Report: Browns would have given Houston’s first for Garoppolo


Set aside for the moment whose version of the Jimmy Garoppolo trade story you believe.

Because whether Patriots coach Bill Belichick was being coerced to trade his backup quarterback or not, the one thing that can’t be argued is that the 49ers got a steal — finding a quarterback of the future for a second-round pick.

Since the Browns were trying to trade for A.J. McCarron at one point, they were clearly in the quarterback market. But according to Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, they didn’t get a chance to blow the Patriots away with a better offer. And they were willing to.

Pluto said since-fired Browns executive Sashi Brown “was willing to part with Houston’s first-round pick and other goodies.”

Regardless the other goodies, that would have been the No. 4 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, instead of a pick that ended up in the 40s with the Garoppolo-fueled hot streak by the 49ers.

But for whatever reason, the Patriots didn’t make or take the call, and they locked in on making the deal only with the 49ers. A league source has told PFT that Belichick wanted Garoppolo out of the conference, making any Browns hypothetical offer a non-starter.

The two teams have done deals in recent years (two separate deals for Barkevious Mingo and Jamie Collins), but the Browns didn’t get a chance to add to that list.

58 responses to “Report: Browns would have given Houston’s first for Garoppolo

  1. Jimmy G. would have had to agree to stay in Cleveland, which he definitely wouldn’t have done. So it would’ve been 2 years under the franchise tag and then he would’ve been gone. Weird that was mentioned in the post

  2. I’d hazard a guess that they’d have preferred to trade Jimmy G to an NFC team, rather than strengthening a team in their own conference.

  3. Jimmy landed in a great situation with the 49ers, with a new and motivated GM and coach willing to do what it takes to win. He would not have looked good on the Browns, they are just run by idiots all over.

  4. Belichick obviously did not care to maximize total value for New England, or he would have started a billing war for JG, which may have yielded much more than a single first round pick.
    CRACKS in Cheaterville!

  5. Maybe some decision makers inside the Patriots actually like Jimmy and cared about his career despite wanting to trade him, so they wouldn’t want to doom the poor guy to the factory of sadness.

  6. There is a good chance the Browns would have ruined Garoppolo anyway, and then it looks like Belichick fleeced the Browns which could make teams reluctant to trade with New England in the future

  7. One wonders, if Belichick didn’t want him going to the Browns for a number of reasons:

    1, didn’t want him in the AFC
    2. didn’t want him in such a poorly run organization
    3. wanted to screw the Browns for firing him many years ago, the man has been known to hold a grudge

  8. When you’ve been as successful as BB, you’ve earned the right to sacrifice a little trade compensation in order to not send a player on the career suicide mission that is being in Cleveland.

  9. What about the story PFT just reported that the Browns front office banged out early the trade deadline day? Did they go home early because BB told them to get lost, I only makes deals with professional teams? Ha ha.

  10. I’ve heard locally (NE Ohio) that the Pats were over dealing with the browns after the Collins trade due to them being overly stubborn negotiators. Don’t know if it’s true but it’s the “behind the curtain” info I’ve heard.

  11. Belichick sent Jamie Collins to Cleveland as punishment. He could just like Jimmy G and wouldn’t wish that franchise on anyone but his enemies.

  12. As Rob O. just said, Garoppolo was traded with an expiring contract. The Pats probably wanted him out of the conference and wanted to send him sowhere safe that he’d likely sign long term with. The Garoppolo-sweating Pats Fan Pipe Dream I’m surprised I haven’t heard more is that this was an internal agreement where Brady would win one last Super Bowl this year and retire, and Jimmy would come back under free agency. Heard some whoppers on sports radio up here, but if that’s been proposed, I missed it.

  13. Art Modell fired Belichick. This a completely different franchise. He does not hold a grudge against Cleveland for Modell being a POS.

  14. My sources tell me that Cleveland would have given that compensation if Jimmy would have verbally commit to the Browns but since he did not want to play there the Browns become unwilling to deal.

  15. Not happy that the Patriots traded Garoppolo, but since they were were unwilling to trade to the highest bidder, why not at least use the treat of a trade as leverage to maximize the return?

  16. “But for whatever reason, the Patriots didn’t make or take the call…”

    Perhaps Belichick simply doesn’t like the Browns, although I can’t imagine why that would be…

  17. billswillnevermove says:
    January 8, 2018 at 3:44 pm

    Guess the Patriots are not smart all the time are they?

    Like putting Nathan Peterman in for Tyrod Taylor?

  18. Mike Lombardi said on his podcast that after the way the Browns handled the Collins trade, Belichick probably didn’t want to deal with them again. If you look at how other teams describe dealing with the Patriots, it’s usually a very quick process — no extended back and forth that increases the chances of details getting leaked.

  19. Garopollo threatened to expose all of the cheating methods the patriots have and still continue to use if they dared to send him to the browns, so belichick had zero options.

  20. can’t wait for the offseason when browns’s fans start talking smack about how Hue (the qb whisperer) is going to have them compete for the AFC North title…always fun times…lol.

