Papa John’s may sit out the Super Bowl

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The NFL’s official pizza may not have a presence for what officially is the league’s biggest annual event.

Via SportsBusiness Daily, the Louisville Courier Journal recently explained the Papa John’s hasn’t decided whether to purchase ad space during the Super Bowl.

“We currently do not have a Super Bowl spot booked or produced, but are exploring our options in and around the game,” Papa John’s chief marketing officer Brandon Rhoten told the Courier Journal. “I didn’t buy my Super Bowl spot last year until the Monday before the game, so you never know.”

Former Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter, who stepped down in the aftermath of a decision to blame the NFL’s anthem controversy for lagging pizza sales, may not even be featured in the spot, if they end up purchasing a $2 million-for-30-second segment. And Schnatter ultimately can thank his friend and partner Jerry Jones for the mess, given the widespread belief that the Cowboys owner cajoled Schnatter into taking aim at the league and its leadership.

24 responses to “Papa John’s may sit out the Super Bowl

  1. It’s not really pizza, when what’s inside the box tastes exactly the same as the box.

  2. I won’t be participating in the super bowl either. The NFL needs to know that disrespecting the flag is gonna cost them big time in the biggest moneymaker of the year.

  3. Regardless of “widespread belief”, there is no possibility that John Schnatter was cajoled into doing anything. Anyone who knows anything about Schnatter knows that he does exactly what he wants to, and does not answer to anyone. He has built not only a massive fortune, but also a personal fiefdom in Louisville. Jones holds no power over Schnatter, neither does anyone else.

  4. The superbowl commercial availability hasn’t sold out in years and the production values of a Papa John’s commercial can be matched on youtube in an afternoon. Plenty of time on the clock. They just want the NFL to feel sorry for them. I have a suggestion; make better pizza.

  5. Save your money, Johnny Boy. Anyone who wants a good pizza knows where to find one, and it ain’t at Porta-Johns.

  6. Not that I’m a huge fan or anything, but I’m curious how all the people who are saying “bad pizza” think that Papa John’s got so huge as a company? Do you think the majority of Americans are perfectly happy paying for (and eating) bad pizza?

  7. Papa Johns stock value is down 30% since January 1, 2017. When Papa Johns first came on the scene they were something new and different and folks were tired of what was out there. Domino’s and Pizza Hut put a lot of time and effort into reworking their product and their hard work has paid off. Then of course the fact that Papa Johns website isn’t exactly user friendly. My 81 year old mother orders pizza online from domino’s and Pizza Hut but for some reason she had issues with Papa Johns…

  8. So its a non story that states its a non story within the story?

    If they didn’t buy until the Monday before last year, why is it a big deal that they have not bought a month before this year?

    Using your platform for strking out at someone you dont agree with politically?

    As mentioned above, what does pizza have to do with football? If it is because they are a sponsor, or the official pizza, why not a story announcing every time one of them buys ad time (or a story about each that has not?
    Unless there is a different reason this pizza chain matters?

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