Brandon Beane thinks there’s a “misunderstanding” of what Richie Incognito said

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The Bills held an end of the season press conference with head coach Sean McDermott and General Manager Brandon Beane on Tuesday that covered most of the on-field topics common to such affairs.

One notable deviation came in regard to left guard Richie Incognito, who has been accused of using racial slurs during last Sunday’s game by Jaguars defensive end Yannick Ngakoue. The NFL said they are looking into that accusation and Beane said Tuesday that the Bills are doing the same while cooperating with the league.

Beane said the team is “still gathering the facts” and has spoken to Incognito to get “his side of the story.” Beane didn’t detail that side of the story, but seemed to confirm that something was said on the field.

“There was definitely an exchange,” Beane said. “I think there’s a misunderstanding of what was said.”

Beane added that Incognito “is trying to reach out” to Ngakoue in what will presumably be an attempt to clear up that misunderstanding and avoided any definitive answer about whether Incognito’s future with the team could be affected by what happened on Sunday.

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  1. There’s a lot of things said during a football game, some of which the boom mic and other mics pick up that make people cringe. Sometimes, just reading lips gives the viewer an idea of what was said. As for the racial nature of the comment, I doubt it happened unless he whispered it. I’ve been called that slur before and it generates a feeling and sometimes a response that people won’t understand. I think it did not happen because the Jags player(s) would have reacted when it happened. I could be wrong, but I doubt it occurred the way the Jags player put it out there. And he resorted to Twitter, rather than confront RI face to face.

  2. Yeah, it was a complete misunderstanding. Incognito would only be paying Ngakoue the nicest compliments possible. That referral to his mother was only said in and endearing manner.

  3. First world problems. I’m sure there’s a lot that’s done and said on the field that isn’t exactly good but who cares. They’re in battle essentially. What man whines over mean or bad words?

  4. I don’t believe this accusation even has any merit. Probably accused by a player who got beat on too many run plays and by Richie. So, HE uses the ever over used Race Card?

  5. So… a guy whose history of low character behavior
    and use of racial slurs gets accused of using racial slurs?!?


  6. What happens on the field stays on the field.


    Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

    Take your pick. They both work well for this non situation.

  7. So if it turns out Incognito used a racial slur, what then? Suspension? Fine? The NFL says players have a 1st Amendment right to kneel. Doesn’t Incognito also have a 1st Amendment right to express himself?

  8. This whole thing makes me angry. I will say this. Richie has been a model citizen since he came here. He has in fact been a Pillar in the community. Donating his time to visit the sick. Much more too. But he has a past that was not good. Then he gets suspended in Miami? For what as it turns out was mutual name calling using racial terms and words. Blacks and Richie?? It was fun and games between these player right up to when it became clear one would soon be cut. Then the cuttee called out Richie, the only white man and all of a sudden it becomes this big Racial crap. But only one of those involved was targeted over his racial insults? We know the rest. Now we have a Jags player accusing him of racial insults during the game. Insults his 2 side by side players saying they never heard any of this from Richie? But, his past has blinded many to the myriad of questions still unanswered. Mic’s all over the field?? Players themselves, none have confirmed it. The Officials, nothing said. But there’s still his past. I do not believe this is true at all. Maybe Nguakoue was badly beaten on a play and this is how he reacted? Nope, just too many questions not answered to make me think Richies guilty.

  9. It’s not like Incognito has ever been accused of bullying behavior before or anything ….. oh, wait

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