Andrew Whitworth will go to the Pro Bowl

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The Rams made several moves to fuel their transformation into division champs in 2017 and one of the biggest was the decision to sign left tackle Andrew Whitworth as a free agent.

The former Bengal started the first 15 games and did strong week in both phases of the offense as the Rams became the highest scoring team in the league. That was enough to earn him the nod as the first team All-Pro left tackle, but it wasn’t enough to get him a selection to the initial NFC Pro Bowl roster.

Whitworth will now be heading to the game, however. He’ll replace Redskins tackle Trent Williams, who ended the season on injured reserve due to a knee injury.

Whitworth is the sixth Rams player selected for the NFC team. It’s his fourth Pro Bowl selection.

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  1. Wouldn’t it make sense that if you are voted all pro that you should automatically be on the pro bowl team? Something is really wrong when Trent Williams, who has been on the ground as much as he’s been standing up this season (no disrespect, great player) gets voted in over the Whitworth, who was arguably the best Left Tackle in the league.

    While the NFL is still the best game on the planet, there are such glaring fundamental flaws that need to be addressed such as the pro-bowl and it’s electing process. I understand that they want to make it interactive with the fans but most of the time, fans just vote on familiar names. Especially at un-sexy positions like o-line. Whitworth has been a perennial pro-bowl player and borderline all-pro consistently for a majority of his career and when the moron writers look back at his career I guarantee it will go like this: Hmmmfff, he was a good player but look, only 4 pro bowls, meh, pass. This is the stuff that enrages me as a fan that there are so many great players who don’t get into Canton not because they aren’t great and worthy, but because a big part of their legacy is attached to such a futile process that is the pro bowl.

  2. Given that Whitworth will be like 37 next season and could very likely seriously decline over next season given his age and the fact he showed signs of decline this season giving up 6 sacks in 15gm’s, the Rams better start looking for his replacement in this next draft giving them the opportunity to develop him. John Sullivan due to his age and the fact he has no knees with bad knees/ankles also will need to replace extremely soon and also is a free agent this off-season, Rams need to draft his replacement as well. If they cannot get a LT they like they could draft Ohio State C/OG Billy Price, who is an absolute monster they can land in round 1.

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