Papa John’s may sit out the Super Bowl

Getty Images

The NFL’s official pizza may not have a presence for what officially is the league’s biggest annual event.

Via SportsBusiness Daily, the Louisville Courier Journal recently explained the Papa John’s hasn’t decided whether to purchase ad space during the Super Bowl.

“We currently do not have a Super Bowl spot booked or produced, but are exploring our options in and around the game,” Papa John’s chief marketing officer Brandon Rhoten told the Courier Journal. “I didn’t buy my Super Bowl spot last year until the Monday before the game, so you never know.”

Former Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter, who stepped down in the aftermath of a decision to blame the NFL’s anthem controversy for lagging pizza sales, may not even be featured in the spot, if they end up purchasing a $2 million-for-30-second segment. And Schnatter ultimately can thank his friend and partner Jerry Jones for the mess, given the widespread belief that the Cowboys owner cajoled Schnatter into taking aim at the league and its leadership.