Marty Hurney loves second run as G.M., not thinking about permanent job


When the Panthers fired Dave Gettleman last year, they brought back former General Manager Marty Hurney on an interim basis.

That’s a minor change compared to what went on in the late stages of the regular season. Owner Jerry Richardson announced he’d be selling the team this offseason after allegations of workplace misconduct went public and stepped down from his day-to-day role in running the team in favor of COO Tina Becker.

It’s not clear how any of that plays into a decision about a permanent G.M. hire in Carolina and Hurney said on Monday that he hasn’t thought about it. He did say he’s enjoying his second run in the job.

“I just get up and do my job. I don’t think about that stuff,” Hurney said, via the team’s website. “I love what I’m doing, but I don’t even think in those terms. I just come to work every day with a smile on my face. That’s a change from the last time. I enjoy it. I’m having fun. I do think I do have a perspective the second time around.”

Head coach Ron Rivera recently got a contract extension and said after Sunday’s game, via the Charlotte Observer, that “it would be outstanding” to continue working with Hurney. Tight end Greg Olsen said he’s also in favor of “stability” given the coming change in ownership.

That change in ownership might make it hard to bring in an outside candidate who would be at risk of losing their job if the new owner wanted to go in a different direction. If that’s the case, Hurney staying on board would likely be the best bet for this offseason.

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    Hurney traded 6’5″ Kelvin Benjamin for the 22nd pick in the 3rd round in this year’s draft. Luckily, the Panthers were so deep at WR and so adept in the red zone that they didn’t need him.

  2. .
    What Benjamin did vs Jalen Ramsey is irrelevant. The Panthers were using inexperienced WRs who couldn’t get open or catch TD passes when they hit them in the numbers. See the game film.

    At the trade deadline there are buyers and sellers. Carolina was the only playoff team selling this year. Is your point that the Panthers were a better team without Benjamin?

  3. Trading Benjamin is “irrelevant”. Gettleman made the mistake of letting Ted Ginn walk to New Orleans with no proven speed on the team.

  4. If the Panthers after they are sold, look elsewhere, they ought to consider NC native Jim Popp, currently the GM of the CFL champion Toronto Argonauts.

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