Jon Gruden “very, very excited” about Derek Carr

Getty Images

Jon Gruden missed the playoffs in four of his last six seasons as an NFL coach with the failure to find or develop a consistently strong quarterback among the reasons why they fell short of the postseason.

The Raiders are hoping that Gruden can find more success now that he’s back in the league and, given the size of his contract, they surely hope that Derek Carr provides that quarterback play. Carr’s performance in 2017 left something to be desired on that front, however.

Despite that, Gruden said at Tuesday’s introductory press conference that he is “very, very excited” to work with Carr and cited injuries as a reason why the quarterback’s play dropped off during the 2017 season. Gruden said the offense that he and offensive coordinator Greg Olson are putting in place will “demand a lot” from Carr and that it will “unlock the greatness in him.”

Gruden also confirmed that he’ll be calling plays on offense and said that he thought up a few while talking to Carr on Tuesday morning. The success of those plays and Gruden’s overall relationship with Carr will have a lot to do with whether Gruden’s return to the NFL winds up looking like a wise move.