Browns get rid of Ryan Grigson as part of personnel moves

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Ryan Grigson once gave the Browns a first-round pick they wasted, in exchange for a player who wasn’t very good.

Despite all that, they didn’t keep him around.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the former Colts General Manager was let go by the Browns as part of the personnel restructuring which included the addition of Eliot Wolf.

Grigson spent the last year with the Browns. But his biggest move was one they thought was going to help for the long haul. Desperate for a running back, he gave the Browns a 2014 first-round pick in exchange for Trent Richardson.

But Richardson being a flop didn’t do much for his job security in Indianapolis, and the Browns parlayed that pick into a trade-up, so they could take quarterback Johnny Manziel.

So yeah, maybe it’s best to turn the page on that chapter.

The Browns are also keeping Andrew Berry and Ken Kovash, though there might be some new business cards being printed, since both those guys and newcomer Alonzo Highsmith were being called vice president of football operations.

The Browns also hired three former Chiefs scouts (Jimmy Noel, Matt Donahoe, and Dan Zegers).

31 responses to “Browns get rid of Ryan Grigson as part of personnel moves

  1. Unbelievable. I honestly can’t believe the incompetence at every level of that organization. Just an awful history failure. Well, modern history. As it’s so often stated on here, I feel sorry For Browns fans. Best of luck, Cleveland.

  2. As much of a jerk as Grigson is rumored to be, 0-16 wasn’t his fault. Grigson wasn’t calling horrible plays, abandoning the run after the first quarter, wasting time outs, planting rumors in the press about the front office, systematically destroying the confidence of a rookie QB, or running multiple pre-snap shifts with the tackle lined up as a receiver like a D3 or JuCo offense.

    Just sayin, I wish they weren’t done flushing the toilet there. There’s still quite a bit of residue remaining.

  3. Why any team would hire this guy after the disaster he created in Indianapolis is a mystery to me. Even the Browns now seem to have realized that he is not football executive material.

  4. Well, isn’t that a shame. Grigson shouldn’t actually be working in the NFL at all. He’s not good.

    Go, Pats!

  5. ROFL, where does he go from here? Hard to get lower than that. The curse continues. Let’s hope the Broncos or Steelers pick him up.

  6. Matt Millen “No one has screwed up a team more them me”

    Ryan Grigson “Hold my beer”

  7. This guy is the new Matt Millen, but instead of letting him fester for years like the Fords did… someone used some common sense.

    Was 0-16 his fault entirely? No. Was he partially responsible? Absolutely. That team has so little talent, it’s scary.

  8. That Deflategate karma is still strong . Since that fateful night in January 2015, Grigson has been fired from two NFL teams and the Pats Have hoisted two Lombardi trophys.
    A third this month might disrupt the symmetry . But, Grigson did win that participation banner in Indy. I guess we will be even then.

  9. The man who sparked the Deflategate investigation by forwarding the phony rumor to the NFL front office a few days before the game, where the Pats absolutely crushed them. His career has been on an incredible downward trajectory ever since.

    Schadenfreude: pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune. Yep. Feeling that.

  10. I feel for Browns fans, who don’t deserve what happened this season. But if anyone does deserve to get canned by their own father in law just in time to go eat a 0-16 season, it’s Captain Deflategate.

  11. What a fine ‘how do you do’! This is the guy that gave the Browns a first for Trent ‘gluefoot’ Richardson. And now the new regime fires him just because they know something he doesn’t–how to evaluate talent!

  12. You have to wonder how a guy with no apparent ability to evaluate talent, and with a personality many say is arrogant and/or obnoxious, gets a front office job in the NFL to begin with?

  13. For the browns to go out and hire this guy in the first place after his time in indy just goes to show what a sorry organization they hure.

  14. Dear Mr. Irsay,

    Please consider Ryan Grigson for any positions your organization might have available, including front office, facility custodial duties and/or your head coaching vacancy.


    AFC South fans

  15. Who will empty the wastebaskets, shovel the walkways, and clean up the locker room now that Ryan is gone?

  16. This is some of the best Browns news of the day. He was a cancer in the colts organization and ultimately would be the same in the Browns if he was to stick around much longer.

  17. Any time I see the name Ryan Grigson I can’t help but think of deflategate. And get a good laugh too.

  18. Hold on, so the Browns fleeced this guy with the Richardson trade when he was with the Colts, then turned around and decided to hire him to run their team?!?

    It’s pretty bad when your own father-in-law lets you go, but to be fired by the Browns has to leave a mark. I sure do hope that someone’s keeping an eye on Grigson, because the term suicide watch may definitely apply here.

  19. FYI – I watched ‘Draft Day’ twice in the last 2 days. Very entertaining flick.

    FYI II – I am an old coot and I remember back to the 50s when Otto Graham and Marion Motley ran wild on the NFL and the Browns and the Lions and the Giants ruled, Vince Lombardi and Don Landry were assistants in N.Y., the Colts had just been invented, Johnny Unitas was playing sandlot ball in Pittsburgh and the Cowboys hadn’t even been thought of.

    The long suffering fans in Cleveland deserve better – MUCH better. Wanna build a team? Start up front with the line – all games are won or lost up front. Want to attract a good QB? Show him that he’ll be protected. A QB is NOT the 1st piece of the puzzle. How good is Kizer? We’ll never know until he gets some protection. If they draft a QB with their 1st (overall) pick it will show us that
    1) They’ve given up on Kizer after just one year of throwing him to the wolves.
    2) They STILL don’t know wtf they are doing.

    Trade DOWN and get some GOOD big uglies on both sides of the ball and take it from there.

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