Report: Packers close to hiring Mike Pettine as defensive coordinator

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The Packers are preparing to hire Mike Pettine as their defensive coordinator, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Pettine spent the 2017 season in a consulting role in Seattle. He was the defensive coordinator of the Jets (2009-12) and Bills (2013) before the Browns hired him as head coach.

He went 10-22 in his two seasons in Cleveland.

The Packers fired Dom Capers on January 1 after Green Bay finished 22nd in total defense. The Packers last finished with a top-10 defense in their Super Bowl season of 2010 when they ranked fifth.

41 responses to “Report: Packers close to hiring Mike Pettine as defensive coordinator

  1. Glad to hear it. New GM, presumably aggressive. OC from our last SB team, and a DC that’s had several top 10 defenses. I really think AR’s injury was a blessing in disguise. Should be much improved next year.

  2. What a joke- an insecure McCarthy yes man!
    Long time packer shareholder losing faith in what is transpiring in Title town.
    McCarthy is a joke of a coach who without back to back hall of fame qbs would have a horrific record. Shame on Murphy for extending him.

  3. Seems a bit of a quick hire. What happened to Fangio or Bradley? Decent hire but not quite the splash I think Packers fans were hoping for.

  4. That means the Bears must have sweetened the pot considerably for Fangio. After hearing Nagy’s introduction today, I can see why he would agree to work with a straight shooter like Nagy.

  5. So Pettine went 10 and 22 and got canned, but Baby Huey is 1 and 31 in his last two years and he’s still employed. I think I understand, now. That nickname thing, what is it? Factory of something or another???

  6. Am happy the Pack went outside for this pick. Listening to Bill Polian a few minutes ago on radio had some interesting observations:
    1. Runs a 3-4 base Buddy Ryan type defense, (probably not a surprise since he was DC under Rex Ryan at Jets and had a #1 ranked defense there in 2009.)
    2. A complex defense, (which makes me think that this may be a bit of a learning curve for the current defensive players at GB. In other words, I’m not expecting miracles in 2018 season.)
    3. High risk – high reward scheme. (Made me pause for a second, because I always felt Caper’s defense was similar in that regard.)
    Regardless who the DC was going to be, a team needs players to be successful. Maybe Gouda work some magic over the next two years to get this defense back to it’s 2010 form.
    I think this is a solid pick, hopefully no-nonsense type of DC.

  7. >>He went 10-22 in his two seasons in Cleveland.

    So 1-31 keeps his job, but 10-22 gets you fired?

    Yeah, ok, that makes sense.

    I hope the Browns trade away their #1 pick and get more draft picks. Then they can draft more busts and get next years #1.

  8. Good players make coaches look good. We don’t have any good defenders after years of Ted letting our good players walk in free agency and continuously botching the draft. Then we hired some dud from within who contributed to our years of bad drafting. Until we have talent, the coach doesn’t matter.

    Look at the offense, we have Aaron, so people think we have good offensive coaches. But those of us who know the game, know the truth.

  9. As an unfortunate Browns fan, good luck Mike. I loved how he instilled fun into the summer practices. Had Joe Thomas kicking field goals.

  10. From the Ryan tree… he had good pass defenses and overall defenses in NY. Top 10 each year. His run stopping is suspect, but maybe he can fix that. He’a a hard nosed guy too… a real butt-kicker… so maybe we won’t be so soft.

    Now let’s get him some players.

  11. Interesting. Fangio is today’s hot name/commodity, but Pettine’s history as DC is damn good. In his 7 years as a pure DC, his DF ranked in the top 10 passing DF *every* year, and averaged no worse than 10th in takeaways, third down and DVOA (defense value over average).

    Plus, he could become the Pack’s HC, having filled the seeming modern requirement of being named “Mike”.

    Good hire, MM.

  12. No news here. We will see if there is any fire near this smoke but I doubt Packers finish Top-10 as a unit without adding some size to our defensive line. Jenkins, Jolly, Pickett were anchors all 300+. We lose the trenches in the fourth quarter so I hope beefing up our line is one of the off-season focuses of the FO.

  13. Why not list the fact that his defenses went 1, 3, 5, 8, and 10 with the Jets and Buffalo instead of his HC record seeing as he’s being hired to coach the defense. Seems like that’s a much more important stat.

    I’m okay with it – so long as BG gets him some players too. Those are pretty good defenses he built on teams that weren’t exactly offensive juggernauts to keep the defense off the field.

  14. I was hoping for Fangio but the more I think about this hire and research Pettine’s resume I’m pretty pumped to see what he brings to the Packers.

    With the Jets his Defenses ranked 1st, 3rd, 5th and 8th. With the Bills his defense was 10th. With the Browns they were 23rd and 27th, but he was the head coach during that time and the Browns went 7-9….more wins than they have had the past three years!

    Pettine seems like a great hire. So does Gutekunst as the GM. I really like what the Packers are doing.

    The Vikings, Bears and Lions definitely aren’t liking this which makes it even sweeter

  15. Capers was expired. Anything different is a step up. I know nothing about this guy, but they didn’t ask my opinion either.

  16. Pettine was a good DC. HC? Not his bag. He is a good hire. Capers was a good DC, but he had trouble adapting because his scheme got old. A new guy with new ideas is precisely what is needed.

  17. Quite possibly his most impressive work was in Buffalo, where he turned around that defense in one season.

    He also runs a 3-4 with a lot of Man-Press Blitzes, which should be simpler for younger players to adapt to.

    Besides, you gotta like someone who resembles Goldberg!

  18. richardparker123 says:
    January 9, 2018 at 10:22 pm
    Mike Pettine for GB defensive coordinator—because a washed-up/failed former head coach worked out soooooo well for the Pack the last time it was tried.

    Well there was that super Bowl win that you seem to have forgotten

  19. At least they brought in someone from the outside to get a new look.
    If the defense improves to the top ten, and Aaron stays as Aaron, the packers will be tough to beat.
    We’ll look at that. Color me impressed.

  20. Great hire….one of those guys that is a better coordinator than head coach….has multiple top ten defenses under his belt, can run a 3-4 or a 4-3…

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