Cordy Glenn should return in time for offseason conditioning

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Bills offensive tackle Cordy Glenn went on injured reserve December 15 with foot and ankle problems. He underwent surgery on his foot by renowned specialist Dr. Robert Anderson soon after.

“He had a successful procedure,” Bills coach Sean McDermott said, via Chris Brown of the team website. “He’s currently rehabbing and getting himself ready for a great offseason. There’s a lot of positive energy around Cordy, and I know more than anything he wanted to be out there down the stretch with his teammates.”

Glenn is on schedule to return in time for the start of the offseason conditioning program in April, McDermott told Brown.

Glenn, who started only five games and allowed 2.5 sacks, according to STATS, signed a five-year, $60 million contract with $36 million in guaranteed money before the 2016 season.

6 responses to “Cordy Glenn should return in time for offseason conditioning

  1. Pretty sure Dawkins will replace him. Unless the league suspends Dawkins for not agreeing with the assessment that incognito was throwing racial slurs around..

  2. Yeah riiiiight. I will BILLieve it when I see it. I liked Dawkins this year, so if Glenn does get healthy see if we can trade him and his $16 million salary

  3. Ugh, this KILLS his trade value now. That cap hit would have been manageable, in terms of trade, if he was healthy. Cordy is a top-10 tackle when healthy, and he proved that for a few seasons. He’d probably get a 5th round pick, but shedding that salary would be well worth it. I hear Seattle needs O-Line help…

  4. @rabidbillsfan… Glenn is NOT a top 10 tackle. Low end of the top 20. Just another Bill’s fan overvaluing their player because some obscure ranking had him in the top 10.

    Another Bill’s fan that overvalues players that appear in the top 10 of obscure rankings.

  5. Cordy Glenn is a top-10 tackle there bud. Give me a list of 19 others ahead of him and I’ll maybe I’ll value your opinion. I don’t overvalue anybody on the roster just because I’m a Bills fan. But, I will give credit where credit is deserved, and Corey Glenn deserves credit for being a top tackle in the NFL when healthy. I bet you like Tyrod because he doesn’t turn the ball over…

  6. Show me one ranking that lists Glenn as a top 10 and I’ll show you a half of a dozen that barely have him top 20. Easy as that. Fire up the Google. I dont need to value your opinion at all. There’s actual pro’s ranking him much lower than 10. If you want to stick with your claim, prove how he’s a top 10. you cant.

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