Eliot Wolf will interview with Browns on Tuesday

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Packers director of football operations Eliot Wolf does indeed appear on his way out. He will interview with the Browns on Tuesday, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

New Browns General Manager John Dorsey, a former Packers executive, hired former Green Bay senior personnel executive Alonzo Highsmith last week.

Wolf was passed over for the Packers’ G.M. job, with Green Bay promoting Brian Gutekunst instead, and the Packers gave Wolf’s title to Russ Ball.

Gutekunst insisted during his press conference on Monday that he wants to keep Wolf, but the Packers won’t block Wolf from interviewing. So it’s likely Wolf follows the path out of town to Cleveland.

Wolf’s father, Hall of Famer Ron Wolf, recommended Dorsey to Browns owner Jimmy Haslam.

20 responses to “Eliot Wolf will interview with Browns on Tuesday

  1. Packer fan. Wolf fan, dad and son. Would like to see him stay, but being part of reviving Cleveland could be a cool project and diversify his resume. It would be great to see the Browns ascend in the AFC. And paths may cross again. Gutekunst a very worthy hire, legitimate regard from many in NFL. Good luck to all.

  2. Well if he decides to leave I wish him well. Hopefully those three can make the Browns into a winner again. They have plenty of draft capital to work with.

  3. Makes no sense. The Browns have a new GM too. It’s not like he’ll get “more experience” in a different organization. He’d be wise to just stay in fimiliar territory with GB.

  4. Poor Browns. Have they looked at how poorly the Packers have drafted outside of Aaron Rogers?
    Change of scene but not much change for the new guys.
    Cleveland is where Green Bay is headed.

  5. All to keep McCarthy. What a waste. They had the perfect storm to get rid of him and didn’t. Things just got worse, and I do think Gutekunst will be a good GM except for that.

  6. Wait. The Browns appear intent on assembling a competent Front Office?

    I’m not sure that I was prepared for this.

  7. I understand him being frustrated with not getting the GM job; but, I’d think he would have a better shot at landing a GM job in the near future by staying in Green Bay than he would by moving on to Cleveland.

  8. What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time, the Niners tried to hire a bunch of the top GM prospects — including both Wolf and Gutekunst — and none of them wanted the job. Now it looks like the Niners have needle moving up. So, maybe Cleveland can turn it around too.

  9. Success is always imitated. When looking for success, bring in successful people. Cleveland is going to start a winning run by bringing in winners. Good for them and their fans. They deserve to win and they have a lot of talent. Only thing missing was management with a winning tradition.

  10. Poor Browns. Have they looked at how poorly the Packers have drafted outside of Aaron Rogers?

    Greg Jennings
    Jordy Nelson
    Nick Collins
    Clay Matthews
    Josh Sitton
    TJ Lang
    David Bakhtiari
    Mike Daniels

    They’ve drafted very well outside of 3 abysmal drafts from 2011-2013. How else do you think they sustained their run with their nearly complete aversion to free agency?

  11. Not a Browns fan, BUT, it looks like they are getting a good front office now, with plenty of experience. Plus, all those draft picks including #1 and #4. Looks like a good scenario, but, it is the Browns.

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