Landon Collins wants Giants to keep Eli Apple

Getty Images

The usual reaction to identifying a cancerous growth is a desire to remove it as quickly and completely as possible in hopes that it doesn’t spread and create more damage.

That’s not what Giants safety Landon Collins wants to do, however. Collins called teammate Eli Apple a cancer in the final weeks of the regular season, but said on Monday that he doesn’t want the cornerback excised from the team.

“I think the organization should keep him,” Collins said, via the New York Post. “He’s a first-rounder. He does a good job when his head is on straight on the field. … I want him to be here. I want him to be under my wing, and I can continue pushing him, continuing teaching him how this game is and how this business goes, and help him grow up as much as I can.”

New Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman said last week that Apple has a “clean slate” with him. It’s not clear if Apple spending part of the weekend arguing with a variety of people on Twitter muddied it, but it was enough to get wide receiver Odell Beckham involved in an attempt to be a voice of reason.

Collins referenced Apple’s Twitter escapades by saying he doesn’t know “what his mindset is” and adding that he hopes to speak to Apple soon to remedy that because they’ll need to repair their relationship if they’re going to be sharing a secondary again next season.