Saints up 21-9 at halftime on Panthers

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The Panthers are not built to score points in a hurry.

But if they don’t start soon, this game is going to be over quickly.

The Saints are up 21-6 at halftime, with quarterback Drew Brees picking apart his NFC South rivals.

Brees is 13-of-18 for 230 yards and two touchdowns so far, overcoming a slow start (1-of-4). And with fullback Zach Line scoring just before the break, they’re up a pile against a team that’s short of receiving targets or much time to run patiently.

The Panthers got into position for Graham Gano to try a 58-yard field goal as the half expired, and he crushed it after missing a 25-yarder earlier in the game. The Panthers get the ball to start the second half, which helps, but they can’t afford many missteps the way the Saints are playing offensively.

14 responses to “Saints up 21-9 at halftime on Panthers

  1. If Drew Brees had any semblance of a defense in his career, we would be talking about him and Brady side-by-side

  2. Newton is such a queen, and why does he stay down on a knee after the huddle breaks all the time?? Is that a look at me moment?

  3. Cam Cheating is not a QB – he has declared himself to be a runner with 7 runs including the second half.

    The NFL must limit QB’s from being running backs – either cap their runs at 5 and then make them ineligible to play at that point and to exit the game – or – remove all protections afforded a QB and allow any and all hits that are legal on a running back to exist on ALL plays against the fake QB. There will be no protections for sliding or late hits when throwing. It is time to treat these fake QB’s with the contempt they deserve and to stop them from cheating and picking where certain rules apply to them and not to them; also remove all definitions of intentional grounding and ANY pass that is made to escape a pass rush will be considered intentional ground if they aren’t completed to a receiver.

  4. SO Happy that the Panthers did not win NFC South title… that would have been a travesty of justice… I see them as 3rd best in that division..

  5. If Brees makes it out of Minnesota alive against that VIKINGS defense next week … I’d be surprised. 🙂

  6. jam11163 says:
    January 7, 2018 at 6:25 pm

    Cam is done. Superman has meet his kryptonite.
    Cam threw incredible passes in the first half…his receivers failed to catch the ball, including a TD pass

  7. reapshavocblog says:
    January 7, 2018 at 6:23 pm
    To bad saints wont make it out of Minnesota against the top defense in the NFL and Philly is gonna get whooped on by Atlanta. Without wentz they are doomed.


    No argument that Minnesota’s defense is more solid than the Saints’. But don’t forget that the Saints got into the red zone several times but had to settle for FGs. Our defense is much better so I don’t see Diggs and company running WIDE open like they did in Week I. Vikings fans are delusional if they expect a repeat beat down they gave us previously.

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