking man out, they actually crossed it.

Cam Newton just hit tight end Greg Olsen for an honest-to-God touchdown, and the Panthers have cut the Saints lead to 24-19 with 12:47 left in the wild card game.

After settling for field goals the rest of the day (on four of their first six possessions), it was a startling score. Mostly because the Saints didn’t properly account for Olsen, who is the one dependable downfield target the Panthers have.

The Panthers defense has also tightened in the second half, giving them a chance to come back and potentially take the lead.

14 responses to “Panthers actually find end zone, trail 24-19

  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa carolina paper tigers receivers aren’t catching the ball.

    Well, perhaps the QB should throw with touch and more accurately. We all know he is a God (ROFL).

    Doesn’t matter now – his pathetic play has subjected him to numerous hits and he’s feeling every one now. Love seeing that fake blob of a QB pay the price. Some really delicious hits.

    If only they could hit him while he arrogantly prays.

    God doesn’t help those who don’t fall on fumbles.

  2. Brees just showed how a real QB runs – he does so to set up a wonderful pass play, not to run and get five yards.

  3. I guess FOX telling us how great Cam Cheating is doesn’t make it so.

    Touchdown, Saints.

    Time for the Carolina Paper Tigers to draft a real QB.

  4. NFL must address penalty situation – the offense, once they’ve held, should not be able to reset the down by throwing downfield and drawing an interference call. Once an offensive holding call is made, the play should be immediately blown dead.

  5. Have no fear, Panthers fans, the great Scam Newton is on the field.

    He’s a great runner, don’t you know?

  6. Note to Redskins receivers, watch the Saints’ receivers adjust to the ball – they make imperfect passes into receptions by adjusting to the ball – you lazy bunch of jerks in Washington.

  7. Newsflash – Wizard in Bud Light “Dilly Dilly” series of commercials has just told ESPN that he can’t make Cam Cheating into a Super Bowl winner. But, he could turn him into a case of Bud Light.

  8. Cam Cheating got what he deserved – his arrogance cost him an intentional grounding call and the cherry on top was he was slammed to the ground at the end!

    Party on, Carolina Paper Tiger fans!

    Hopefully you’ll draft a real QB who can throw the ball when needed.

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