Matt Patricia: Interviews were interesting, informative but focused on Titans

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Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia spent part of last week interviewing for head coaching jobs and came out of the process looking like the frontrunner to get the job in Detroit.

That would reunite Patricia with Lions General Manager Bob Quinn, who worked for the Patriots before making the move to Detroit. Patricia was asked about his relationship with Quinn on a Monday conference call and said he likes to “maintain my relationships to the best of my ability” before steering the conversation back to the Titans.

That was similar to his answer about the interview process overall.

“Well, you know, that was a process that took place through the course of a couple days there in the weekend or a day in the weekend,” Patricia said. “It’s always a learning experience, like when I’ve been through it before. You know, you have the opportunity to learn about some other franchises and get a chance to talk about how they do things and really just kind of broaden your whole overall education of what the NFL and the different organizations are. So, it’s always a very informative process. It’s interesting when you go through it. The good part about it is when it’s done, then you really just kind of flip your focus back to the task at hand.”

As Patricia noted, he’s been through this process before and there hasn’t appeared to be any issue keeping the two pursuits from interfering with each other. Assuming there’s fire behind the smoke from Detroit, it won’t be an issue at any point in the future either.

13 responses to “Matt Patricia: Interviews were interesting, informative but focused on Titans

  1. Can anyone provide clarification RE: NFL policy and practice on assistant coach salaries?

    Are coach salaries part of the cap?
    Can an NFL team simply pay desirable assistants more to keep them?

  2. Good luck with that. Matt P is NOT that great a coach, it’s Bill B who still runs the defensive end of the Patriots!…If Matt is hired as head coach look for him to be fired within 3 years of hire….

  3. Boilerplate BS. Its a done deal and he knows it.

    The NFL coaching hiring process is a joke. It all needs to wait until the day after the SB.

  4. 2011to2020lions says:
    January 8, 2018 at 1:41 pm
    The Steelers are loaded with talent, so the coaches dont need to do anything but not mess up. thats my guess anyhow


    Only issue with the Steelers is they are undisciplined. That’s on Tomlin. The sad part is that’s a major piece to using the talent you have to its full potential. This is why with all that talent for years now they have not made the big game.

    -Steelers Fan speaking frankly.

  5. He just seems like a clown to me. I picture John Belushi talking someone into letting them coach their team.

  6. I’m pretty certain there’s no salary cap applied to coaching staffs or any area of the front office including scouting, player personnel, etc.

  7. When is the last time a patriots coach left and was successful

    When Josh beat the Patriots.

    I hated it.

  8. I’m a dye heart Lions fan. I just want someone with a little fire under them. We had jim schwartz, but his team was sooo undisciplined. We were the top 3 penalized teams 3 yrs running. Caldwell has ZERO personality/fire.

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