Bills left tackle vouches for Richie Incognito

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Jaguars defensive end Yannick Ngakoue has accused Bills left guard Richie Incognito of using racial slurs during Sunday’s playoff game. Incognito has been true to his surname since the allegations emerged.

A teammate, however, has vouched for Incognito. Left tackle Dion Dawkins, who like Ngakoue is African-American, took to Twitter to defend Incognito.

“Just for the world to know, everyone always tryna put some bad thing on [Incognito] i was next to my guy the entire game and the entire season and believe me, if he was saying some racist stuff I would have been the first to let him know that was out of line,” Dawkins said on Twitter. “Cut The BS.”

Dawkins may be unwittingly perpetrating some BS of his own, however. And plenty of people, despite Incognito’s history, are buying it.

While Dawkins would indeed be within earshot of Incognito before a given play commences, once the ball is snapped all hell breaks loose. Guys who were inches apart quickly are yards apart, and they are otherwise a bit too distracted to be listening to whatever a teammate may be saying in a scrum with another player in another area of the field.

I’m not going to create a laundry list of Incognito’s greatest hits, at least not for now. But those who would blindly accept Dawkins’ inherently flawed and necessarily incomplete observations about Incognito need to apply a little common sense to this one. Regardless of whether Incognito made racially inappropriate remarks in other games, Ngakoue has a name that is conducive to a racist bully deliberately mispronouncing it in order to simulate a slur.

And Incognito has proven via past behavior that he definitely would have the capacity to do something like that.

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  1. Lol, get over it. It’s gamesmanship. I’m sick and tired of grown men, millionaires who play an extremely violent sport, act like Bull Connor is turning the firehose on them over a little word.

  2. Please, I hope we don’t make too much of this. Trash talk goes on all the time. Big deal.
    By the way, I am a Jag fan so I have no reason to defend Incognito.

  3. “Ngakoue has a name that is conducive to a racist bully deliberately mispronouncing it in order to simulate a slur.”

    Do Ted Wells claims only mean anything when they fit your narrative? Because you (rightfully so) were quick to dismiss his findings pertaining to deflate-gate.

  4. Right, here’s no proof other than “he said mean things”.

    These guys are out there banging pads and hollering, however the guy right next to him couldnt hear him but the guy he’s blocking could. Also you’re assuming that only the one who can here each other is the ones they are blocking. These guys communicate as part of the game but there’s no chance they hear each other right?

  5. In the end, Incognito is being accused of name calling. It may be disgusting names that he has been alleged to use but its only words. So you are suggesting that a pro football player is being being bullied by another man’s words. Grow a pair, its the NFL.

  6. Trash talk. lol It is common to try any thing that might get under someones skin and give you a slight advantage. When I played (before Jesus was born), references to race, your mother, sister, ancestry, etc were as common every play as snapping the ball. And, it went both ways. Ignore it and go on, recognizing it for what it is.
    Ngakoue just gave every O lineman a reason to call him names because it got under his skin. If that bothered him enough to mention it, it is going to get worse on the field.

  7. So for 3 years he’s been back- nothing. Now all of the sudden he’s back to being a racist. Not buying it. You won. What else do you need. Besides a new qb.

    And let me get the straight, Dawkins, who in the middle of the action, may not have heard Ritchie, but this clown did hear Ritchie while running full speed. He probably got pancaked once and this is how he reacts.

  8. When you hear Richie Incognito speak, he comes off as a bright articulate young man. It’s hard to believe that it’s the same person that gets into so much trouble. Either everyone just has it in for him or he’s pyschotic or both.

  9. grow up you bunch of over-paid pre-madonna’s, it is a violent game & nasty stuff is going to be said, enough with the race card dramatics, just concentrate on playing the damn game.

  10. thrifty says:
    January 8, 2018 at 8:14 am
    Just because the accuser is black does not guarantee that he is telling the truth.


