Bill Belichick: I have a good relationship with Alex Guerrero

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick is pushing back against the perception that an issue with Tom Brady‘s personal trainer Alex Guerrero has led to problems between the coach and the quarterback.

Belichick said ESPN’s report of strain between himself, Brady, Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Guerrero is false.

“I have a great relationship with both Robert and Tom, and I would throw in there, since it was part of the article, I feel like I have a good relationship with Alex, too,” Belichick said on WEEI.

Reports surfaced several weeks ago that Belichick had been restricting Guerrero’s access to the team and that Belichick thought Guerrero had undermined the team’s strength and conditioning staff. Belichick hasn’t denied that, but he said he doesn’t have a problem with Guerrero.

“I think we’re talking about a lot of inaccuracies here,” Belichick said. “I respect Alex and I think I have a good professional relationship with him. I can’t speak for him, but I think he would say the same thing.”

Brady is still playing at a high level at age 40 and credits Guerrero for much of his success, so it would be hard to dismiss Guerrero out of hand. But Guerrero also has some unorthodox practices, and it’s legitimate for Belichick not to want his influence to extend to the entire Patriots team. So it makes sense for Belichick to keep Guerrero at arm’s length, even if he respects the work Guerrero has done with Brady.

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  1. Bill, with his ever-so-typically “dead pan” (born with Moon in Capricorn) response lol
    C’mon Bill… give us a smile… please… pretty-please… lol

  2. ESPN really is a toilet. They’ll write anything to get eyeballs. They used to be pretty good….about 20 years ago. How the mighty have fallen.

  3. You don’t essentially ban a person from the workplace and then say you have a good relationship with them. That’s a flat-out lie.

  4. The important thing to remember is that the haters are never right about anything. Now let’s sit back and enjoy this year’s Super Bowl between RGIII and Mark Sanchez.

  5. andreboy1 says:
    January 8, 2018 at 6:44 pm
    You don’t essentially ban a person from the workplace and then say you have a good relationship with them. That’s a flat-out lie.

    Actually that is entirely posdiblesince the person is not an employee. My place of work would do it to any non employee in a heartbeat without feeling any ill will. In fact, him ever being allowed that access speaks of special favor.

    Whats an obvious lie are things like ESPN stating what was said in a merting that was (by their own report) just between Kraft and Belichick. The Patriots say that meeting never took place at all (which actually makes more sense than ESPNs accounting) but even if it had no one but Kraft and Belichick would know what was said in it, and its pretty safe they are not sources for ESPN, yet ESPN talks like they were in there taking notes.

    Really, if you knew how the Patriots worked you would know that if ESPN had sources anywhere inside those offices giving out info we would have seen mass firings. They are one of the most zero tolerant groups ever when it comes to loose lips.

  6. andreboy1 says:
    January 8, 2018 at 6:44 pm

    You don’t essentially ban a person from the workplace and then say you have a good relationship with them. That’s a flat-out lie.

    Maybe he was intelligent enough to understand why the team needed to ensure that players communicate with one training staff.

  7. andreboy1 says:
    January 8, 2018 at 6:44 pm

    You don’t essentially ban a person from the workplace and then say you have a good relationship with them. That’s a flat-out lie.
    Unless you consider the fact that Belichick is still allowing him to have an office near the patriots locker room.

  8. Patriot fan here and I rolled my eyes when I heard Belichick say that. NOBODY with a brain and commonsense believes it. In fact Guerrero responded to the ESPN story (90% of which I think is true) on the TB12 website and thanked many in the Patriot organization (Kraft Brady etc) but never mentioned Bill Belichick. Bill is playing nice because he wants to refocus on the football task at hand but there is no doubt the much of the ESPN story came from friends of Belichick and the issues are real. The fact that he’s been able to keep that team together and winning is a testament to his greatness as a coach.

  9. andreboy1 says:
    January 8, 2018 at 6:44 pm

    You don’t essentially ban a person from the workplace and then say you have a good relationship with them. That’s a flat-out lie.

