Ravens promote Wink Martindale to defensive coordinator

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The Ravens promoted Don “Wink” Martindale to defensive coordinator, Mike Macdonald to linebackers coach and Sterling Lucas to quality control defense, coach John Harbaugh announced Tuesday.

Martindale, 54, enters his seventh year with the Ravens. He served as linebackers coach the past two seasons after coaching only the inside linebackers from 2012-15.

C.J. Mosley has become one of the league’s top defenders, earning three Pro Bowls in his four seasons, under Martindale’s tutelage.

Martindale replaces Dean Pees, who retired.

“Wink has earned the promotion to defensive coordinator,” Harbaugh said, via quotes distributed by the team. “His aggressive mentality will serve to take our defense to new levels. He is obviously respected by players, many of whom have already benefited from his direct coaching at the linebacker position. He knows the ins and outs of what we have been about on defense and has been an important contributor to our success on that side of the ball. This is an exciting day for Wink and his family, and also one for the Ravens.”

Macdonald, 30, joined the Ravens in 2014, when he started as a coaching intern on defense. He was promoted to defensive assistant (2015-16) and then defensive backs coach (2017). Baltimore’s defense led the NFL with 22 interceptions this season and forced a league-best 34 turnovers.

“Mike is one of the rising coaching standouts in the NFL, and he has earned the respect in the locker room and in the coaching room,” Harbaugh said. “We’re excited to see what he’ll do when he coaches our linebackers.”

Lucas has worked for the Ravens the past two seasons, most recently as the administrative assistant/defense.

45 responses to “Ravens promote Wink Martindale to defensive coordinator

  1. Wink Martindale?? Holy crap. Another bad coach getting recycled and resurfacing with another team.

    He was so bad of a D Coordinator in Denver that it cost Josh McDaniels his job.

  2. Solid promotion. We have good players. What we need as an OC that understands that THIS Raven team is BUILT to run straight ahead. Look at the games the Ravens won in 2017. Especially the games where they dominated. They ran STRAIGHT ahead. They mored their 320 pound linemen STRAIGHT and not sideways. Marty does not seem to grasp the strengths of this team. Please. Will someone at the Castle please look at this past season and point this out to Marty or Hardball or BestFriendofBaltimore SteveB… Please. We would have gone all the way this year is Marty had woken up. PLEASE someone point this out.

  3. I don’t care WHO is OC (though Greg The Roman would be my first request). All I want is to take the strength of our team and work it. Running sideways and playing out of the shotgun does NOT speak to our strengths.

  4. The real Wink is 84. I guess that if you’re in your 50’s and your last name is Martindale it was only a matter of time, back in the 70’s, before someone started calling you “Wink”.

  5. He was awful in Denver. I remember when they played the Chargers the announcers were talking about their day before interview with Norv Turner where he was openly going on about how Martindale’s D wasn’t fundamentally sound. Perhaps that’s why it was 32nd in total yards, 32nd in points against and 32 in sacks. Good luck Baltimore, you’re going to need it.

  6. This is a BS move. Harbaugh doesn’t want an experienced D Coordinator around, just in case Biscotti gets an urge to replace him. No way would he dump him for Morhinweg or Martindale. If they don’t make the playoffs next year, they’ll have to blow up the whole team.

  7. Though it’s not often discussed, Bob Barker was a stellar safeties coach for the Rams in the mid-seventies, just after he started, “The Price is Right”. BillCullen’’s (Price is Right, $25,000 Pyramid, among others) work as Quarterbacks coach for Washington, on George Alken’s Staff when Billy Kilmer and Sonny Jurgensen were there, propelled them to Super Bowl 7. Those vets didn’t need much coaching, but Cullen was an excellent “ fall guy” , before Cris Carter later popularized the term. Gene Rayburn hosted The Match Game and also was an assistant GM and regional scout for the New York Jets, during the Joe Walton era.
    My point:
    Martingale will not be the first game show host to also become an assistant coach in the league, but to my knowledge, the first to become a coordinator.

  8. Harbaugh will always double down on nepotism when given the chance. Another Cincinnati coach from the 90s.

    Might as well bring back Cam Cameron and Rex Ryan if you’re gonna be that stubborn about your blueprint. Maybe Bisciotti should have hired Rex after all..

  9. no solid d-coordinator wanted to come. Harbaugh and staff will be gone this time next year.

  10. Actually, Wink began his public career in the late 50’s as a recording artist, scoring a Billboard Top Ten hit with “A Deck of Cards.” It was the story of a soldier caught with a deck spread out during a church service and his appearance before the Provost Marshal of the post.

  11. I was going to list a few old time game show host (Peter Tomarken, Bob Barker, Richard Dawson, Monty Hall) in jest, but then I realized they’ve all passed away. 🙁

    Also, if you recognize those names (and watched their shows [….aaaaaaaand, STOP! OHHH, it’s a Whammie!!!]), you are old…too. 😉

  12. Well in today’s climate…With Richard Dawson kissing every female contestant, Bob Barker having women reach into his “$100 pocket” and Gene Rayburn commenting on contestants nipples, this was the safest hire.

  13. Fitting, since the Ravens are like one of those Price is Right contestants forever sandwiched between two $1 different bids (Steelers, Patriots).

  14. Two things:

    I think Wikipedia’s website will have an uptick in hits from the youngsters who read this board tonight.

    A lot of the posters here are 50+.

  15. pauldeba says:
    January 9, 2018 at 7:31 pm
    Sorry, but Wink Martindale is the poor man’s Alex Trebek.
    Actually, Alex is the poor man’s Wink Martindale (with a Canadian accent). The truth is that Alex presents well reading the answers on TV but he wouldn’t have a clue how to implement a Defensive system in the NFL. Great to see Wink having success in his second career.

  16. kenflood says:
    January 9, 2018 at 5:23 pm
    Solid promotion. We have good players. What we need as an OC that understands that THIS Raven team is BUILT to run straight ahead.

    You really think going back to the 60’s is the answer? If a team decides to take away the in most cases those fat guys won’t matter. Adaptability is the most important aspect. Team that get locked into a “style” usually end up golfing during the playoffs.

  17. Nice to see ol’ Wink bounce back from his non-playoff seasons with “High Rollers” and “Bumper Stumpers” and join the Ravens as DC.

    Man, this thread separates the dorks from the super dorks, doesn’t it? (I’m the latter).

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