Jay Gruden doesn’t want “another one-year deal” with Kirk Cousins

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One of the many storylines for the coming offseason will be what happens with quarterback Kirk Cousins once his contract expires.

Cousins headed into the 2016 and 2017 offseasons in the same position and the Redskins opted to use the franchise tag each time. They could do so again this offseason or use the transition tag, but coach Jay Gruden said on his weekly television show that he’d prefer it if the team stopped going a year at a time at the most important position on offense.

“I think something has to be done,” Gruden said, via the Washington Post. “I personally don’t want to go through another one-year deal, and just [keep going] one year, one year. I think you want to have a quarterback in here that’s going to be here. And hopefully that is Kirk, and if not, we have to move on and do what we have to do as an organization. For the most part, the great quarterbacks are in the same system year in and year out, and are developing in that system. [Teams are] not holding our breath every March and April, waiting for the guy. But if that’s the case, that’s the case. But we like Kirk and his development. He’s played well at times, without a doubt, proven that he’s a good starting NFL quarterback.”

Gruden sounded lukewarm about Cousins immediately after the end of the regular season, but if they aren’t going to sign Cousins to a long-term deal then there’s little way around holding your breath about having the guy you want once March rolls around.

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  1. Also important to mention: The Redskins as an organization don’t want another 1 year deal nor can afford one at over $30 mil. He shops himself this offseason and moves on when the Redskins wont match the offers coming since Gruden is so “Meh” about him.

  2. “I think something has to be done,”
    Uhhh…something should’ve been done 2 years ago.

  3. Jay, stop it already with all this “holding our breath every March and April, waiting for the guy” crap! I know that sucking up to Lil Danny and Bruce “Winning Off the Field” is Job #1 to stick around, but please!

    The team could have followed McCloughan’s advice a couple years ago and locked up Cousins on a reasonable deal in the $19m/yr range and be heading into the years when cutting him would be affordable if the team wanted to move on. But, no . . . Lil Dannny and his minion have screwed the pooch beyond belief. The utter incompetence of Snyder and Allen is only matched in magnitude by their arrogance.

    Hey, Jay, work on your clock management, playcalling, in-game decisionmaking, team preparation, special teams, defense, training staff and all the other things that keep on proving that you are in over your head as a head coach. Kirk will get paid and be fine – either by the Skins or, if he’s lucky, by a professional football franchise. But, Jay, you’re next in line for when Lil Danny needs to roast a scapegoat over his 20-yr dumpster fire.

  4. Cousins has it made!
    Make $58M in just 2 years, sign as a low-end starter or backup deal somewhere else and make $5-15M a year for another 5 years.
    Pretty sweet gig!

  5. I hope Kirk signs a long term deal with the Skins, but I agree with Jay. This year to year thing has got to end. It’s exhausting for the fan base and I’m sure it’s exhausting for the team too.

  6. I’d ride Cousins out of town on a rail after I helped to tar and feather him.

    Talk about an ego!!!

    And, a mediocre QB to go along with it.

  7. The best part of the whole issue is that the Skins bet on Cousins to fail. He bet on himself to win and did.

    Cousins is a competent, professional quarterback who is smart, accurate, and competitive. He’s going to put the team in the best position to win that he can. He’s not going to be a superhero doing it all himself. He’s very similar to Matt Ryan in that respect.

    I hope he moves to a team willing to build around him with quality players rather than saying “take us over the top Kirk!”

  8. That’s OK, Jay, that you don’t understand the wider dynamics. Because he’s probably going elsewhere and if he isn’t, screw you. Another one-year deal. That’s because your front office screwed this thing up big-time.

  9. gurnblanstonreturns says:
    January 8, 2018 at 10:41 am
    Jay, stop it already with all this “holding our breath every March and April, waiting for the guy” crap! I know that sucking up to Lil Danny and Bruce “Winning Off the Field” is Job #1 to stick around, but please!
    Spin it which ever way you want, but take that drama back to 8th grade Gern (its an e not a u)… Gruden obviously has limited say in the matter. Seems like he’s openly asking for ownership/managment to make a long term commitment to the QB. What a “suck up” thing to do.

  10. For those of you lambasting the Skins for not signing Cousins 2 years ago, you have the benefit of hindsight. Many people on this site were torching the Skins for even considering a long term deal for a guy who had just finished his 1st season as the starting QB who looked very similar to the old Kirk in the beginning of the season but who over the last 10 games of 2015 looked really good. I believe many on this site were proclaiming that Kirk shouldn’t get more than 12 Mil after coming off a season where they were paying him 600K. The Skins offered him that but he turned it down. Then the Skins offered him another long term deal after 2016 and he refused to counter. While Cousins has now put up 2 1/2 good seasons since he became the full time starter, let’s not inflate ourselves in thinking that the Skins didn’t try to sign him earlier. They did when many of the commenters on this site felt that he didn’t have enough of a track record to warrant a long term deal. On the other hand, Cousins wanted more to sign that LT deal and had the Skins given him what he wanted, sure looking back, it would be a good deal for the team now but many on this site would have and were torching the Skins for even considering Kirk for a deal at the 20M/year rate.

  11. Just sign the guy, if he’s still willing to sign with you. Who else is out there? Case Keenum, Teddy Bridgewater, Josh McCown…those are your options.

  12. .
    My earlier suggestion of a three way deal with Cousins going to SF and Garopollo heading to Washington was roundly denounced. At least with Jimmy G you could have negotiated a reasonable deal going forward and got out from under the Cousin’s contract fiasco.

  13. The Jags would be absolutely unstoppable with Alex Smith or Kirk Cousins at QB. They should do whatever it takes to get one of them in the offseason.

  14. 12brichandfamous says:
    January 8, 2018 at 11:15 am
    The best part of the whole issue is that the Skins bet on Cousins to fail. He bet on himself to win and did.

    If 2 years, $44 million under the franchise tag is betting on someone to fail, sign me up. I won’t disappoint!

  15. Let Cuz go and start another round of “rebuilding for the future.” Only problem with that is in Washington is that it seems like the future never comes. I feel sorry for Kerringan, the only truly great player on the entire team. Every year my wife spends money to get the Sunday NFL ticket so she can watch her beloved Redskins (lifelong fan, attended three of their Superbowls “back in the day,” etc.). Then after less than a quarter of every game, with their fumbles, lost interceptions, etc., she can’t stand watching and goes and does something else. Big waste of money, just like all that franchise tag money Snyder has spent on his inconsistent QB. Cousins is fine between the 20s, and every now and then he has a really great game. Then he reverts back to mediocre again. Frustrating how other teams can draft a QB or get a new coach and their off to the playoffs in one year or two. Maybe the Skins let the wrong coach go to L.A. As for Cousins, from the way he chokes in big games I don’t see him as being the guy they need for the future, and I doubt Allen and Snyder do either, not that Allen has a CLUE about who is or isn’t a good football player. Seems to me Allen is the biggest problem with the Skins. Guy doesn’t even know how to pronounce his QBs name. What a moron….

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