Bills will pick 21st and 22nd in 2018 NFL Draft

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The Bills broke a 17-year playoff drought, but they won’t have to wait at all between their first-round picks in the 2018 NFL Draft.

With the wild card results in the books, the Bills will have back-to-back picks in the first round.

They earned the 21st spot on their own, and also have the 22nd pick from the Chiefs as a result of the trade that allowed the Chiefs to select Patrick Mahomes.

The Rams will take the 23rd spot and the Panthers the 24th. Picks 25-28 will be held by the losers in the divisional round.

Here’s a look at the order as it stands, with the first 24 spots set (other than the Raiders and 49ers flipping a coin for the ninth and 10th spots).

1 Browns 0-16
2 Giants 3-13
3 Colts 4-12
4 Browns (from Texans) 4-12
5 Broncos 5-11
6 Jets 5-11
7 Buccaneers 5-11
8 Bears 5-11
9 or 10 49ers 6-10 (coin flip)
9 or 10 Raiders 6-10 (coin flip)
11 Dolphins 6-10
12 Bengals 7-9
13 Washington 7-9
14 Packers 7-9
15 Cardinals 8-8
16 Ravens 9-7
17 Chargers 9-7
18 Seahawks 9-7
19 Cowboys 9-7
20 Lions 9-7
21 Bills 9-7
22 Bills (from Chiefs) 9-7
23 Rams 11-5
24 Panthers 11-5

16 responses to “Bills will pick 21st and 22nd in 2018 NFL Draft

  1. Most of the teams advancing to the next round have high first round QB’s, but many great QB’s throughout history were still on the board at #21, including Brady and Brees. I’ll bet coach McDermott is in the college scouting room right now watching tape.

  2. .
    There’s too many teams chasing too few QBs. Expect a lot of movement in the top 15 picks, as you don’t want to be the team who got shutout.

  3. After looking more at the draft order, There is 8-10 teams that draft before Buffalo that could use a QB. And in a day when roughly 30-40% of first round QBs actually pan out and later rounds being even more unpredictable, its looking worse and worse for the Bills. In order to be the best, you have to want the best, and if they can’t pry that first overall pick from the Browns, then they won’t get the best

  4. They will use them both on defense when Tom Brady jumps from that sinking ship in NE and heads down to Buffalo in a sad, failed attempt to get revenge on Bill for proving to the world that Tom is a system QB.

  5. If they don’t use those picks to somehow get one of the top four quarterbacks they’re CRAZY. Tyrod Taylor shouldn’t even be on an NFL roster.

  6. If the Chiefs let Alex Smith leave then he could very well be the starting QB for the Bills or even the Jets. Kirk Cousins would also get a lot of play with the same two franchises.

  7. Buffalo should package both picks and move to 9/10 to trade with SF. 21st/22nd and a 3rd round pick to move up to select a QB. Washington, Arizona and Baltimore can all look to pick a QB in round 1 and all 3 pick ahead of them.

  8. “If they don’t use those picks to somehow get one of the top four quarterbacks they’re CRAZY. Tyrod Taylor shouldn’t even be on an NFL roster.”

    I’m not a big Tyrod fan, but I disagree. I think he would make a fantastic backup! One, he’s good enough to reasonably win half the games he starts on a decent team. Hard to expect a whole lot more out of a backup or he’d probably be starting somewhere. Two, he’d probably be great coming off the bench against a team not prepared to play his style. As it is, he’s better than a handful of starters in the league. As a backup, he’d probably be one of, if not the best in the league.

  9. Joey T….I love how you come outta the woodwork….you spend an AWFUL lot of time on a team you supposedly don’t care about….wow…that’s sad…..For being so consistently wrong I thought you’d retire that ID and go troll under one of your other ones.

    Pretty sad that we tore our team down to the studs and rebuilt…AND we still made the playoffs and still beat the Raiders…..or are we just not gonna talk about that? You’re a joke really…I mean you bad mouth the team and say nothing at all remotely accurate EVER….the Bills coulda lost the Superbowl and you’d still be trolling despite saying we’d win 3 game all year….. last time I address you…lucky Im at work otherwise its a huge waste of personal time

  10. Im not sure what the fascination with Smith is….Hunt, Hill, Kelce we dont have those guys….he checks down all the time as well and is a stopgap at best….do we beat JAX last week if we have Smith instead of Tyrod…. probably tbh…but I lets not talk likes hes a solution…. lets get some OL and DL help and yes address QB But some big bodies on the lines and a playmaking WR are needed in 2018

  11. pastabelly says:
    January 8, 2018 at 8:09 am
    The Bills would have been better off selecting Mahomes instead of trading that pick. They have to draft a quarterback now anyway.

    I have to really disagree. We got their first AND Tre White in the process….unless you have a played that you love, I trade that pick often…listen I liked Mahomes outta college, but if you listen to people, I guess the guys Elite already, who knew…I like the trade now and the dust hasnt even settled yet….we got Tre White who was an incredible corner this year and #22 this year…we need QB, even if Mahomes was solid wouldn’t help us as much as building more talent. This draft is deeper at QB..we have ammo or can wait to see who falls…..good QB’s might be there at 21

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