Chargers sign Roberto Aguayo, of course

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The Chargers were the league’s worst team on field goals last season. They may or may not have helped themselves.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Chargers have signed kicker Roberto Aguayo. Write your own punch line for a change.

The former second-round pick of the Buccaneers bounced around and had some tryouts last year, and the Panthers signed him to the practice squad for a bit.

He was the most accurate kicker in college at Florida State, but after being hideously overdrafted by Bucs G.M. Jason Licht, he made just 21-of-32 kicks as a rookie (71 percent) and was cut during training camp this year.

Of course, that might work for the Chargers. As a team, they hit 20-of-30 field goals last season, a league-worst 67 percent, as they plowed through four different kickers (Nick Novak, Travis Coons, Younghoe Koo, and Nick Rose).

14 responses to “Chargers sign Roberto Aguayo, of course

  1. Drafting that dude with a second round pick was one hell of a reach by Jason Licht. Sometimes these things work out, sometimes they don’t. In this case it was more than a “don’t”, it was a spectacular failure. Who was their special teams coach at the time, and where is he now?

  2. So Tom Telesco personally took responsibility for the failed kicking situation, which most likely caused the Chargers to miss out on the playoffs. And this is his response?! This would be the equivalent of fixing the Titanic situation by adding 1-lifevest!!

    Please fire Telesco….Please.

  3. Chargers management, doing what they’ve always done best.

    Next up: draft a future HOF kicker, and then send him to a Super Bowl team.

  4. As far as kicks go, he’s better than most NFL kickers at one thing……

    Getting kicked off of teams.

  5. I bet they got a great deal, and that’s what it comes down to … not winning games but saving money !!!! The cheap Chargers, way to go boys.

  6. All the work the players put in and the Chargers season can be summed up by in the inability to kick field goals.

    I would have tried out 300 kickers. I guarantee there is ONE out there is not on a roster who is better than what happened to the Chargers. Has to be.

    Signing Aguayo is a pipedream. Even if it was in his head (which it is), he still can’t kick one over 50 yards. Games are won and lost with 50 plus F/G’s every Sunday.

    Must kill Charger’s fans to have a bad owner, move and become 2nd class citizens and then not get in the playoffs because of the inability (bad GM) to get a kicker. Players must really be ‘fine’ with this. Adds more stress to the next kicker.

  7. I think this is but the 1st of many moves the Chargers will make in regards to the kicking game. I’d fully expect another FA signing or two, possibly draft a 6th-7th round kicker, and maybe a UDFA after that.

    It’s inconceivable that, after Telesco takes responsibility for not finding quality kickers which led directly to losing games last year, he would simply sign one journeyman kicker a week and a half into his offseason and call it a day.

  8. This is just getting weird. Even if he was kicking well his long-term problem in the NFL is he has no range–he’s NEVER made a 50 yard kick and those are viewed as routine in the NFL. Does every team need to independently confirm that?

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