Report: Brian Gutekunst staying in Green Bay

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Brian Gutekunst was supposed to interview with the Texans today, but didn’t.

The bigger news what that means back in Green Bay.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the Packers director of player personnel came to Houston, but didn’t interview with the Texans because he chose to stay with the Packers.

Whether that means he’s getting the vacant G.M. job there or has agreed to stay in a lesser role is unclear. McClain suggests he’ll share G.M. duties there with fellow in-house candidate Russ Ball.

Gutekunst interviewed with the Packers Friday, and is one of a handful of internal candidates they’re considering (along with a lot of big-name external candidates).

Either way, it seems like a significant domino to fall.

UPDATE 1:47 p.m. ET: Per multiple reports, the Packers job is Gutekunst’s alone. Which makes the next set of moves they make involving Ball and Eliot Wolf interesting.

35 responses to “Report: Brian Gutekunst staying in Green Bay

  1. He’ll have to chew his leg off to remove himself from our trap.

  2. Since no one else fell for it, we’ll take what we can get.

  3. This move assures my Packers of more of the same ineptitude we’ve enjoyed for so long.

  4. Who? Why not, nobody outside of the organazation wanted any part of that place, so this only makes sense. They could have done better within, now they will lose Elliot and Ball. This is so entertaining.

  5. I wanted Schneider, but by all accounts Gutekunst is a solid personnel guy and of course has been with the org. for quite some time. I have a good feeling about this choice, and am still hopeful Eliot will stick, but he may be a casualty of this decision. Let’s get Fangio signed as DC and off we go! Go Pack.

  6. Not enough balls to let Ted go earlier and hire a good GM so now Dorsey, Schneider, McKenzie are gone and GB is to cheap to go after another good one! I will give Grutekunst a chance but I am not doing cartwheels in my living room!

  7. shlort says:
    January 2, 2018 at 4:01 pm
    Wolf will be announced as the new GM soon. He wants McCarthy as head coach, so he will stay. The extension was run by Wolf and he was OK with it. Also, Thompson knew before the season started that he would step aside and let Wolf take over. Wolf wanted Capers gone and whoever else is gone. This isn’t some knee jerk reaction to the end of a disappointing season. This is Green Bay and they are calculated in deciding each step of the process. No news here at all


    Typical pack fan thinking he knows everything about the workings of his team. Silly pack fan 😂

  8. I love the move.
    Like most, I wasn’t thrilled with Russ Ball candidacy.
    The last thing I wanted was a Ted Thompson clone.

    Though I’m still a firm believer in most of Thompson’s methods.
    He inherited a mess of a team in salary cap Hell.
    He quickly fixed them and made the team competitive again.
    Draft and development is still the way to go.
    It’s a way to mold guys your way, keeping a revolving door of personalities and egos out of the locker room.
    It also allows you to sign guys at the end of the season as they often do.
    Spreading out those big bonuses over an additional season to absorb the big hits.

    But Ted crippled himself to paralysis when it came to free agency, when roster holes could be filled using the system with mid-level talent.
    And sprinkling in a splash here or there.

    There’s no telling what kind of GM Brian is going be, or how well he’ll perform.
    But I’m pleased to have an experienced and talented evaluator at the helm.

  9. Best TT Draft Move: Aaron Rodgers
    Worst TT Draft Move: Justin Harrell

    Best TT FA Move: Charles Woodson
    Worst TT FA Move: Letting Casey Hayward go…

  10. Oh no. Now that the Packers GM job is filled, what are viking fans going to obsess over?

  11. A Ravens assistant declined a request by the Cheese last night to interview for the GM Position. Has any team in league history had more candidates turn them down to interview than GB. Short answer, No. this is hilarious. Because supposedly GB is the bench mark of franchises in the NFL (according to GB fans) so why would anyone turn them down? It’s because they are not the bench mark of the NFL, and nobody wants to go there. This includes a guy who grew up around the area (Schneider) and a guy that planted his roots there (McKenzie).

  12. Good Job Gutekunst!

    could be really good, or really Gutekunst. we’ll see.
    I would be very concerned because its not like the player personnel department has been finding great draft recommendations/selections for Thompson, who will still be a top scouting advisor.

  13. How could any fan possibly know that this is a “good” move? You have nothing that you can definitively evaluate Gutekunst on. Nobody knows if this is a “good” move except for people that have access to the work that Gutekunst has done.

    However, I can tell you why this is very likely a BAD move: The packers had an opportunity to interview a wide range of external candidates and after a couple of interviews and a couple of candidates declining to be interviewed, the packers didn’t wait until after the playoffs, they just hired the internal guy.

    The next few years are critical to the packers organization for obvious reasons. They needed to conduct an exhaustive search to get the very best candidate possible. They did the opposite. This is not to say that Gutekunst can’t be a good G.M. It just means that this organization chose a path where there were far fewer opportunities to find the best candidate available.

    Anyone not blinded by team affiliation knows and understands these facts. Misplaced loyalty and a country club environment led to this hire.

  14. I agree Finchy, not a fan of this move. The only inside guy they should have hired was Wolf, if they were going to hire an inside guy.

  15. Finchy: You seem to know alot, for someone with no greater access to the process the Packers just concluded, than those who have a different opinion of the selection. One thing that is fact: Gutekunst, albeit in his youth, was hired by Ron Wolf. That’s a good thing, because we know Ron Wolf never left a stone unturned.

  16. So the biggest question out there is, “Is this a fit with Mike McCarthy” he said the new GM had to be a FIT, well Mikey is it?

  17. I am sure that most employees with some ambition will bide their time and see if they get a better situation to move into. I wonder if some of these ex- coworkers will be so ticked with this move that they might just leave ie retire or quit. Dont think so for Wolf but maybe Ball. Although if they offer him a raise and some title compensation he will probably stay at least for a year or so. From there on it will depend upon the working conditions that Gutsy will utilize as the big boss. Some guys have a way of doing things that involves all people and values their input. I hope that this is the way. Nobody knows what TT was behind closed doors but the success of the organization and the lack of people quitting all the time should mean something. But the proof will be in the pudding – I like this move because a young energetic draft oriented guy is what the Pack needs. Now hopefully the small incremental change that is needed to improve this roster ( ie pay some for our guys and pick up some good free agents.)

  18. @philcodean

    Please re-read what I wrote. I’m not claiming to know anything more about the personnel here than anyone else.

    What I am claiming is simple: Given how critical it is for the packers to get this hire right, they significantly reduced the chances of doing so by casting such a narrow net.

  19. Fair enough Finchy. I for one thought the net they cast was fairly wide outside of the organization. The obstacles they ran into were either other teams or the candidate themselves, denying an interview. It looks like they decided to choose a known talent within 1265, rather than wait until the playoffs were over which has it’s own risks. We can agree to disagree. Go Pack.

  20. It’s only a narrow net if you feel that there are a ton of quality GM candidates available. There aren’t.

    I mean – how many people do you think would be qualified for the job that are out there and able to be interviewed? 6 – 10? Certainly not really more than that.

  21. After firing everyone but Mke McMuffin (who shoulda been the 1st one fired) the Cheeseheads HAD to hire in-house. An outside GM woulda wanted a HC change.

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