  21. likuidsmoke says:
    January 8, 2018 at 3:45 pm
    Because Belichick wanted to do Jimmy a favor by not risking ruining his career with the Browns.


    You really think Bill Belichick, of all people, is out to do favors for soon-to-be ex-players, even if it means getting a far lesser return? Come on. The guy’s arguably the best coach ever because he’s so calculated and willing to do whatever it takes to win, not because he’s some nice guy that bends over backwards pulling favors for players who want out. I’d put more money on someone over at Browns HQ forgetting to fax in the papers again as to why this never happened.

  22. Hue Jackson the coach was livid at the front office for NOT making an offer on Garoppolo.

    Funny how people actually believe this stuff.

    All last spring the Browns were only offering a 2nd for him (or else he would have been traded).

  23. So now everyone is saying JG is worth a 1st round pick and more where as before they were laughing at that notion.I wonder if the 49ers wished they kept Smith?I wonder when Smith gets traded and mahomes gets the nod will it recieve all this attention?I wonder why all teams don’t keep 2 high quality QBs on their roster and spend all that money on 2 players and ruin the rest of the roster?I wonder why GB didn’t call when Rodgers went down?I wonder what Minnesota is going to do about all 3 LBs next year?I do not wonder because I am a Patriots know,the team of this century.The model that every other NFL team trys to emmulate.The team every fan wishes that their team was.No wonder BB can survive major injuries to star players and still win.

  24. The Pats also got Hoyer back. Not a great player, but knows the system. They had no other QB on the roster.

  25. It never ceases to amaze me how much credibility people give to any thing they read or hear in the news.

  26. You guys can color it all you want but the bottom line is the Patriots screwed up. They could have had the fourth pick in the draft as well as other “goodies” from the Browns but they ended up trading him away for a lot less.

  27. terripet says:
    January 8, 2018 at 3:54 pm
    Dictator bill wanted to keep jimmy and trade Brady but kraft said no so out of spite the dictator traded him to Sf

    Andrew Luck has played his last game in the NFL

  28. Well, 49ers fans. If the rumor is true that BB wanted Garoppolo out of the conference then that’s a sign that JimmyG has got be good. And BB wants to put the competition on the other coast and conference. 9ers 2018!

  29. And, BTW, Deshaun Watson was still healthy at the trade deadline (he tore his ACL later that week). So there was no way to know that Houston’s pick would shoot that high. It also would have left them without a QB that knew the system.

  30. Patriots wanted to set up Garoppolo with a team outside of the conference besides sending him to Cleveland is career suicide and Belichick actually happens to like the guy.

  31. If the media (Pluto) knew that Belichick and Bob Kraft disagreed about trading Garoppolo, one would think the Browns front office would also be aware of that situation.

    Knowing this, you have to wonder why the Browns didn’t contact Bob Kraft and make their offer to him?

    Either the Browns front office was unaware that Bob Kraft and Belichick disagreed or they just waited, expecting the Patriots to approach the Browns front office to initiate trade talks. Regardless, the Browns front office was not pro-active in their pursuit of Garoppolo.

    Had Bob Kraft known that the Browns were will to give up a first round pick, Kraft would be waiting on another team to beat the Browns offer.

    It sounds like Kraft never knew that the Browns were willing to offer a first round (#4 pick) in the draft..and whose fault is that?

  32. I swear the Browns cannot catch a break. Next year should be another disappointing year for Browns fans. They deserve better.

  33. I love these posts.

    You can say all you want about the Browns offering the 4th pick, they didn’t know it would be the 4th pick and if they did, you can bet your bottom dollar they wouldn’t have traded for just Jimmy G. Even as dysfunctional as they are, they realize the haul you can get on draft day. Just ask Chicago what they had to give up for Trubisky.

    Something else to chew on, people love to say everything transaction that BB does is going to blow or is bad, however that hasn’t seemed to be the case in most areas. In fact most of the time they turn out to be genius.

    This trade was brilliant for both teams. The Patriots needed to trade Jimmy G because with anything less that the Franchise tag he would’ve been gone, because someone would pay him to start, and the Pats can’t afford 2 QBs with starter money even with the Brady discount.

    So BB traded Jimmy G to the 49ers for a 2nd round pick AND a vet minimum Hoyer (because the 49ers had to pay for anything over what the Pats offered. I can see how that call went.

    Hey Brian, its Bill, I wanted to let you know that we are trading Jimmy to the 49ers, they are going to cut you, when they do, why don’t you come on back up here. We want you in New England, you do want to come back right? I know it is warmer in Cali, but we are going for a record breaking Super Bowl this season, whereas the 49ers are going to be watching us. Sound like a plan? Great, we will see you when you get here.

    So think again, if you think that BB got fleeced, this is actually want of the few trades in the sports that I have seen in the past few years that actually works well for both sides.

