Bengals negotiating with Teryl Austin about coordinator role

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The Lions interviewed Teryl Austin for their vacant head coaching position.

But if that doesn’t work out, he seems to have lined up a Plan B.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Bengals are negotiating with Teryl Austin to become their new defensive coordinator, and it appears a deal there is likely.

Austin’s a veteran of 10 head coaching interviews, with just the one this offseason after nine the previous three years. The 52-year-old would be replacing Paul Guenther in that job, and could possibly be positioned as a coach-in-waiting if the 16th and 17th years of the Marvin Lewis era don’t go as planned.

6 responses to “Bengals negotiating with Teryl Austin about coordinator role

  1. As a Lion’s fan, I can tell you that he is overrated. He was great when we had Suh, and average after Suh left. That doesn’t sound like a superstar to me. Detroit’s offense has been great – its the D that has constantly let us down.

    I’m not brokenhearted that he may leave Detroit, and I wish him well.

  2. He seems to work well with DB’s and in Detroit his defense tanked without Suh, Levy and Fairley. I’m not familiar with Cincy’s D-Line but if the D-line is solid, he should do a decent job as Cincy has a better LB group than Detroit IMO.

  3. Hard to say whether or not he is the great DC that the media lauds him as. In his time here in the D, he has had mediocre Defenses (in the post Suh era). Plus failing to defend the GB Hail Mary, having 10 players on the field one week then 9 the next week does not impress me as someone who is A: a Great Defensive mind, or B: even actually watching the game. But these days average people have praise heaped upon them for the most mundane acts, so this isn’t surprising either. Whether he stays or goes wont make the Lions a horrible or a great Defense all of a sudden. “The Lions have been Painfully Mediocre for 61 years and counting”

  4. What am I missing on this guy? Detroit’s defense finished 2nd in the NFL his first season, but have finished 18th, 18th, and 27th since then. Things don’t seem to be going in the right direction.

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