Titans: Mike Mularkey will be our coach moving forward


Titans coach Mike Mularkey said after Saturday’s comeback win over the Chiefs that he hadn’t heard anything from the team in regard to his job security, leading him to assume the worst after reports that he could be fired if the Titans lost in either Week 17 or the Wild Card round.

Mularkey no longer has to do that. Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk released a statement on Sunday saying that she wanted to “eliminate any distractions” and announce Mularkey will remain the team’s head coach.

“Our mantra all season has been to take things week by week and not get ahead of ourselves and it obviously has served us well. I regret that outside rumors gained a life of their own,” Adams Strunk said. “No one has been a bigger supporter of Mike Mularkey than I have over the last two-plus seasons. Mike and Jon have changed the culture of our team and organization and I am so happy we have been able to bring success on the field to our fans — winning 19 games over the last two seasons, including our first playoff win in nine years. Just to eliminate any distractions moving forward, Mike Mularkey is our head coach and will be our head coach moving forward. We still have work to be done, including this week, but I am looking forward to the journey.”

Mularkey is heading into the final year of his contract and the Titans will have to decide if they’ll work on an extension with a coach that’s been on the sideline for the team’s first consecutive winning seasons since 2007 and 2008.

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  1. “We still have work to be done”…I presume this is not good news for OC Robiskie. Titans must find an OC to take advantage of MM8 skillset. I’m fine if Robiskie goes back to coaching WRs…they need help…but he must be replaced as OC.

  2. This team needs a drastic change if they expect to even compete in the AFC South next year… with Deshaun Watson and Andrew Luck returning, the Titans will not be able to stumble into a 9-7 playoff berth. They’re more likely to finish 3rd or 4th in the division. Mike Mularkey is not the answer.

  3. John Robinson just broke a pencil in half. He would have been all over McDaniels and rightfully so. I think that he would have killed it with Mariota and that personnel.

  4. This is just ANOTHER reason to thank the Chiefs for their collapse in the wildcard game. Not only is it now likely the Pats will get the Titans instead of a more talented KC team, we all can take a momentary sigh of relief that the team that was SURE to get Josh Daniels won’t.

    Now McDaniels is still more than likely to leave, but the odds dropped a bit with this announcement. Jon Robinson is a smart GM who has stocked the Titams with a lot of talent. Too bad he’s never going to be able to maximize that talent with Malarkey.

    Firing Malarkey after a playoff win would have been a smart and gutsy move, but it also would have been the right one.

  5. Here is the deal. Malarkey took this team to two back to back 9-7 seasons and winning a playoff game after the titans were 5-27 two season prior. How the hell can you fire the guy? Get over it. Agree on replacing the OC.

    Robinson is now the issue. He took the job thinking Malarky would stink and could fire him after two season and put in his own guy. Not saying Robinson sabotaged Malarky but pretty damn close. Robinson is disengenious at best on his intentions. Josh McDaniels is not a guaranteed winner just because he is the OC for a couple of years for the greatest QB and Coach of all time. That has to be lamest reason to want to bring that guy in.

    The question is can Robinson accept Malarky as the HC and work with him to continue to find the right puzzle pieces: players and assistant coaches to win a championship. The players on the team now obviously have bought into Malarky’s program. They necer quit on him. That is the mark of a great coach.

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