    And just because the accuser is black doesn’t mean he is lying. His veracity has nothing to do with race; Incognito’s historical behavior has everything to do with whether people believe him or the other guy. I personally believe the other guy.

  11. I don’t understand this? The black guy that’s played next to him all season and has no reason to defend him is lying but his opponent, who just got in trouble for contacting an official is telling the truth?

  12. Roger Goodell should order a complete and thorough investigation into this incident….and either Richie or this whiny piece of garbage Ngakoue should be completely run out of the NFL

  13. Looks like the Bills/Incognito are the next contestants on Roger is Right.

    Take it all the way to the Supreme Court, Richie!

  14. The tweet is written in a way to deny that Icognito said it during the game and that he was referring to the past. The Jonathan Martin hashtag ends any doubt to me.

  15. Remember the last guy who said something said Richie wasn’t playing nice? I don’t even remember his name but I do remember that he is long gone, is this guy willing to go down that same path because sure sounds like he is headed that way.

    Coughlin doesn’t play games with guys like this.

  16. I don’t think incognito was ever really racist. He may have called a guy a name, but he didn’t do anything other than that. That makes him.stupid, not racist.

  17. Local radio here in Miami had a few that played with good Ole Richie and they said was, “A tiger does not change it’s stripes…”

    Same ole Richie…

  18. First off, let me say that you are dead wrong if you think using racial slurs is the same as run-of-the-mill name calling. It’s not.

    That being said, I have my doubts about this case. Number one, no other Jaguars player has backed up their teammate. It’s hard to believe that not one of the person on the field would’ve heard what incognito said. Secondly, the accusation has been up on Twitter for over 12 hours now, and not one other player in the NFL that played the bills this year has come out and said “me too”. Are we to believe that incognito just decided yesterday to start using racial slurs on the field?

  19. Soooooooo, the guy to the right and left of RIchie can use those words but he can’t?
    The guy accusing him can use those words but Richie can’t?
    Just trying to make sure I understand the ground rules here.

  20. sabrastang says:
    January 8, 2018 at 7:29 am
    Innocent until proven guilty?
    Stop it with your logic and level headed view. It has no room in modern society.

  21. I’m not buying the accusation. JAX is full of egos. Here’s hoping Pittsburg annihilates them early.

  22. If he did say those things (and I suspect he did) it would be to get under the skin of the opponent he is trying to rattle, and this story sounds like he succeeded.

    This is the NFL kid, they might get a little mean down there on the field. Be able to expect that and deal with it if you want to last around here.

  23. TheGuru says:
    January 8, 2018 at 9:53 am
    I’m not buying the accusation. JAX is full of egos. Here’s hoping Pittsburg annihilates them early.

    I just hope Pittsburgh is nice enough to them. We dont want any hurt feelings.

  24. What if the roles were reversed…….Martin was a big baby who made a big deal out of nothing. ,Incognito was crucified….

  25. Ngakoue needs to not allow people to get into his head and out of his game. Who knows what Incognito said at this point, but if it bothers you enough to run to the press and whine about it, its affecting you too much.

  26. It says a lot about this country that the overwhelming response to this claim is derision. Is it really that important to protect environments where racism is tolerated? Apparently that’s the case if it occurs in the the context of a sporting event.

  27. I guess this will be the meat and potatoes go-to theme this week, considering the “Patriots rift” has died down.

  28. yeah lets convict him on past evidence……that was highly suspect……because you know more about what happens on the field than the guy playing next to him……..this is what happens when you go mainstream with nbc…….

  29. kneedragr says:
    January 8, 2018 at 11:21 am
    Ngakoue needs to not allow people to get into his head and out of his game. Who knows what Incognito said at this point, but if it bothers you enough to run to the press and whine about it, its affecting you too much.

    LOL- sending a tweet is “running to the press” now. And boy, he sure did let Incognito get into his head. Probably the main reason they lost……oh, wait.

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