Eliot Wolf has an offer from Raiders too

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Packers director Eliot Wolf was passed over for the General Manager job in Green Bay, and then they gave his title away, so it’s reasonable to think his future is elsewhere.

Now, it appears he has a few elsewheres to choose from.

According to Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com, Wolf has an offer to join the Raiders’ personnel department “in a high-ranking position.”

He’s in Cleveland today interviewing for another job which probably has the same kind of clout, and the Packers have made noises about keeping him around even if no one believes that.

The branches on the family tree of all these jobs are intertwined.

The son of Hall of Fame G.M. Ron Wolf (who worked in Green Bay and Oakland), the younger Wolf also has ties to both Browns G.M. John Dorsey and Raiders G.M. Reggie McKenzie from the Packers. His dad never worked for the Browns, but otherwise this shows how connected NFL jobs actually are.

The 35-year-old Eliot Wolf probably realized he needed to strike out in the world when the Packers hired Brian Gutekunst instead of him, though Gutekunst offered to make him his “right-hand man.”

Dorsey already brought personnel man Alonzo Highsmith from Green Bay to Cleveland as well.

19 responses to “Eliot Wolf has an offer from Raiders too

  1. ,”…in a high ranking position…”
    No G.M.
    Sounds like the Browns are throwing him a bone and a lateral move.
    I’d stay in GB and wait for awhile if it was me.

  2. So the Packers can just make up a new title for Wolf, since Florio seems to be so enamored with them.

    How about Assistant General Manager, or Vice President of Player Procurement, or even Exalted Heir to the Throne that once was Ron Wolfs?

  3. How many NFL’rs have sons who played in the NFL?

    How many great coaches have sons who are great coaches? (at this level).

    How many great ‘personnel’ guys have sons who can emulate their talent? In any field? It happens but not that often.

    He’s only 35 and shouldn’t be all in a huff and shouldn’t need daddy to reach out. Maybe’s he’s not his dad. Maybe he’s better. Odds are he’s not as good

    Wolf was not the best choice to be the GM in GB as per those who got hired. Why is the writing on the wall he is on the way out? He’s still very young. No need to move one unless he truly has a better opportunity.

  4. The new Packers GM has already said he wants Eliot Wolf to be his right hand man, but he understands if he has an offer elsewhere. He will get a nice title and raise if he stays. He’ll be much the same in any of those towns; working for a guy he’s worked with for a long time in GB.

  5. What I would like to know, and never will… who were “his” guys? Who was he slamming his fist on the table for? Greg Jennings? Nick Collins? Josh Sitton… or was he the guy that wanted Mike Neal.. Datone Jones.. Jerel Worthy??…

    All the best to Eliot. Obviously his career will continue, and I hope he has good success wherever he lands.

  6. Ron turned down the GM position in 87 because the (then) BOD wouldn’t give him complete control over the team – hire and fire coaches and players. Later, they did and that got Ron to GB.

    Would not surprise me if, with the new structure, that Eliot didn’t want the GM position as firing the coach is now Murphy’s job, not the GM’s (as if it wouldn’t be made jointly anyway).

    Eliot WILL BE a GM in this league some day. No doubt and he will be successful. AFAIK – he’s the only 35 year old exec in the NFL with a literal 20 years experience scouting players. Ron made him write his first scout report at 15 years old.

  7. Eliot has been focused on the pro side of scouting and not much at all on the college side. You build your team with the draft and plug holes and try to make reasonable FA acquisitions to help your team in specific areas of need. Eliot needs to get more experience in the college side of scouting.

  8. I am not happy with this if i am Reggie McKenzie. We all know that the next person to get fired in Oakland is McKenzie if things do not go as planned.

  9. Hoping he stays with the Packers. Hopefully at least 2 years with one Super Bowl win then he’ll be widely sought out.

  10. Makes sense to branch out a bit — he can always come back a few years down the road if the Packers 45 person Board determines that Gutekunst sucks.

  11. Ron Wolf started The Cradle of GMs. With this latest power shift it looks like the crib is empty and they’ll need to call someone home in the next few years.

  12. It’s rumored his Green Bay offer is to become Asst GM.
    It sounds like Gute had a better background in both college scouting and pro personnel whereas Eliot is stronger on the pro side. They want him to work with the college scouting and work with Gute.

  13. Reggie McKenzie has no clout anymore in Oakland — so why go to work for a guy like that? Unless Eliot were rot report to the new H.C. who he may or may not know very well — they are truly of two different generations. If so, how messed up is that!?

    If I were Eliot looking to my future, I’d surely pass on any Raiders offer.

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