Tyrod Taylor in concussion protocol after potential finale with Bills

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Quarterback Tyrod Taylor wasn’t on the field for the final offensive plays of the Bills season as he went to the locker room after his head slammed against the ground while he was being sacked by Jaguars defensive end Dante Fowler.

Bills coach Sean McDermott said after the game that Taylor is in the league’s concussion protocol, which meant he wasn’t talking to reporters after the 10-3 loss. That meant he didn’t have to field any questions about his future with the Bills or, more precisely, whether there is any future with the Bills.

Buffalo can move on from Taylor without hurting their cap too much and they’d avoid a $6 million roster bonus due just after the start of the new league year. Sunday’s dreadful outing, which came after Taylor was benched for a regular season game, feels like the final argument in favor of going in another direction.

In addition to rookie Nathan Peterman, The Bills two first-round picks and six picks in the first three rounds that could be used for a move up the draft board or a trade for a veteran. There may also be options on the open market that intrigue them more than another year of Taylor, so there are a lot of routes to take that end up with a new man under center in Buffalo for the 2018 season.

12 responses to “Tyrod Taylor in concussion protocol after potential finale with Bills

  1. Now that the season is over for the Bills, their fanboys will finally admit Tyrod stinks after defending him all season.

    That’s just how they roll in Buffalo.

  2. Like I said yesterday:
    GENO > Tyrod + Bortles + Peterman

    Some team in the NFL, please give Geno one full year to play lol

  3. He threw for under 100 yards in a game multiple times. You can’t even do that once and hope to be a starter in the NFL. He’s just too inaccurate.

  4. I’ll never forget how ecstatic Bills fans were when they acquired Taylor from the Ravens. Only in Buffalo would a sixth round draft pick, castoff be heralded as a potential franchise savior (much in the same way that Ryan “Fitzmagic” was). The Buffalo front office and their fanbase should want to take realistic steps to find the next Jim Kelly. They shouldn’t be content with mediocrity or have unrealistic visions for their recent crop of QB’s.

  5. Taylor is a good dude on and off the field. However, he doesn’t possess the QB skills to win in the post-season. There were a number of times in the 1st half the Bills could have blown the game wide open, but Taylor overthrew his receivers. You hate to see a guy go that helped get you to the post season for the first time in almost 20-years, but if the Bills want to take the next step, a QB who can hit receivers down the field and over the middle will be a welcome addition. Congrats to the Bills and the fans of WNY, I hope the Bills continue to improve and start a new streak of making the playoffs on a more consistent basis.

  6. If you look at Tyrod Taylor’s career numbers, 62.4 comp %, 61 TD-18 INT, 91.2 passer rating, 1711 rush yds, 5.5 YPC, 15 TDS; overall 65 TD’s Passing/Rushing-35 Turnovers INT-FUM, they are very good.
    The problem seems to be that he just doesn’t make enough plays against really good competition, or in the biggest games. Buffalo will very likely choose to move on and improve the dynamics of their QB position.

  7. Find a FA or disgruntled vet in off season. Won’t be drafting high enough to get good QB. Also figure out how to get rid of the alabtross of a contract that Taylor has. He’ll be a good backup somewhere else.

  8. Of course it doesn’t help when you trade away your 2 best wr’s at the beginning of the season. The modus operandi for this team is to go bargain basement. It would make sense for this team to be in the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes, but they probably won’t be.

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