  34. Like usual, people focus on just 1 thing, and base their entire decision/opinion on that. Some think it was Brady. Some think it was out of conference. Some think it was just a case of bill getting fleeced. And no other thoughts enter into it for them. The truth is going to be several reasons. Think about it
    1: he did Jimmy a solid, unlike Jamie Collins who was seen as a d-bag
    2: he likes Shannahan and he likes John Lynch
    3: JG would not have resigned with the browns, meaning he could end up in Buffalo or the Jets (yes, the browns could franchise him, as the pats could have after this year, but do you really think the jets wouldn’t pay the price of two first round picks to get patriots cast off jimmy g???)

    So it was as much setting Jimmy up for a good situation as it was helping some people he genuinely “likes” and protecting himself from having to play against him twice a year, every year. Another thing no one considers, and certainly JG wouldnt admit it, but it’s very possible he didn’t want to be the next guy after Brady. No one could fill those shoes and every mistake he ever makes will be compared to Brady. That would SUCK. That may have played a role in being developed, but never accepting any offer from the pats

    But that isn’t as fun as trying to act like there is a rift with the 3 top dogs in foxboro. Not as fun as saying there was a mandate to trade him. Not as fun as saying Belichick got hosed. But in the end, there is more to it than “just a second round pick”. Which is an upgrade (of approx 55 selections) to the 3rd round comp pick they would have gotten if he left as a free agent. He won’t be playing in the conference or the division, which is worth the down grade from a first to a second round pick. “Should” the pats have gotten more than a second, yes. But it wasn’t a landslide trade.

    My final thought, back in April, the people who hate the patriots all said jimmy wasn’t worth a first round pick. Now that he gets traded for a second round pick, you act like bill got fleeced. What changed between April and October? Nothing. He didn’t even play in that time. So how do you justify saying he wasn’t worth a first in April, but now getting a second is a bad deal? Just take of the “I hate the patriots” glasses and try to be objective. You are using his results in SF to base your opinion. Which shows how wrong you were in April.

  35. Sashi Brown is running his mouth in an effort to salvage his reputation. The Texans won their division in 2016, and could realistically be expected to improve on their 9-7 record in 2017. No one expected them to be 4-12 in 2017. A reasonable guess would be that that their #1 pick in 2018 would be in the 20’s. He thought he could trade the DeShaun Watson pick and still wind up with Jimmy G. His plan blew up in his face and he wound up with Kizer as his QB.

  36. ninersphan says:
    January 8, 2018 at 3:51 pm
    One wonders, if Belichick didn’t want him going to the Browns for a number of reasons:

    3. wanted to screw the Browns for firing him many years ago, the man has been known to hold a grudge


    If BB had any reason at all to hold a grudge, it’s not due to the ORG as its a different. I’d say it’s the “Bill Must Go” by the fans after the PR nightmare of cutting Kosar and going all in on with Testaverde

  37. Its all mixed up…

    BB is the only one who knows. Make no mistake he didn’t want to trade him (at all) in the AFC, and certainly not the Browns where he could become a free agent in two years, and possibly end up back in the AFC east… nightmare scenario.

  38. JG wasn’t going to buy into anything going on in Cleveland, and B.B. actually got a plug and play back-up QB to bridge the gap for the next 3 years. Would the #4 pick have been incredible? Yes, but I don’t believe everything I read.

  39. I think a big reason for the trade to the 49ers was getting Brisn Hoyer, who was cut. If they trade Garoppolo to any other team, they have no backup QB. They still should have received better compensation.

  40. Let’s be real here.
    Jimmy G went to San Francisco for a 2nd round pick an Hoyer and will be a free agent.
    He is 5-0 there but get real, he has not played any team of great value.
    If he stays there he fails miserably.
    It’s all about money in New England.

  41. I knew Jimmy was the real deal…. that being said, I would never have traded him to the Browns for anything less than THEIR 1st, 2nd, & 4th in 2018 & THEIR 2nd & 4th in 2019……
    Unless they would have excepted that, I’d of done EXACTLY like BB DID….. he kept Jimmy out of AFC & didn’t risk having Jimmy end up on an AFC East team rival or a team like Denver or Jags…..
    The Price from the Browns above is VERY REASONABLE for a Future #1 tier FRANCHISE QB…. look what other teams have given up for a CHANCE to draft one that wasn’t even as proven as Jimmy…..
    Bottom line, as a life long Patriots fan I’m very pleased with the outcome of the trade….. financially Jimmy would have only netted a comp 3rd rounder if they kept him as the Pats couldn’t afford to keep BOTH Brady & Jimmy & not DESTROY THE CAP & in turn the team which would waste Brady’s last few years…#REALITY

  42. ninersphan says:

    January 8, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    One wonders, if Belichick didn’t want him going to the Browns for a number of reasons:

    1, didn’t want him in the AFC
    2. didn’t want him in such a poorly run organization
    3. wanted to screw the Browns for firing him many years ago, the man has been known to hold a grudge
    That was Art Modell, ex Browns, future Ravens owner…

  43. I’m guessing this deal didn’t happen because Jimmy G was emphatic that he would not stay in Cleveland long term. I highly doubt the Patriots were worried about trading him to the Browns. It’s way more likely they face the Niners in the Super Bowl with Jimmy G than the Browns in the playoffs with him.

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