    Except he didn’t ban Guerrero from the workplace, that’s a flat out lie.
    Belichick has shown a history going back to his days in Cleveland of being more than just tolerant of alternative treatment methods.

  10. Wickersham lost any credibility his weak piece had when he gossiped that Belichik and Goodell are “good friends” and sat down for a meeting together, recently. No one bought it and both of them have denied a meeting ever happening.

  11. Pats fans were saying last week on this site that Bill and Guerrero drama had been brewing for years.

    Now Bill says they have a great relationship and they all forget what they said last week and believe him.

  12. I believe him. In other news, Trump and Obama are good buddies too. Why do people in high profile positions continue to insult us with such ridiculous statements. He tossed the guy in response to Brady going behind his back and telling Kraft to trade Jimmy.

  13. It is quite possible. It’s also possible that the moon is made of cheese and if you eat it you’ll never have a concussion again.

  14. When I was a 13 year old I worked for my dad but he “banned” me from working in his warehouse; I had to stay inside the showroom (auto dealership.) He felt the guys working in the warehouse would be a bad influence (weed stripper parties etc) – although he said had they had a very “good working relationship.”

    Same thing; kind-of..

  15. Easier to believe that Belichick doesn’t have a good relationship with ANYBODY.

  16. If ESPN was false, where is the business disparagement lawsuit by the Pats? Think of the punitive damages they would have received. Hmmmmmm.

  17. Notice BB said “good professional relationship”?Same as magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul jabbar back when they were with the Lakers.They hated each other but had a “Good professional relationship” wouldn’t you fake newsers agree.

  18. The Pats need to keep Guerrero around because they use his and Brady’s TB12 sports medicine company to cheat the cap. They pay Brady a lower salary and make up the difference by hiring this company to treat the players injuries. This is per an article in the Boston Globe a couple of years ago. The arrangement allows the team to pay a couple of players they otherwise could not sign because of the cap

  19. I can’t wait for Bill to move into the booth where he can really say what’s on his mind. It’ll be freaking AWESOME! Please, NBC, make the man an offer he can’t refuse!!

  20. Normally whenever somebody says, “I have a great relationship with Person X,” that typically means the two people in question pretty much despise each other.

  21. Bellichik was Quoted as saying:

    “I have a good relationship with Alex Guerrero”

    What they missed was the following sentence where Bill added:

    “He gets me my Hazlenut Latte and Breakfast Sandwich from Dunkies every morning”

    Look, here is the Bottom line, Bellichik is the man in all of this.
    Brady, Guerrero, Kraft, and all the others, they are great too, but Bellichik is the man that makes this whole thing go. EVERYONE else is along for his ride. EVERYONE.

  22. Uh-oh. Alex you better turn states evidence and get into the witness protection program before you disappear.

  23. Yeah I am unconvinced. Again, what else is he supposed to say, especially in the middle of a playoff run? Yes. I hate the trainer? Yes I am annoyed at the influence all this stuff has on my team? That isn’t what bosses do, not now for sure. Pats fans of course just assume ESPN is lying. ESPN might not be very good anymore but they aren’t a gossip column either.

  24. Tom, thank your head coach. The reason why you have played so long is that your OL and offense has enabled you to remain healthy. That’s the HCs responsibility, not the voodoo doctor.

  25. As simple as a coach wanting his training staff to be #1 over any other training staff that a player may look at. Not personal, but a professional move so there’s no question, as the lines may have blurred in more recent years.

    But to ESPN, that doesn’t grab headlines, they need conflict to show that the evil Patriot Empire is crumbling away. Sort of like how the Patriots are suddenly best buddies with Goodell again, when in all reality both sides likely have moved on and just aren’t angry with each other and can be professionally courteous.

  26. I love my Mother-in-law and have a great relationship with her too..I just don’t let her sit at the dinner table on Christmas..Nothing personal

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