Doug Pederson wants Eagles to remember playoffs “are just football”

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The Eagles have known they were going to the playoffs for some time and they found out who they would be playing on Saturday when the Falcons beat the Rams, which just leaves the little matter of actually getting on the field.

For many Eagles, this will be the first opportunity that they’ve had to get on the field in a playoff game. During his Tuesday press conference, Eagles coach Doug Pederson was asked if he wonders how those players are going to react to their first postseason experience.

“Oh, yeah, you always wonder,” Pederson said. “Do you wonder? Yeah, there’s going to be wonder. But I’m going to tell you, listen, these guys are football players. I think sometimes the outside, whether it be the media, the fans, can make it bigger than it really is. When you boil it down, it’s football at the end of the day. It’s football at the end of the day. Just go do your job. Do what you’ve been coached to do all week long and give it your best effort on Saturday. If it’s good enough, great. If it’s not, then we focus on next season.”

Pederson’s message about keeping it simple extends to quarterback Nick Foles, who doesn’t fall into the category of players without playoff experience. He started the last game the Eagles played in the postseason, a 26-24 loss to the Saints after the 2013 season, but that experience won’t quell worries after he completed one pass on third down in his last two regular season starts.

Pederson said he doesn’t think Foles has a “confidence issue” and that he’s going to encourage him to “go be Nick” when he takes the field on Saturday. If that’s enough to get a win, it will make for the first upset involving a first seed winning a home game and, presumably, fewer questions about jitters the next time out.

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  1. As long as The Eagles play their game they will win. It will be a very good game. I believe The Falcons are a bit banged up and tired plus they are definitely not the same team that went to the Super Bowl last year. Playing at The Linc will be not nearly as cold as the last 2 regular season games so that should help both teams but still give a slight advantage to The Eagles. The weather should help Matt Ryan but the warmer weather will help Foles as well and that is overlooked by most.
    Guesstimate 20 to 16 Eagles win.

  2. Hopefully he doesn’t follow Andy’s footsteps. Of course having a backup QB makes his road a little more difficult. Go Eagles!

  3. Jim Mora would put the emphasis on “playoff”

    We didn’t do diddly poo is still the 2nd coolest thing ever said at an NFL press conference.
    BB quiting from the Jets as he was introduced to the Jets Media will remain as the coolest thing I have ever seen at an NFL press conference.

  4. Ill laugh my arse off when Dougie wins with all those injuries and Nicky 6 as his QB. When he does, I will come back here and break balls….the inflatable ones.

  5. I am a Falcons fan but I respect Doug Pederson’s style. Looking forward to a clean, hard fought battle on Saturday, as I know it will be.

  6. Don’t forget guys, it isn’t all about Doug Pederson and Nick Foles. The Eagles D is pretty pissed off at being disrespected and written off by everyone. Expect a very nasty game. They gonna put Matty on Ice!!!!!

  7. People are being extremely bias against Nick Foles. They are just looking at his numbers in games and making that out to be everything. Making no effort to look at extenuating circumstances.

    Against the Rams he twice came from behind and drove the Eagles down the field to take the lead. Against the Giqnts he played very well. Scored 4 tds nearly 250 yards even tho the Eagles D played horribly n couldnt get off the field n the team committed penalty after penalty on both sides. Against the Raiders he did not play well at all. True, but Derek Carr was even worse. It was 10° with the wind chill. Winds which constantly blew at 35-40 mph. No quarterback was throwing the ball well that day, and yet when the Eagles needed a drive to win the game, take the lead, and secure home field advantage he got it done. Then vs the Cowboys it was again horrible weather. In the single digits with wind chill and again the other QB played just as bad. Also Foles only played 4 series and if u watched the game his wr killed him. He threw a perfect pass to Torrey Smith that was about a 15 yard crossing route from right to left. Smith had about 5 yards of cushion on the guy covering him and not a single person behind him on the left side of the field. The.ball hit him perfectly in stride and if he caught it he would have scored a 50+ yard td. If that happened the entire preception of Foles would have been different. It would have been a come from behind win vs the third seed, a very good game vs the giants, a bad game vs the raiders in horrible conditions, and a great performance vs the cowboys in the two drives that he played. But no Smith dropped the ball. So what would have made every pundit confident in the Eagles ability instead made them believe they had no shot. Thats not even taking into account the last drive for Foles in that game where he threw a perfect pass to Agholor 30+ yards down field but some reason Nelson stopped, went to his knees n dropped the ball. So instead of Foles leading the Eagles down the field to score on 2 out of 4 of his drives became Foles being horrible.

    Yes hes not close to Wentz and yes where the Eagles would have been heavy favorites who were blowing out nearly every team they played this year with Wentz, now with Foles each game will be a close dog fight. All those things are true. But whats not ttrue is the perception that the Eagles offense is inept now or that they dont stand a chance. The Eagles still have a great defense. 1 that has been impenetrable since its got cold. 1 that has made opposing qbs look worse then Foles supposedly has. If u think that Any team is gonna come to Philly and have its qb play so much better then Foles your fooling yourself, and thats not just based on hope or whatever its based on fact.If foles is horrible bc of the last 2 games then u must also believe that the Eagles will have 1 of the hardest defenses for a qb to have to play against in playoff history.

    U cant have it both ways. U cant say o the Eagles d only completely shut down Prescott and Carr bc of the weather while saying Foles is horrible and will continue to b horrible bc of his last 2 games. Its either the Eagles defense is 1 of the greatest in league history n foles is horrible or u cant really read to much into the performances of Foles n the eagles defense the last 2 weeks bc the weather was so bad.

  8. Eagles are going to blow out Atlanta. I love that they are underdogs. They are going to play pissed off. Atlanta is not coming to Philly and winning. Eagles will be ready for this game.

  9. How come it seems like the “Just go do your job” line only works when a short guy wearing a cutoff hoodie says it?
    Wow the insecurity of Pats fans always amazes me

  10. This is a GREAT match up. It’s sad that Carson Wentz got hurt but the Eagles are still a really good football team. The Falcons rarely play well in Philadelphia but Matt Ryan’s from Philly and will be well prepared. The Falcons seem to be gaining momentum. The Eagles say they’re playing for respect though that’s absurd for a team that won 13 games. Please stop saying the Eagles are going to blow the Falcons out or the Falcons are clearly going to win. No one has a clue. This is what makes game day great!

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