Cameron Jordan trolls Cam Newton with thank you gift

Getty Images

Saints defensive lineman Cameron Jordan and Panthers quarterback Cam Newton have formed one of the best individual rivalries in the NFL.

Jordan has the last laugh this season, forcing an intentional grounding call late in Sunday’s game. It helped preserve the Saints’ 31-26 victory over the Panthers.

New Orleans won all three games against Carolina this season.

“You beat the Carolina Panthers three times in a year, I’m going to have to send this guy a wine bottle,” Jordan said, via Mike Triplett of ESPN. “I appreciate him, so I’m going to send him some sauce.”

Jordan was referring to his trash-talking battle with Newton earlier this season. After Jordan made fun of Newton’s choice of clothes, Newton responded, “I didn’t know he was a fan of my dress code. Honestly, he’s paying attention. Nevertheless, that’s flattering to me. If he wants to send me his address I can send him some sauce.”

On Monday, Jordan posted a photo on social media of a Jordan-brand wine bottle and a mailing label addressed to Newton.

“Who would I be if I don’t follow through on my word?” Jordan wrote in the post.

We can’t wait for Newton’s response, which hopefully comes before next season.